Getting Along Together…

“Contract on Russian gas transit via Ukraine stipulates ‘pump or pay’ principle – Naftogaz”

See?  It’s not all that difficult to get along together, is it, when issues are put aside or amicably settled for mutual benefit? 

Much better than shooting at each other.

The world should operate more on these principles. 

“Starting tomorrow maybe?” says he, perhaps a little too starry-eyed.

End of The Normandy Format?

Wow!  I had not anticipated a move of this nature to be aired just yet in the Ukraine-Donbass saga.  It was obvious to me that the Normandy Format process was going to fail – it was designed to do that – but such an event has not yet happened.  Despite that, the main protagonists (Kiev government, Donetsk People’s Republic) have now advanced the rhetoric way beyond that position. No comment yet from Lugansk.

Briefly, no I can’t adequately describe it any more briefly that is done in these shared posts.  Read it there.  It is amazing stuff, almost unbelievable.  There will be no reconciliation between parties.  Ukraine has lost Donbass for ever – and will be all the poorer for it.  Not that Ukraine can get much poorer without rolling over, stiffening, with its arms and legs in the air.

The Donbass Republics are also jumping the gun, and quite understandably in the circumstances, though I think a little prematurely.  Russia can not be seen to be short-cutting diplomatic endeavours, even assuming that it wants to – which I do not feel 100% sure about on the basis of what has been said previously (they would rather see a whole and cooperative Ukraine, having already enough internal problems of their own to deal with) – and any further move in the direction of separation of Donbass from Ukraine I can’t see happening until all other efforts for reconciliation to reunite the country have failed.

But it is interesting, for those of us not caught up in the middle of it all.  Then again, the whole world will be embroiled in turmoil of one sort or another very soon – providing all of us with more to think about closer to our own homes. 

Donetsk slams Kiev’s policy in Donbass, vows to continue integration with Russia

Pushilin says Kiev’s policy is destructive, Donetsk aims at integration with Russia

The Lugansk People’s Republic has yet to comment on the situation (as far as I know).

Misconstruing the ‘Fact Patterns’

Situations around Golan Heights and Crimea “manifestly different” — Pompeo

So, Pompous Mike Pompeo thinks “The situations around the Golan Heights and Crimea are…” well “…it’s complicated, but suffice it to say as we evaluated each of those situations we felt that they were manifestly different as a matter of international law, and we attempted to recognize that distinction.”

Far be it from me to actually agree with anything that Pompous Mike has ever said but, on this occasion, I can find no fault in his arguments. The situations are ‘manifestly different’. Obviously so. The ‘fact patterns’ clearly show that.

Fact Pattern – A set of relationships that have been established for an event from which a legal conclusion can be drawn.

But that is as far as it goes, because his, or ‘their’ – whoever the “we” refers to – ‘evaluation’ of the two situations is so screwed up as to be unbelievable. Not that he actually says what the results of those ‘evaluations’ are (or what the fact patterns are), but really we don’t need that to be spelled out in so many words. We know, from the policies of the US government exactly what their ‘evaluations’ are.

They do not accept that the Israeli occupied Golan Heights is land that, under international law, was stolen by Israel (a state that should not even exist under international law) from Syria – it’s rightful owner. A position that is even taken by the United Nations. That is one, to use Pompous Mike’s pompous phrase, ‘fact pattern’ – a phrase carefully chosen to provide his musings with an air of legality.

The other situation demonstrates an entirely different ‘fact pattern’. The US government obviously still thinks that Crimea belongs to Ukraine when the ‘facts’ are that Ukraine so badly mistreated Crimea that, as soon as the opportunity arose, the people of Crimea overwhelmingly decided and in a democratically legal referendum voted to leave the abusive Ukraine in favour of their true Motherland – Russia. Meaning that Ukraine has for ever lost any legal right it was temporarily granted as custodian of the Crimea. 

It escapes me how anyone, even Pompous Mike Pompeo, while summarising the situation perfectly, could possibly see the detail of these two situations as anything other than how I have briefly described. 

Kiev Deploys Buks

“Kiev deploys four Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Mariupol – DPR intelligence”

Ukrainian military forces have deployed four Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Mariupol in the country’s south, close to the borders of the Donetsk People’s Republic which broke away from Ukraine in 2014 following the Maidan incident and subsequent national unrest in Ukraine.

Remember MH17?

In one version of events it was a Buk system that brought down the Malaysian Airlines passenger flight MH17 in July of 2014, killing all 298 people on board.

The breakaway republic’s militia of course does not possess any such weapons.

Can you put 2 + 2 together to make 4 (as the saying goes)?

