NATO – Dumb and Dumber

NATO’s Stoltenberg continues to pile stupid on top of stupid in his latest remarks.

“NATO intends to avoid costly arms race with Russia, Stoltenberg says” – TASS

It sounds really good (these things usually do until drilled down into) for the NATO leader to be saying that they want no arms race with Russia, preferring ‘arms control’ instead.

For a start, NATO cannot afford to get into an arms race – leaving aside the fact that such is not necessary anyway, other than in the stunted minds of Western leaders.  Russia is not an aggressor.  NATO is.  And Russia is so far ahead in terms of arms development and production (years if not decades ahead), that the West, never able to achieve cost-effective weapons production, can also never hope to catch up.

That last point leads to the next.  As for arms control, the West has nothing to bargain with.  The erudite Russian leadership is not going to be fooled into any form of arms control that would advantage the West – which is the only form of arms control the West would be interested in discussing.  Russia has suffered in the past from one-sided arms agreements that favoured the West and is not likely to allow itself to be held in that position ever again.

Finally, it is not Russia that has withdrawn from almost every arms limitation treaty there is. The West’s separation from such being based on entirely fictional premises that even Dumb and Dumber could see through.

It is time that NATO realised that it no longer holds a place of power in the developed world.  And also to realise that it no longer has any form of legitimate purpose or reason for its own continued existence.

Added later:

Actually I do want to say something else as an afterthought here.  Talking of Dumb and Dumber, that’s an illustration of the condition of the West generally.  Western nations have allowed themselves, or more correctly have deliberately engineered themselves, into producing generations of progressively under-educated national populations, to the extent that no Western nation now has the capability of possessing the advanced mathematics necessary to develop advanced technology – or indeed to suitably staff its own military with forces capable of successfully fighting in modern wars.  This is amply illustrated with America’s growing difficulty of finding sufficient acceptable recruits for its overblown military.  America’s youth are either too dumb, too sick or too culturally damaged to qualify for anything much more than joystick pilots for UAV drones.

I have written about that, with references, before, somewhere, but there is an excellent new article by Paul Schmutz Schaller for The Saker Blog that covers all of these points, here:  “Mathematics and the Power of a Nation” 

On the Relevance of NATO and the United Nations

Some useful thoughts are portrayed in this piece by Sarah Abed.

“Turkey holds NATO hostage until Syria-related demands are met”

I am in complete agreement that NATO has run its course and has no role to play, none at all, in the 21st century.  It is a quasi-military organisation with no army and no enemy since the fall of the Soviet Union late last century.  It currently serves only as an excuse for rogue states like the US and UK to interfere in the domains of any other non-NATO nation they choose to target.

That role is also partially shared by the United Nations Organisation, which it could be argued is also past its use-by date in many respects.  In the globally interconnected world of the 21st century there is no valid reason for any nation to view any other nation as an enemy.  There are of course non-state actors that still represent real threats to peaceful existence among and within nation states, so I am not saying that the UN, unlike what I said about NATO, has no role to play at all in such matters, but it should not be the privileged role of a number of major states to rule or dictate international action to deal with those things.  By that I mean there is no reason for a separate UNSC subgroup.  In fact in a fair and just UN General Assembly, no state no matter its size and influence should command any greater position to influence the decisions of the whole assembly or any other member state.  And those decisions should be limited in scope to matters of assistance to the legitimate government of other member states, and provide for no powers of veto or punishment to be imposed on any UN member as a means of coercion to comply.

The time for the overshadowing of enforcement practices and unified sanctions on sovereign nations is over.  We are all in this …whatever this is… together, and we need to act as one.  That is the unifying role that the UN should be playing.  And it is not a One World Government but a unity of the many individual sovereign states, made together by agreement and without duress or bribery. 

That, of necessity, is a simplistic view and much more could be said, but hey, is the current system working, in any fair and unbiased way?  I think not.

Are people happy with the way things are today?  I think not.

Look at all the nations subject to unrest, riots, imposed military action, governments overturned, suffering the effects of unilaterally imposed economic sanctions.  

Look at where the current UN stands in all of this.  Inept.  Impotent.  Trapped and held hostage by the corrupt political system of the unworthy owners of the land it resides on.

