A Premonition Of, Or Glimpse Into, Australia’s Future?

…the unthinkable has happened: Australia is suddenly invaded by a newly formed “Asian Coalition” intent on seizing control of all of her resources and enslaving the population. The unsuspecting Australian military is quickly overwhelmed and none of Australia’s allies, including the US, are immediately willing to risk possible nuclear war to come to her aid.

This is the backdrop to the story of ‘Tomorrow, When The War Began’, the TV series of 2016, based on the books of Aussie writer John Marsden. This is a total remake with a new, different cast from the 2012 movie of the same name, as the original actors are now too old to continue the story. I hope the series is at least as good as the movie, which remains a favourite of mine.  Australia’s Aunty of media, The ABC, has distribution rights for the series.

As I have said a number of times since 2012, this could well be a preliminary glimpse into our nation’s future.

This post (from Facebook a few days ago but I thought worthwhile including here) was inspired by: Tomorrow, When The War Began – The Series First Day of Shooting & More ABC Distribution News!