Differentiating What Is Real And What Is Not

“Putting Einstein first: It’s time to stop lying to our children about physics” – ABC News

I will say one thing about Australia’s ABC News, we do get some interesting stories from them, it’s not all about politicians and the global economic mess – although I suppose it is in a way.

One thing is clear, we should stop lying to our children about science. We know today that the world is actually very different from that espoused by Newtonian physics.  So why continue with the lies?

If I can understand quantum physics – though not necessarily being able to explain it to others in great detail – such is not necessary to a personal understanding anyway – then any child with a command and understanding of language and a basic grounding in what is real, rather than what is imagined, should also be fully capable of doing so. 

While we are on the subject, there are a great many other things we should stop lying to our children about.  For instance: Christmas; a fictional figure called Santa Claus who in the course of a single night visits every child’s bedroom, alone, while they and their parents are asleep – incredibly flying not only in the face of reality but in contravention of every paedophilic law everywhere; flying reindeer; Easter bunnies; and perhaps most of all – some man who never claimed to be a ‘god’ but didn’t dissuade others from thinking that he was/is, and who was – if we are being realistic – never in a million years born from a normal woman who through some mysterious non-sexual intercourse with a sort of weird invisible spirit thingy which was therefore incapable of interacting on the physical plain with any person whatsoever or in any way, became pregnant and gave birth to a normal physical child.  What sort of fantastic but totally fictitious story are any of those things to lay on the innocent and malleable young minds of future generations of adult humans. 

I am sure there are other equally fantastic stories told to children in all other cultures.

No wonder the world is in such a mess.   

I am, of course, in case you were thinking otherwise, just as guilty of this as everybody else.  It is a societal thing. A thing, along with many others, that will hopefully die out with the imminent demise of our current weird societies the world over. I will say this in my defence – the years have taught me that this practice of lying to children is wrong, totally wrong, and I now refuse to take part in any of it – even if that means not joining in family or communal celebrations.

I just hope we, or whoever is left, can remember Einstein’s work.  That would be worth saving, and would save a lot of long-term development wading through the cluttered minefields of grey-area thought and dead-end philosophies that we ourselves struggled with.

Always assuming there is to be the opportunity for such a new beginning.

Want A Dose Of Reality?

Want a dose of reality?  You’re not going to like it.

I’m always happy to share Jim Kunstler’s outlook on life from his ClusterfuckNation blog. Here’s the latest: Repricing Reality (and, no, he hasn’t misspelt ‘lede’).

Supporting, to some extent, my own prediction that 2016 is going to be a year that begins a Dark Age for humanity, he says:

“We’re (the US) going to be a much-distressed and poorer so-called republic when this year is done with us.  The markets will crack and the trade relations that comprise globalism will fall apart as nations and regions of nations struggle to survive.  We’ll move inexorably to a very possibly disastrous election.  We’ll face the basic choices, as distressed societies always do, of freaking-and-acting-out (usually in the form of war), or opting for a reunion with reality and its mandates.  So far, it’s not looking good for the better option.”

His advice?

“If you are a thinking person, the months ahead might be your last chance to protect whatever wealth you have and to move to some part of the country where, at least, you can grow some of your own food and become a useful part of a social and economic network that might be called a community.”

You See, It’s Like This…

There’s an old saying.  Old but true.  Inviolably true. 

It comes from the time, not so long ago really, when humankind lived in the world of reality.

Don’t get me started on the “nothing is real” bit, I know all about that, and I’m not talking about that type of thing but the kind of reality where if you knock your head against it, it will bloody well hurt, and if you do that enough, it will eventually kill you and probably, maybe, send you to one of the other possible realities or even back to this one, for another go. 

We don’t, most of us, of course, live there (that world of reality) any more.  Well not for the last 50-60 years anyway (though it is still within living memory of some of us).  Or perhaps more precisely, we have convinced ourselves in our tiny, shrunken, confused, media-infested, TV-ad bewitched, socially disoriented and ambient-babble afflicted, minds, that the Laws of Physics, by which our ancestors were so very severely restricted and subject to, no longer apply to us.

No, we honestly believe that (and this is the old saying I am talking about)-

“We can have our cake, and eat it too”.

We can do anything that we want – in our minds.  Mind you, we have always been able to do that – in our minds.  But something has developed in our modern psyche, perhaps because we have been so successful at progressing our capabilities so strongly and so quickly, that it has occurred to us that at some point in our progress we will be able to do whatever we want, unrestricted and unrestrained by the normal rules that govern what we refer to as reality.

And so, we live our lives on that basis.  We know (or believe) that somehow, whether it be by the act of some all-powerful deity, some beneficent universal force or entity, through the exercise of our own innately magnificent intelligence and ingenuity, by divine right, or simply just dumb good luck, fate or fortune, that the never-failing cornucopia of self-replenishing cake will be ours to enjoy.  For ever, and a day. 

At some stage in my life I dreamed (or was it something I saw on television?) that I possessed a never ending, never emptying, packet of Tim-Tams (google it – I have no intention of supplying a link for those things).  Every time a Tim-Tam chocolate covered biscuit was removed from the packet, it was magically replaced by another.

That philosophical idea has, today, become something of an axiom of modern life, whether generally recognised as such, or not:

No matter how much cake we eat, we will always still have a complete cake from which we can keep eating.

Now I ask you, do you really believe that?  Or is it something that you just accept because everybody else seems to do that, and you are sure that somebody, somewhere, will find a way to make it happen, soon enough?  So, you will just keep on eating the cake, because… well… what harm can it do?

Me?  Well, I’m probably just as tied into cake eating as you are (though I try to take only small bites and as infrequently as I can), but I fully know, without a shadow of a doubt, that that cake we are all so gleefully chewing on, is eventually going to run out until only a few crumbs remain.  Nobody is going to defy the Laws of Physics and Mathematics (in this world anyway) by human technological progress, government decree, or by any other means, to produce a never ending cake-fest for us to keep dipping our snouts into, for as long as we like.

You do know what I am talking about, don’t you?

And, no, it has nothing to do with cake …or Tim-Tams.

We live in a finite world, which, like it or not, believe it or not, is still subject to those pesky, yet fundamental and unalterable, Laws of Physics.