Remember MH17.   

Happy New Year, Ukraine

5686054ec361888c108b4619Photo: © Lee Jae-Won / Reuters


This post inspired by: Ukraine officially defaults on $3bn debt to Russia; Moscow to sue Kiev in London court

That’s the thing about bonds, you see.  If you issue them, the folk who buy them, lending you their money for a bit of interest, expect to be paid back when they mature in a fixed time period.  They don’t expect you to default on that payment.

Ukraine has no money, we all know that.  We all know whose fault that is, don’t we?  It’s a little country whose initials are U and S and A.  It is not Russia.

When Russia bought those bonds in 2013 to help Ukraine out, the situation was very different to today.  Ukraine had a stable government.  Crooked, but stable.  Then along comes the good ol’ USA with its schemes to meddle wherever it can find a sneaky opening, and Biff, Bang, Kaboom, Ukraine is left a basket case, in debt to the IMF (the US banking arm) probably for ever.  The IMF ensures that Ukraine is in no position to pay Russia back, and here we are on the first day of a new year (a year, incidentally, when catastrophe and mayhem looms large as the main features of the period) with Ukraine as first cab off the rank for the ‘Failed State of the Year Award’.

Happy New Year, Ukraine.  Where are your backers now?  Now you will find out who your real friends are, but you will need to shift your gaze a little more to the East than the West.  Oh, and you will need to get rid of those Nazi bastards in your government.

Still Riding The Wrong Horse

I am sharing this Guardian article, Vladimir Putin bids for major world role as his forces move into Syria , not because I agree with all that it says but to point out that this news source is still riding the wrong horse in the Ukraine stakes.

Photograph: ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis/Alexei Nikolsky

What the article does say correctly, in not so many words, is that Vladimir Putin is a very clever, astute and outstanding world leader.  He is head and shoulders above, in political ‘nous’ if not in stature, anyone else on the current scene.

Despite that, many in the West including, it seems, The Guardian, still espouse the lie about Russian aggression in Ukraine when it is perfectly obvious that just the opposite is true.  Russia has no interest in Ukraine other than in protecting its own nationals and ethnic groups living within the borders of that country.

The US, the EU and NATO, on the other hand, are quite a different story, which I have gone to great lengths to explain in times and posts past.  I should have no need to go over all of the subterfuge, skulduggery and mayhem that those groups have woven into and around the Ukraine situation again and again.

At every turn of this saga, Putin has made the leaders of these groups look very silly.  I suggest that is why the West is now most recently changing the tune they have jointly been playing around the Syrian situation, molding their new stance to something along the lines set out by Russia and her colleagues, including China.

I look forward to the time when they treat the Ukraine problem in the same way.

The Sad Tale Of Porky And Arsenole

Poor old Porkyshenko, he’s having a bit of a hard time isn’t he? His mates in the US who set him up have dropped him like a hot potato as soon as they realised Ukraine wasn’t going to be the cash-cow they thought it would and now all he has is a bankrupt state to rule over. Should have stuck with the Russians, eh? Might have got a better deal. Some of Kiev’s Western creditors refuse haircut

Ukraine owes Russia $3 billion, due to be paid in December and Russia has refused to ‘discount’ the debt even a little bit in spite of the Ukraine PM Arsenole Yatsisyuk having begged them to do that. Here’s the message the Russian govt left on his web site:

“The so-called debt operation, which Russia takes no part in, cannot ease Ukraine’s debt burden. It is in the debtor’s best interests to pay back the Russian Federation immediately, as a default on these liabilities will turn out much more expensive for Ukraine, which will have to pay both litigation costs and penalty interest for overdue payments.”

It’s not looking too good for Porky & Co.

Post inspired by Some of Kiev’s Western creditors refuse haircut  from RT – Question More

Something To Talk About

I just found something to talk about, but I think I will let Jim Kunstler do the talking for me.

We haven’t heard much at all in the news about Ukraine and what those nasty, interfering  Russians are doing there, and how NATO is standing ready to save the day, lately, have we?  There’s a good reason for that, and Jim Kunstler has expressed it quite admirably.

There is peril in building your story on lies, and that revolves around the truth eventually being brought to light.  Just as in the ‘Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction’ saga of falsehood which many rash western nations bought into a while ago.

By the way, the ‘barbarism’ part in the title of this fine Kunstler piece, in my opinion, is a reference to the work of ISIS/ISIL.  See the full version at (I have included just an extract here).  But the ‘stupidism’ in the title is pointedly and accurately directed at recent US foreign policy.

