Syria War Diary: Order Returns To Western Cities, Civilians Recount Horrors Of “Rebel” Rule


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After reconciling with the Syrian government, former militants clear debris as they rebuild their homes, and their lives, in al-Waer, Homs. (Photo: Eva Bartlett/MintPress News) In revisiting Madaya and al-Waer after their reclamation by the…

Illegal Immigrants/Invaders In Syria

There are the ‘boots’.  We can see them.  They are American boots, with American military feet in them.

There is the ‘ground’.  We can see it.  It is Syrian national ground.

heres-what-us-boots-on-the-ground-in-syria-really-means-1445979177Photo credit:

So.  American boots on Syrian ground.  Is that not a sufficient and complete definition of ‘boots on the ground’?  In anybody’s language I would say that it is.

So, what are they doing there?  Two hundred and fifty more pairs of boots now, adding to the fifty (officially) pairs of boots that have been there for quite some time now.  Not counting all the clandestine (CIA) and private contractors muddying the waters.

As this RT story shows, they are there illegally: No boots on ground in Syria, but US troops wearing boots & on ground are there ‒ State Dept

If they were there as immigrants, they would still be there illegally unless they claimed refugee status.  But they are an invasion force.  They are not there to aid the Syrian government.  That is not a part of US Foreign Policy.  So, simply put, they are there illegally.

Oh, I do love to see the US State Dept talking heads squirming and struggling with convoluted thought pictures to try to come to terms with reality but avoiding at all costs telling the truth.

My own conclusion on this is that they can see that Syria, with Russian aid, is winning the battle against Islamic State in Syria and the US wants to absorb some of the credit for that, when in fact they have done little to nothing to achieve that result, preferring to make this into a war without end.

Stirring Recep’s Recipe For Madness

I like Zero Hedge.  I especially like Zero Hedge when he is talking about real stuff and not just wallowing through the mire of financial collapse (well, that is what it looks like to me), important as that is.  It gets a little boring waiting for the world of national economies to go belly up, especially since no-one seems to be helping that along any and the major players desperately paddling against the current to keep the thing afloat as long as possible.  Just when will the last straw that may be grasped at float along towards the sea of flailing hands?  Maybe it already has.

So, it is nice, for want of a better word just before bedtime, to see talk about real stuff. And there is nothing more real just now than watching the deranged President of Turkey gradually and completely lose his mind over Syria and the Kurds.

© Yannis BehrakisPhoto credit: © Yannis Behrakis / Reuters  

The situation holds a very special note of interest because it is the most likely crisis to open the door to global warfare which must, sooner or later, erupt across one or more of the borders between the current tag-team, no holds barred, mud-wrestling match going on in the Levant  between around 40 different nations and groups already.

One act by a deranged madman, which Recep Tayyip Erdogan is rapidly turning into, accidentally or not, with intention or not, will be enough, more than enough, to kindle the flame that will ignite World War III.

Read about it at Zero Hedge here: A Furious Turkey Says US Is “Acting Like An Enemy,” Demands Washington Brand Kurds “Terrorists”…and at Russia Today here: ‘No ifs and buts’: Turkey demands US support against ‘Kurdish terrorists’

Putting it all in context, here is a grab form the Zero Hedge article:

“The problem for Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar is optics. That is, everything anyone does in Syria has to be justified by an imaginary “war on terror.” Turkey can’t say it’s intervening to keep the rebels from being defeated by the Russians, and similarly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France and everyone else needs to preserve the narrative and pretend as though this all doesn’t boil down to the West and the Sunnis versus the Russians and the Shiites.”

…and, from Russia Today, pinpointing exactly the flash-point I am talking about.  Or one of them:

“On Friday however Washington rejected a Russian draft resolution which condemned any plans for foreign military intervention in Syria. Russia’s latest concerns are related to a dangerous escalation on the Syrian Turkish border amid Ankara’s alleged plans to put boots on the ground in northern Syria, which Damascus has called a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.”

