How Low Can You Go?

A contrast in democracy, between modern Norway and what modern America has come down to, by someone who has seen both worlds, and also experienced the battlefields of America’s wars in the Middle East.

Tomgram: Ann Jones, Social Democracy for Dummies

Very revealing.

Come on, read it.  You know you owe it to yourself to become aware of how things really are in the world and not just what the daily news bulletins tell you, don’t you?

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. Five Eyes Is Watching You Through The Prism

It happens every time

It happens every time I say that I am not going to be able to do something for some reason, something else comes up that makes it impossible not to do that thing.

Yesterday, in the previous post, I said I would probably not be posting here for a while due to work I am doing on my other blog site, Meanderings.  Well, I just can’t pass this new opportunity up, can I?

Who or what is the Five Eyes?

Ever heard of it/them?  Don’t worry if you haven’t.  I only came across the details today through my research activity.  It appears that the Five Eyes is a spy network, up to no good and involved in dirty, spooky intrusive surveillance, probably illegally as most spy networks are, and keeping their beady eyes on you and me.  For what purpose?  They would probably say it is for your and my safety because of all those nasty terrorists and untrustworthy foreign governments out there in the big bad world, whose only wish is to do us harm.  Hah! What a joke.  What they are really doing is keeping tabs on us and collecting all sorts of ‘private’ information about us whilst preparing for the imposition of a totalitarian police state or some sort of world government at some point in the future.  They want stuff that they can hold over us to keep us docile and compliant in their future new world order.  At least that is one interpretation of their motives and it is probably not too far from the truth.

The Five Eyes is an Alliance of nations secret surveillance agencies. So, who is in this alliance?  Would you be surprised if I told you that it emerged from a data sharing agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States after the end of World War 2.  Some time around 1960 that alliance  was expanded to include Canada and Australia.  More recently, sometime around 1980 I understand, the fifth ‘eye’ joined the group of four and that was New Zealand.

Notice anything about this group?  They are the only Anglophile nations on the planet and the only set of countries whose governments share the same or similar set of interests and goals.

Have they joined hands to operate outside the broader networks of NATO which is really now an alliance without an opposing enemy to guard against since the disintegration of the USSR, and the United Nations which has over time become a mostly irrelevant and toothlessly impotent force in world affairs?

The Five Eyes agreement of co-operation was a very secret one.  It appears that Australian Prime Ministers were not even made aware of its existence until 1973.

Maybe there was at one time a reason for legally applied covert intelligence gathering but we live in a different and closely connected world now.  That is not to say that we need a world government.  Not at all.  And no way do we need, whether for our own protection or for any other reason, our government agencies spying on their own citizens as has recently been revealed by that modern day hero Edward Snowden.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  The use of Prism software is a concern whether your activities are legitimate or not.  They could result in the sort of indefensible government activity as shown below in New Zealand around Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload business.  Where all of his assets and documents were violently and illegally stolen in a paramilitary police raid on his residence.  Shameful.  The same could happen to you, or me.



Personally I think that these governments are very afraid of their own people turning on them through insurrection and revolution over their intractable and corrupt policies that are leading the world to ruin and collapse.  They very likely need to be afraid.  The boiling point is not very far off.

Let’s Fuck Their Shit Up!

A Growing Concern

In recent days I have noticed a growing trend towards advocacy of the implementation of Civil Disobedience to achieve particular activist goals.

I can’t say that this is at all surprising.  Not in the least.  Take a look at the world we live in. Frustration abounds.  Having seen what is possible through the global communications revolution in the last decade or so and implementation of the world-shrinking Globalization policy, people all over the world are now expressing a growing desire for the freedoms and advantages that western nations have enjoyed for many decades.  Everyone wants to live like an American.

Isn’t it natural for that sort of desire to boil over to some form of action when they see the difference in the way they actually live and the lifestyles of those rich foreigners in other countries?  And why shouldn’t they think that way?  Aren’t we all equal?  Don’t we all have the same rights?  Shouldn’t we all be able to get our snouts into the feeding trough?

