Go Home Yanks, You’re Unwanted!

Syrian Arab Army units prevent US invaders from using the Qamishli-Hasakah road, causing them to turn around and leave (at least that is what this Twitter feed says, and also what it looks like to me). 

Later, probably these same invaders were prevented from proceeding by real Syrian civilians in a road blockage protest encounter.  
and, part 2
and, in part 3 – it looks like they eventually took off across country

People Power!

Go Home Yanks!  You’re beaten.

Follow The Arrows To Find Gold

Who fights who in Syria?

Image credit:  Not sure who owns this.  I got it from the TAE Facebook page


What do you see there?  Hmmmm…

So, what’s this thing between ISIS and the Israeli Air Force?

It seems that ISIS is fighting everybody except the Israeli Air Force.

It seems that everybody is fighting ISIS except the Israeli Air Force.

What sort of scam have they got going on between them?

And… Have you noticed?

It seems that the US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition (of which Australia is part), is only fighting ISIS, and the only party interested in fighting the US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition is ISIS itself.  In fairness to ISIS, I think the US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition should just go home and tend to their own business.  There are already more than enough parties involved in this little shindig.

Also… Have you noticed?

The Israeli Air Force should just go home because they are not really part of the whole thing, just acting out their own side-show affair against their everyday, common or garden, foes.

With those two parties removed, that would even things up a bit, make the conflict a little less complex, and it might just get somewhere.

By the way.  Did you spot the deliberate mistake?  There is an arrow which purports that Turkey is fighting ISIS, when nothing could be further from the truth.  They are business partners, in the oil trade 🙂

On second thoughts…  Nah!  Leave the arrow there.  Removing it would negate one of my earlier statements.  Let everybody keep thinking that Turkey is just one of the Team.

Saving The Ancient Seeds Of Syria

This may be the best and only good news to come out of Syria for some years, looking backwards or forwards.  Its importance should not be underestimated.

This post inspired by: Syrian seed bank saved after occupation by armed forces threatens unique collection of ancient grains

Yes, the stories of Syrian refugees are tragic and will always be with us, increasingly so. However, the future of every human being on the planet is entirely dependent on the availability of viable natural seed-stocks.  I don’t think that fact is anywhere near fully appreciated by many of us.  If it were, there would be no Monsantos or the like, and very probably much less conflict.

This story is encouraging but the action needs to be replicated everywhere. The story was posted only yesterday but I understand the events took place some time in 2012.  Thanks to  Sustainable Gardening Australia  for bringing it to my attention.