Just as a footnote, here is another Zero Hedge article which contains a map showing Russian air strikes in Syria during February so far.  While a great deal can be read from this, in fairness it does show that the Russians are speaking the truth (as I always knew they were) about their not just bombing the moderate terrorists (aka the moderate rebels aided by the US) that are fighting Assad’s legitimate Syrian regime.  Like the Russians say, there is no such thing as a moderate rebel.  They are all terrorists and need to be blown to bits.  And if a few clandestine American advisers get blown to bits with them, well, tough titties.

In addition, the map shows (I will display it here for convenience…) ISW:

…very clearly that Turkey does not have much room to invade Syria or to prevent their trade in illicit oil from ISIS from being cut off entirely.  Nor from preventing the Kurds from setting up a separate Kurdish state on their southern border.

Interesting.  But still very dangerous for all of us.  Keep an eye open for flash-points.

“There’s No Understanding Anything Without A Grasp Of Its History”

“There’s no understanding anything without a grasp of its history—which, of course, is the American failing over and over again.”

The above is a quote by interviewer in this piece:  “Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”: A veteran CIA agent spills the goods on the Deep State and our foreign policy nightmares After almost 30 years in the CIA, Ray McGovern became a truth-teller. He sits down with Salon for a long debriefing

KERRYBarack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, John Kerry (Credit: AP/Reuters/Evan Vucci/Alexei Druzhinin/Remy de la Mauviniere/Kathy Willens)

This is a deep and insightful exchange which I recommend to anyone who wishes to know more about the world they live in and who pulls the strings that cause the events that we see happening around us.  You need to be aware of this stuff …and it’s pretty much right up to date.

Syraq – Cradle Of Civilisation

Syraq, that recently named new proto-nation, an unofficial joint venture between Syria and Iraq, facilitated by there being no recognisable joint border separating them from one another and having at least some form of organised structure in the shape of Daesh, the so-called Islamic State in charge of at least parts of both countries.

And then of course there are the Kurds: The Final Breakup of Iraq? Barzani calls for Kurdistan Referendum


Iraq in particular, but also Syria as part of what was once called ‘The Fertile Crescent’, where human civilisation first …I was going to say ‘began’… bShumer4ut a more correct term would be ‘sprung up’ because it appeared quite suddenly as a fully formed society at a higher level of social cohesion, organisation, and humanity than we enjoy today.  A society which could lay claim to more ‘first’ discoveries in all of the sciences than any of its successors.


But take a look at that region now.  What an absolute shambles and mess.  And not only that region but pretty much anywhere you care to look around the world, though the buildings may not yet be so shattered and broken as in that area but the social cohesion, spirit of the people, economic outlook, justice, health, security, and most other critical measures of stability, are all gradually or in some case much faster than that, breaking down and leading inexorably to the same failed state situation as we currently see in Syraq.

I could have chosen any number of reference writings to back up my argument here but I chose the first one that I came across today:  The drastic plunge in oil prices could have catastrophic consequences in Iraq  and I supplement that with this video of Homs in Syria:

I was going to continue writing about how we humans have changed the cradle of civilisation, a blooming, blossoming, veritable Garden of Eden (The land of Shumer 6,000+ years ago which, for many thousands of years before that first civilisation of Man, had been known as the E.din – ‘Abode of the Righteous Ones’ by the original developers of the region), by turning it into a derelict slum area and wasteland that will never again, at least under our jurisdiction, rise to the glory of what it once was.

But I can’t face doing that right now.  It hurts too much.



Good Help Is Hard To Find These Days

“According to Iraqi MPs familiar with the situation, Prime Minister Hayder Abadi is “under tremendous pressure” to formally request military aid against ISIS from the Russian Federation, despite US threats to end all aid to the government if they do so.”

Well their current ‘help’ isn’t exactly being of much assistance, is it?

