“Militant Complacency”

Now that the losing side in the upcoming US Presidential election has all but officially placed its faith in the old Reagan era catch-cry rebadged by Donald Trump – Make America Great Again, the other side of the spinning coin has also all but officially (though I think Bernie may still have something to say about that), with the true ‘militant complacency’ of modern liberals, opted for the ‘more of the same’ approach opposing catch-cry of Hillary (It’s My Turn) Clinton – “America never stopped being great”.  A sentiment of blind logic echoed by the current incumbent of the chair they are both vying for – “America’s pretty darn great right now”.

How can they all be so wrong?  And Why?  Or are they trying to pull the wool over your eyes?

This guardian article has a lot to offer in analysis of the situation: Why must the Trump alternative be self-satisfied, complacent Democrats? – “Convinced that the country’s ongoing demographic shifts will bring victory for years to come, the party establishment acts like its candidates need do nothing differently”.

2801Photo credit: ‘What the Democrats have in mind for 2016 is what we might call a campaign of militant complacency. They are dissociated from the mood of the nation, and they do not care.’ Photograph: Charles Dharapak/ASSOCIATED PRESS

“The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton”

There are less than a handful of weekly blogs that I regularly follow for the wisdom and wit that I perceive in their writings.  This post, unlike my previous one which was a day or two late in catching up with the latest offering from one of those blogs, comes only hours after the latest release of The Archdruid Report, the musings of John Michael Greer who until recently was Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and is now the current head of the Druidic Order of the Golden Dawn (neither of which organisations I owe any allegiance to or agree with any of their precepts, rules, beliefs, or whatever (what people do in their spare time is entirely up to them)).

The Archdruid Report this week, I am sure quite uncoincidentally, also (as with my previous post) deals with the matter of the 2016 US Elections, with a piece titled The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton which I have again chosen to quote as the title of this post.

Now, a word of warning before I recommend this blog post for general reading, it is not for everyone.  While James Howard Kunstler, to whose work I referred in my previous post, occasionally introduces an obscure word or two that would not be found in normal everyday speech, his wit and writing style render reading of his work a pleasant, amusing and interesting experience.  This cannot always be said of Greer’s pieces.  The wit is almost always drier, even cutting at times.  The language is painstakingly and ritually obtuse, though making complete sense if one is able to follow it all the way through lengthy, complex, overly flowery and winding sentence construction (similar to my own at times).

Having said that, I do generally like what he has to say, or at least find the subject interesting to plough my way through to the end.  It is up to you.  I offer this link, with those recommendations, because it does offer a perspective and certain insights on the subject and people in question.  A subject the outcome of which will affect all of us in some measure.  I am not going to offer any commentary on the piece because, well, I find that prospect quite daunting.  Here is the link again: The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton

“Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable”

Sometimes life just gets so busy, even for someone who has nowhere to go or be at any particular time (that would be me of course).  So busy that important things get missed sometimes.

And so it was, that I came to miss this week’s fine word picture weekly episode from Jim Kunstler’s Clusterfuck Nation blog, which as usual came out on Tuesday (Australian time), and which carries the title Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable that I have borrowed (as a quote) to head this post.  Kunstler’s post is recommended reading.

It all centres around the 2016 US General Election which will determine who is to be the next US President.  The so-called leader of the free world (chortle-chortle).

It is not clear to me just whether it is Hillary who is the ‘Loathesome’ and Donald who is the ‘Unspeakable’, or whether it is the other way around.  But I suspect, I honestly suspect, that it doesn’t really matter a single iota either way.

Jim (JHK), lays out reasons as to why the result of said proceedings, what he refers to as – “the stupidest election contest in American history”, may be short lived (some sort of termination event perhaps, emanating from “the apparatus of the runaway Deep State (NSA and the military)”), or the whole thing may never happen, being overtaken (preceded) by overarching, unstoppable and grossly destabilising external events of an entirely different nature, centred around banking and financial collapse and which should provide “reason to worry that America will be too disorderly later this year to even hold the 2016 general election”.  If you have been keeping up with the sort of news that could topple our already unstable global economy, you will have no problem in recognising the organisation referred to as ‘DB’ in Jim’s post.  It is not an American entity.

I hope I haven’t given away too many spoilers.  Just read the damn thing for yourself.  Here is the link again: Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable.