A View of Ukraine From the Vineyard of The Saker

Oh my goodness!  I have just read the most logical, sensible and revealing article, I can’t praise it highly enough, on the situation of Ukraine – particularly as it pertains to matters since the 2014 Western instigated Euromaidan coup.

I thought I knew some background to all this, and the article does reach more or less the same conclusions as I have already outlined in other posts – though in much more detail than I could possibly have expressed it.  It is in the sheer amount of detail that The Saker excels here.  If you think you know what ‘Ukraine’, ‘Crimea’, the ‘Donbass’, is all about through reliance on media sources – particularly from the West – please know that you know nothing.  This article will inform you.    

“The Independent Ukraine’s painful journey through the five stages of grief’

This gentlemen is, according to Ukronazi propaganda, a “defender of Europe from the Russia Asiatic hordes” – from The Saker article

I feel I must share – as well as the link to the original – some part of The Saker’s concluding remarks.  A great and worthy summary – but please don’t miss all the detail that precedes it.

“At the end of all arguments and theories, there is a crucial fact which cannot be ignored: the Euromaidan Revolution (which is what the coup against Yanukovich and the subsequent civil war in the Donbass are) has failed. In fact, it was stillborn from Day1 being built on an ideology which most Ukrainians did not share. Furthermore, this revolution alienated the most productive and richest parts of the Ukraine: the Donbass and Crimea. Next, the Urkonazi regime was soundly defeated by the Novorussian insurgents not once, but twice. Finally, by severing all economic ties with Russia, the independent Ukraine basically committed seppuku. None of that can be reversed or easily fixed. 

As always, in the battle between ideology and reality the latter prevailed. The outcome of this struggle between ideology and reality was never in doubt, at least not for rational, pragmatic, people, and so the blood and tears of all those who needlessly died, were maimed or had to become refugees will forever remain on the consciences of those who started this “revolutionary fire”: the leaders of the united West.”

5 Years On Guard Of Donbass

Quite by chance today, actually while reading a post on the TASS website, I came across a reference to the LuganskInformCenter which led me to the Lugansk Media Centre and its English language version –  http://en.lug-info.com – something that I have unsuccessfully attempted to locate before.

This is the media outlet for the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) which unlike the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) – well served by https://dan-news.info/en/ – I have been starved of reliable news about. 

Interestingly, and just a few days ago, a Lugansk Media Centre post revealed the release of a photo record of the struggles of the LPR over the past five years to form itself to successfully counter the aggressive advances of the forces of Ukraine which with the aid of the West have being bent on the destruction of both the people and structures of the liberated Donbass regions covered by the LPR and the DPR.  It is a great record and in 93 pages, with text in Russian and English, illustrates well how far the LPR has come in that time.

That post is here – and a direct link to the ebook is here.

One thing that is clear to me is that, Minsk agreements or no Minsk agreements (talks around which I believe are merely for show, and are doomed to fail), there is 0.0% chance of these liberated Donbass regions returning to the control of the current form of Ukraine, and only a minutely greater chance of them returning to any form of Ukraine in the future. 

I am equally sure that all parties to the current Normandy Format processes are well aware of that.  The very purpose of these talks is to prove that situation to be true and to leave no excuse for further intervention by the West in the affairs of the new republics, which will either separately or together eventually enjoy full independence – whether or not they are absorbed into Russia at some stage.

Ukraine’s loss.  Ukraine’s fault.

I Heard On The News Tonight…

Something Doesn’t Sound Quite Right…

Heard on the news tonight:  Russian President Putin and Ukraine President Poroshenko have agreed to a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict.

My first thoughts were ‘Something doesn’t sound quite right here.’ and ‘If this is true then Chess Master Putin has made his first wrong move in this little game of thrones.”

Firstly, Russia cannot take part in a ceasefire there because Russia is not involved in any conflict in Ukraine.  So that doesn’t make any sense, unless…

Secondly, Putin has been playing masterfully so far and it would be uncharacteristic of him to blunder in that way (he is the only participant of which that can be said), unless…

…unless, in both cases, the news has as usual got it all wrong.

The truth dawned with the realisation that the report originated from Poroshenko in Kiev.  Poroshenko and his rabid Prime Minister Yatsenyuk have not uttered one word of truth so far this year and wouldn’t recognise a fact if it jumped out from behind a tree, waved it’s arms energetically and said ‘Boo’ to them.  Unless they had the opportunity to twist it out of all recognition first, of course.  So it is to be expected that reports of anything that they say, should be given no credence at all.

It is also to be expected that western media will fawn lovingly over anything they say and pass it on to their unsuspecting and, let’s face it , pretty dumb audiences, as truth.  I am surprised that just this once, the ABC (and it is probably a first for them in this affair) have reported it correctly.  Even though the ABC does tend to have a slightly more intelligent audience than any other news service in Australia, they have previously stuck to the party line.  Maybe this article somehow escaped the censor’s pen. 

The truth is, that no ceasefire will be made until Ukrainian forces have been driven out of the lands of the new Republic in the South East of Ukraine and its sovreignty and borders established and recognised.

The federalists, previously known as separatists and rather unkindly and untruthfully as rebels, criminals and terrorists, are managing to accomplish that state by themselves without Russian involvement.  Ukraine forces are simply disintegrating after being abandoned (and unpaid) by their government.

Close to a million Ukrainian civilians have crossed the border into Russia seeking, and being granted, refuge.  That doesn’t sound like the actions of an aggressor to me.

This will all be resolved of course, in time, but I fully expect Ukraine to end up rather smaller than it has been for some time.  Notwithstanding the huffing and puffing of the NATO leadership, who would be making a very big mistake if they thought they could take on the might of Russia as a means of regaining some legitimacy for their continued existence.  Many have tried in the past.  All have dragged their sorry arses home with tail between legs, licking their wounds, and wondering what just happened.

The Lies Continue …Of Course They Do

What has changed?  Absolutely nothing.  Oh, there is the little thing of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Can you believe that?  Well, you could, if there was any plausible evidence.  But, the lies continue …of course they do.

Once you have gone down that path, especially if you are a national leader with a position to uphold, once you have decided who your friends are, on the basis that keeping faith with them may be of some benefit to you,  irrespective of how believable their stories are, it is extremely difficult to remove or distance yourself from that situation.  No matter how much you would like to do that.  This is the situation in which Barak Obama finds himself.

Watching President Obama on the TV news this morning, in his new taupe suit, wearily and without any sort of conviction in his voice or demeanour, explaining the latest Russian involvement in Ukraine, again making entirely unsupported accusations and unsupportable threats of further dire sanctions, it was very clear that he didn’t really want to be there saying the sort of things that he did.  He knows, of course, that his position is untenable.

On the other hand, the rabid pronouncements of the deranged Ukrainian Prime Minister who has gone a step too far into believing his own delusions for his mental wellbeing, and the equally rabid threats from the warmongering NATO leadership, intent on finding reason to justify that organisation’s continued existence, were I suppose understandable from their point of view, par for the course, and at least consistent with everything they have said and done so far with respect to this situation.  Albeit, based on entirely groundless and unprovable accusations.  These desperate pronouncements are being made because things are not going so well for government forces in direct contrast to what is being reported by the pro-western media.

Now, let’s take a look at some credible evidence from a fairly trusted and independent source, the OSCE, as reported here. ‘No Russian troops in Ukraine’: Moscow’s OSCE rep responds to Kiev’s claims.  Of course, there are some international fighters endeavouring  to protect E. Ukraine from the governments onslaught, and some of them may also be Russian, and some may be soldiers, but that has been admitted, and it does not constitute an invasion.  Just as the many hundreds of US mercenaries and covert forces assisting the government troops does not constitute an invasion force.

Even the Ukrainian military are not convinced that what they are being asked to do in killing their own people is justified and many are surrendering at the first opportunity.  This is where the Donetsk and Luhansk forces obtain most of their weaponry.  Of course it looks like Russian equipment because it is Russian equipment because that is where the Ukraine forces get their arms from, having previously been part of the old USSR.

Let me just clarify something.  The black shirted villain about 80% of the way through the video above is not one of the leaders of the new pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.  He is actually a leader of one of the extreme right fascist groups that are power sharing in the US backed puppet government in Ukraine.  An extremely nasty piece of work who is responsible for much of the mayhem in that country and who is getting a bit uptight because the Ukraine military appears to be falling apart.  Looks like he wants to march on Kiev and take over the country.  His fascist group are descendents of the mid-last century group with the same name that assisted and collaborated with atrocities of the German SS Galicia Division.  These are the sort of people that the US & EU are arming and supporting.    

I have said it before, but isn’t it a bit rich for the Americans to be calling for Russian interference in Ukraine to cease, not that such interference has been proven, and is in fact unlikely, when the whole Ukraine situation came about through US, especially, and EU meddling in that country’s affairs.

I think that around about now is when the situation in Ukraine begins to take on a more serious note.  When one side in a conflict sees that it has lost the upper hand and faces serious prospects of, not defeat, but not winning or overcoming resistence, and starts to make wild calls for external support, that is the time when escalation to a broader conflict becomes increasingly possible.  That is something we should all be dreading and trying to avoid at all costs.

Russian Aid – The Real Story In East Ukraine

These are some of the stories you will never read, see or hear in Western media.

‘I regret Russian aid convoy issue became highly-politicized’ – UN humanitarian chief

Russian humanitarian aid distribution begins in E. Ukraine

Solace for the struggling: E. Ukrainians without water, food crave Russian aid

Mission completed: Moscow confirms delivery of aid to E. Ukraine, trucks return to Russia

Putin to Merkel: Further delays of aid delivery to Ukraine would have been unacceptable

Lavrov: Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Kiev ‘gave up on us’: Ukrainian commander tells why 400 troops escaped into Russia

OSCE monitors and journos come under shelling from Ukraine at Russian border

‘Complicity in genocide’: Russian MP slams US collaboration with Ukraine National Guard

Reports of Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine border groundless – Moscow


And here are some of the reasons why that is.

‘Kiev, US propaganda war leave little motive to let Russian aid in’

Russia fears Kiev trying to destroy implicating MH17 evidence

‘US dictating terms of EU foreign policy on Ukraine’


All Quiet On The Eastern Front

It has been quiet for a while hasn’t it?  Ukraine somehow fell off the front page news list. The Kiev Theatre Company and its supporting cast Obama, Abbott & Co, having been laughed off the stage for their last little fairy tale sketch about destroying an invading Russian convoy, haven’t in recent days come up with any new lies.

Russia meanwhile, having got fed up of waiting in the wings quietly while their ethnic neighbours have been ruthlessly pounded and pummelled by the US backed neo-nazis in Ukraine behind the scenes, have now marched onto centre stage with their aid convoy for the beleaguered folk of Eastern Ukraine.

Oh, come on, let’s call it what it is. Not Eastern Ukraine, but DPR, the Donetsk Peoples Republic, because that is what it is, just that it hasn’t so far been recognised as such.

There is also another one around Luhansk.  Let’s call that the LPR, the Luhansk Peoples Republic, and this is where the convoy is headed first.  Presumably because that is where it is most needed.  I expect that these two republics eventually will join together into something like the East Ukraine Peoples Republic or the Little Russia Peoples Republic. The actual name doesn’t matter. The split of Ukraine somewhere down the middle, does. And the recognition of such split, does.

Meanwhile, centre stage, having neatly bypassed any contact with Ukrainian border posts, or totally ignoring them, with warnings to anybody who might think otherwise not to interfere with what they are doing, the Russians have effectively disempowered any attempt to whinge and whine about it from the West.  It has already happened.  What’s to whinge & whine about, now? 

Not that this situational accomplishment has deterred The Bishop (Julie) from feebly bleating out some ridiculous nonsense before checking with her brain whether that would be a wise or sane thing to do.  But that is par for the course with our nutty leaders.  The same goes for a nameless US representative spouting something similar in this shared article (shared only because it is a convenient link to promote my editorial post, since even the ABC these days can’t report anything sensible but tends to faithfully follow the party line).  Whatever.  It is all a bit passé now, isn’t it?  It already having happened.

If this is a Russian invasion, then it is a very quiet one …so far.  Chess Master Vlad. V. Putin still has the game under control and appears to be making all the right moves.  But then, the team of hopefuls sitting on the other side of the game-board does not present much in the way of competition, does it?

Oh No! Those Nasty Russians Are Biting Back!

Oh, poor Australia.  Is nasty Russia biting back?  There, there.  This is not, I’m afraid, something that mummy can fix.  Serve us right.  Life is not a one way street and if you want to play with the big boys you have to have a big game to bring.  And that is something that little Australia just does not have.