At least they can see that Russian actions in Syria are being effective.  But then, Syria still has an army capable of taking advantage of the assistance Russia is providing.  I’m not at all sure that the US trained Iraqi army has that capacity.  If I were the Russians I wouldn’t even consider going there.  Well, not unless someone provides decent foot soldiers, and Iraq is a little short of friends in the region.  At least ‘friends’ who are not just there to promote their own agenda.

This post inspired by: Iraqi PM Under ‘Tremendous Pressure’ to Ask Russia for Help Against ISIS

The Lies Continue …As Expected

I said earlier, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for the Western coalition if the Russian forces operating in Syria to defeat ISIS actually achieved that, actually bombing them into submission. That would show that the West has not been really trying to end that conflict.

Well, Russia has made a good start today.

Photo: Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer tactical bombers. © Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

Of course, the lies from Western media to attempt to discredit the Russian efforts have also started, or continued, but that is only to be expected, and something that can easily be dismissed, except by the foolish.

No wonder then that the US administration is getting its knickers in a twist. Its little game of bluff is being called and its lucrative arms industry will take something of a hit. Well, a scratch, anyway.

Good move Mr Putin.  Bomb the bastards to hell and back, and if any US trained anti-government militia (or their ‘advisors’) happen to get in the way, Tough Titties.

This post inspired by: 8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria – Russian military

See also:  New combat cam footage shows Russian anti-ISIS night-op  

and: Russia goes to war with ISIS: Why and how?

“American Feelgood Is More Important Than Syrian Lives.” – Obama

Let’s be clear, President Obama didn’t actually say that to the UN General Assembly, but that is his underlying message.

Russian President Putin, on the other hand, to quote this article:

“Putin is right. Everyone knows Putin is right, that the only way forward in Syria, if not to eternal slaughter, is via the established government of Bashar al-Assad and his Lebanese and Iranian allies.”

Who is the greater man? Who is the more worthy leader (in spite of the veiled digs of Henry Kissinger)?  Again, quoting this article:

“The result of American and British grandstanding at the UN this week – seeing who can be ruder about Assad – is that Vladimir Putin has gathered ever more cards to his pack. Putin has already performed the two primary duties of a Russian leader, bringing stability and pride. He now faces turbulent Russian minorities across his European frontier and a serious menace from Muslim states to his south. He is perforce becoming a player on a wider stage. He has read Iran, India and Syria correctly. He is no fool.”

One final quote:

“…western policy in the region …has been a disaster. If we have nothing more intelligent to say on Syria, we should listen to Putin. He has.”

This post inspired by:  Why the west should listen to Putin on Syria

Still Riding The Wrong Horse

I am sharing this Guardian article, Vladimir Putin bids for major world role as his forces move into Syria , not because I agree with all that it says but to point out that this news source is still riding the wrong horse in the Ukraine stakes.

Photograph: ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis/Alexei Nikolsky

What the article does say correctly, in not so many words, is that Vladimir Putin is a very clever, astute and outstanding world leader.  He is head and shoulders above, in political ‘nous’ if not in stature, anyone else on the current scene.

Despite that, many in the West including, it seems, The Guardian, still espouse the lie about Russian aggression in Ukraine when it is perfectly obvious that just the opposite is true.  Russia has no interest in Ukraine other than in protecting its own nationals and ethnic groups living within the borders of that country.

The US, the EU and NATO, on the other hand, are quite a different story, which I have gone to great lengths to explain in times and posts past.  I should have no need to go over all of the subterfuge, skulduggery and mayhem that those groups have woven into and around the Ukraine situation again and again.

At every turn of this saga, Putin has made the leaders of these groups look very silly.  I suggest that is why the West is now most recently changing the tune they have jointly been playing around the Syrian situation, molding their new stance to something along the lines set out by Russia and her colleagues, including China.

I look forward to the time when they treat the Ukraine problem in the same way.