Jim Kunstler says: 

In my lifetime, the USA has not blundered into a more incoherent, feckless, and unfavorable foreign policy quandary than we see today.

The US-led campaign to tilt Ukraine to Euroland and NATO — and away from the Russian-led Eurasian Customs Union — turned an “intelligence” fiasco into a strategic humiliation for the Obama White House. Notice that the story has vamoosed utterly from the American media headlines, even when the Russian Engineers’ Union issued a report last week asserting that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was most likely shot down by 30mm cannon fire from Ukrainian military aircraft. The USA State Department didn’t deign to refute it because doing so would have drawn attention to the fact that it was the only plausible explanation for what happened.

Likewise, the campaign to paint Vladimir Putin as Stalin-in-a-judo-robe never really reached take-off velocity, since by all appearances he was the most rational and cool-headed actor on the geopolitical stage, following logical and long-established national interests. If the West had just left Ukraine alone, and allowed it to join the Eurasian Customs Union, that basket-case nation would have been Russia’s economic ward. Now the US and the EU have to support it with billions in loans that will never be paid back. Meanwhile, our European allies have been snookered into a set of economic and financial sanctions against Russia that guarantees they’ll be starved for oil and gas supplies in the winter months ahead. Smooth move.

So, the reason that all this has vanished from the news media is that it’s game-over in Ukraine. We busted it up, and can do more with it, and pretty soon the rump Ukraine region run out of Kiev will go crawling back to Russia begging for a little heating fuel.           read more

I will just add this link to the Russian Engineers’ Union report as mentioned by Kunstler.  The Automatic Earth also linked to this report and included a useful extract of part of the summary if you don’t wish to download the complete document.

“The Shroud Of The Dark Side Has Fallen…”

“…Begun The ‘Assymetric Response’ War Has”


Tit for Tat.  Escalation for Escalation.  The Empire (US/EU Axis of Evil) driven by the Force of the Dark Side (Global Corporate Greed Inc.), has made its latest play (further sanctions against Russia) in its continued drive for Eastward expansion.  Kindling a new wave of Assymetric Response (non-cloned) warfare.

What action will the beleaguered Rebel (Russian) forces take to stem the advance of cruel tyranny in its onslaught on their Base?

RIA NovostiRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said energy, finance sanctions against Russia may provoke 'asymmetric response'Medvedev: Energy, Finance Sanctions Against Russia May Provoke ‘Asymmetric Response’

00:38 08/09/2014 New Sanctions against Russia in energy or finance sectors could trigger an asymmetric response from Moscow, such as closing its airspace, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told the Vedomosti newspaper in an interview released Monday.>>


…and where will it all end?

Note: This is nothing to do with Ukraine, other than that their land just happens to be centre stage. It is all about the Oil and Gas resources in the area.

Added after publication…

Note also: I do not claim that the Russians are entirely without fault in this or any other situation. All sides are just as bad as each other, but I feel that the Russians are unjustifiably copping a lot of flak from the West over the Ukraine affair.

At least, unlike the hypocritical Western powers, the Russians have never claimed to be the forces of light, truth, honesty, integrity, justice and goodness …and that has to count for something.

External Interference In Ukraine. Who, And Why?

External interference in Ukraine. Who, and why?

Russia often incorrectly and unjustifiably gets the blame for the ‘who’, but as I always say, it is always the US, sometimes overtly but mostly hiding behind one of their string puppet shows eg. the EU, and the ‘why’ is (almost) always about the oil.

I have just found two other reasons why, which are at least not directly related to oil but are indelibly the work of the US.

The first is an attempt to have Ukraine become an EU member state.  The US is puppeteer to the EU marionettes for this, but is in turn itself being manipulated by its own puppet master, the Corporate Elite.  The reason?  US Corporate Giants have so far failed to get a toehold in Europe for their evil and devastating Genetically Modified crop varieties. The EU will have none of that trash, but of course they are being blindsided through the thought of having a new partner (albeit a sick one) in Ukraine.  As part of the arrangement for Ukraine’s EU entry they will have to agree to being used as an experimental resource for GM crops.  Dirty, seedy, and devious actions all round.

The second is a further recent attempt (following a previous failure put down to inferior US product) to muscle in on Russia’s market in Ukraine for nuclear fuel supplies for their nuclear power stations.  Remember Chernobyl?  That’s a Ukraine city.  Want to see a repeat?  Read about the US skullduggery here and here.

Need I say more?  Draw your own conclusions.

I will be glad when this is all over and in the past.  If it ever is.  I am getting fed up with writing about this situation to present something a little closer to the truth than is generally heard, but I suppose I had better strap myself in for the long haul.