Our stupid government should have kept its mouth shut instead of groundlessly blaming Russia for MH17.  Something which, along with our media and even the ABC which I find incredulous, it blindly continues to do.  We fell for (well the govt and media did, as well as a fair proportion of the uninformed population I suspect) the outright lies and deception of the US leadership along with the gutless nobodies who lead the EU and their jointly owned attack dog, NATO.  Even when it has been proven that the missile, if there was one (and that does not altogether fit the evidence on the ground), could physically only have come from Ukrainian military held territory.  See: Some Facts On Flight MH17Somehow, this information needs to get to the media.

So, Australia has, as a nation, lost some $400 million worth of food exports over the next year as a result of Russian sanctions aimed at those nations who jumped on the US/EU bandwagon.  Meanwhile New Zealand (who did not indulge in the same speculative rhetoric) will be cashing in by selling more cheese to Russia, and Brazil will be able to send them more beef.  As Mr Putin has said, this will also be an opportunity for Russian farmers to increase their own farming produce output to fill any shortfall in imports.  A very sound policy and something that perhaps they should have been doing all along.

Now our stupidly fearless leaders, including The Short’un (ALP Bill, that is), taken aback by the Russian move, have the audacity to say ‘who are the Russians to inflict sanctions on us?’ and ‘We’ll get them back through the WTO’.  What blind fools they are.

Meanwhile again, Europe has nothing to lose, well almost literally next to nothing, from moving closer to pushing Russia into yet another European conflict in order to cover up their own hopeless economic situation.

I just read this morning this article by Ilargi of The Automatic Earth and I must share here a quote from that piece which I see as being the most concise and accurate version of the truth of what happened in Ukraine over the last few months that I have so far seen.

“…let’s see what, again, do we know for sure so far, what we can prove?  Here’s what:

The EU and US instigated, financed and supported the Maidan movement, installed their very own handpicked government in Kiev, established an army aimed at eradicating all signs of discontent among Russian speaking Ukrainians in east Ukraine, with crucial parts played by CIA, Blackwater and various other mercenaries, blamed Putin for the downing of a plane without providing any evidence whatsoever of his involvement, announced a second series of economic sanctions on Russia, and then claim Russia has no reasons at all to announce its own set of counter sanctions.

It would be funny if it weren’t so out there.”

Ilargi appears to like long sentences just as much as  I do.

This is virtually the same expression of ideas as I have been saying recently, except that I was only following developments with a mild curiosity up until the MH17 incident when I began to see the injustice and deceit being promoted by the West and indeed championed by Australian leaders and media.

It is now clear to me that the ‘EU and US instigated, financed and supported’ Maidan protest movement is the self-same force, now backed by the Ukrainian military (whose ministerial control they share with the new government), that is now seeking to destroy and eradicate the ethnic Russian population in the East.  Once you have seen that connection, and it has fully registered with you, then everything else falls neatly into place. The instigators, the backers, the objectives, and the motives, are revealed.

The Russian speaking separatists are not the murdering criminals being portrayed by Western media.  They are an ethnic minority fighting for their lives and homes against the real murdering criminals.  President Putin would be entirely justified in sending his military might to defend these peoples rights.  Maybe he should have done that a long time ago but he is a master strategist so I expect he will play his hand at just the right time.  Since Obama shows all the signs of being afraid of Putin, nothing much would happen to stop such action, except some EU nations might get a bit uppity and need to be put in their place.

No nation has ever successfully pitted itself against Russian might.  Germany should remember that they are still 2-0 down on that score from the previous century.  France may need to think back to what occurred just over two centuries ago.  Australia, as a player remote from and irrelevant to such a stoush, should just keep schtumm.


Afterword:  I seem to be writing quite a lot about events centered in a little known and far off place situated at a critical point between two or perhaps three different cultural groupings on the world’s largest contiguous land mass.  A place that I may have flown over once or twice, but to which I have never visited.

My reasons for dwelling on this area are that I feel that it may hold the key to momentous changes to the lives of all of us over the coming months or years.

Could it be that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of globalisation?  Where nations begin to look internally to their own stability and sustainability (ugh! hate that word).

Could it be that we are witnessing the initial phases of the final war to end all possibility of future wars?

Could it be that we are witnessing the point in history when nations start to turn to cooperation rather than confrontation?

Could this year, 2014, be the year that everything changes, for better or worse?