Damn right we should! …are! …do!

This is not to say that the ‘Trough of Plenty’ is big enough for everyone to guzzle in, because it isn’t.  But the ‘Trough of Enough’ is.  And so is the ‘Trough of Fair Shares’.

But that would then inconvenience those eating at the ‘Trough of Plenty’.  How would they cope?   And would those newly eating at the ‘Trough of Fair Shares’ then be satisfied with just getting a fair share?   Or would they say “What happened to the ‘Trough of Plenty’ we were expecting?”.

So, Who’s In Charge?

With Globalization in full swing, why haven’t the world’s governments done something to effect a ‘fair shares for all’ policy?  That’s easy.  The world’s governments are not in charge any more.  If they ever were.  Since the industrial revolution that is.  And even assuming that they would want to enact such a policy even if they were in charge. Governments are not known for providing benefits to the populace which also might diminish their own power base.

So, who is in charge?  Don’t get me started on New World Order.  I don’t believe any of that crap.  No, it is a simple case of Corporate Greed.  Yes, the Corporates are in charge and running things their own way simply to maximise profit.  Now, there’s a subject I could run with for a long time, but I won’t.  The giant corporations have infiltrated, emasculated, bribed, threatened, bought and paid for the services of all (or most) world governments. These governments are now mouthpieces, lackeys and even puppets of the corporates.  Whether that can be classified as a New World Order, I am not prepared to say.

Where Is Public Anger Being Directed?

The corporate master plan has been well conceived because even though they are behind the whole global economic shambles they are not by and large being blamed for it.  Look around the world.  Take the Arab Spring.  Take the European Austerity backlash.  Take the US simmering hatred of their own languishment in the economic gutter.  Who is it all directed towards?   The governments of those countries of course.  Some rightly so, where harsh dictatorships stood in the way of personal freedoms.  Not that there is much difference between dictatorships and democracies where ineffective and downright incompetent government is being practiced to impoverish the people and enrich the corporations.

“Let Them Eat Cake” Will No Longer Cut It

The cat is out of the bag now.  Old paradigms no longer work.  A new world order of people power is called for.  And, it is beginning to happen.

Even among the favoured western democracies there is unrest over the lack of concerted government action to tackle the issues of climate change and the rise of corporate elites.

On my Facebook page I recently featured this protest: unregulated-markets-will-kill-us-all by First Dog On The Moon on Crikey:


Then there is the case of a call to pursue a path of Civil Disobedience (CD) by the President of The Sierra Club in the United States in order to influence an intractable government to change its ways over the single issue of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada. 

The Sierra Club of Canada is also considering taking similar action in this case.  A survey of members was overwhelmingly in favour but they have yet to make a decision.

Where Is It Going?

It is time for the corporates and governments to alter the their attitude towards their  customers and people, to globally bring about a fairer system.

Alternatively, they must be prepared to get their shit fucked up.  And the people of the world must be prepared to rise up and do that.  Such action is most likely to be the only way to achieve change in the face of ingrained greed for wealth and domination from the powers that be.

I can foresee that this movement of restlessness, anger and frustration is not going to disperse quickly like a puff of smoke.  It will gain strength.  It will need to.  Corporate elites and their puppet governments are unlikely to simply lay down and capitulate their positions of power or to readily share the wealth (transient as it may be) that they have accumulated.  Wealth is power.  Especially wealth that is based on the indebtedness of the rest of the people.  Make no mistake, government debt is your debt and the corporates will want to extract every last pound of flesh from you in debt slavery for that as well as your own personal debt, come the day.

There are global issues.  There are regional issues.  There are national issues.  There are personal issues.  It would not surprise me to see angry mobs, organised armies or motivated individuals mobilised to take what they want but don’t have, from those who have, in days to come, as world resources deplete and needs become more pressing.  Even if that means crossing borders, invasions, conflict and misery for everyone involved.

Difficult times await the world.  Times of crackdown on personal rights and liberty.  Times of brutality and coercion.  Let’s hope that freedom, equality  and common sense prevail.