How can that be considered a working solution?

Of course I reserve the right to say that there probably is no working solution. That the world will go on, following a muddy path to perdition (non-religious) and eventual collapse to a basic existence. Which is why I don’t do more of these exercises in wishful thinking …but sometimes forget that that is what it is.

Too soon for ‘In A Relationship’?

“Estonian lawmakers invite Russian colleagues to visit Tallinn” – TASS

Ahh!  Well, well. Do I detect the first tiny glimmer of a softening of the post-soviet hard line – might even call it antagonism or at least suspicion or even anger and at least in part NATO fostered rejection and opposition to the new Russian Federation that emerged from the soviet fall – beginning to appear among the ranks of the soviet era satellite states wooed into bed with NATO?

I think a more friendly attitude to Russia from its earlier ‘partners’ (if that’s the right word) was bound to come at some stage following the starry-eyed sweetheart period of being ’embedded’ with sabre-rattlers.  Why not now?

I may be jumping the gun, but… if Turkey can be ‘in a relationship’ openly with Russia…

Eyes-open, Baltic states.  Make with the friendly gestures, why don’t you?

‘The State Cannot Convict Itself’: Operation ‘Gladio’ & the Crimes of U.S. Empire

I have long held the view presented in this excellent, re-blogged article and encapsulated in this quote from it:
“Given post-WWII history and our current state of affairs Western governments and institutions clearly exist as criminal entities which function outside the rule of all recognized morality and law, domestic and international.”
…and so I am both gratified to the author, Gary Weglarz, for putting together such a fine piece, to Sarah Abed for sharing it, and also pleased to have the opportunity to share it further myself.

This is information that all Westerners should be aware of, if they want to own their own lives and to live consciously, enjoying the freedom to live and act as moral, caring, self-respecting beings. I don’t for a moment expect that everyone would choose to take that course, preferring to remain ignorant and controlled, living under the “full spectrum domination” that is the global objective of the US elites.

Me? I’d rather die fighting for the liberty that is every human’s right to enjoy.

The Rabbit Hole

Written By: Gary Weglarz

Global Research

Also posted on: The Ugly Truth

The key institutions of Western societies have lost their credibility. They fail to merit either the respect or loyalty of the domestic populations they purport to serve.

Testing the validity of this assertion requires examination of Western institutions from a holistic rather than fragmentary perspective. This is easier said than done.

There exists a massive amount of near real-time web based information available for us to process daily if we are attempting to keep abreast of world events. This often leaves us diligently evaluating recent events, while lacking the opportunity to step back and assemble these discrete events into a more comprehensible whole.

The assassinations of the entire elite level of progressive leadership in the United States during the 1960s (JFK, Malcolm X (image left), MLK & RFK within a 5 year…

View original post 3,452 more words

New EU Army?

A short but vital post.  Mostly copied from my Facebook page.

The EU is debating whether to raise its own army.  It has obviously realised that NATO forms a threat to its ongoing health and safety (not before time).

Alexander Neu, a Bundestag MP from Germany’s Die Linke (Left) party, said that a European army is needed to loosen NATO grip on the continent.

“NATO is an instrument of American influence in Germany and the EU. It’s the instrument that allows the US to fulfill its agenda in Europe. A united EU army would question the dominant positions of the US within NATO,” the German MP said.

A new army for the EU? Well, in principle that is a good idea, but in view of the fact that there will soon be no EU (‘soon’ is relative, there has been a teetering on the edge for more than a few years now, but it is coming) it is a moot one.

What they need to do however, if they are ever going to get out from under the heel of the US, is to get rid of NATO.

Thinking… thinking…  Didn’t Europe have its own army once? Ah yes. What was it called now, let me think?

Ah yes, the Wehrmacht, which included contingents from every European nation with the possible exception of Britain (but I am not entirely sure about that).

One thing is for sure. If Europe formed its own army once again, with the current economic predominance of Germany within the EU (they pretty much run things), the new European Army would undoubtedly be a remake of the Wehrmacht (and once again Britain would abstain, being tied to the apron strings of the US as it is).

And let’s not forget, the original Wehrmacht did achieve some pretty remarkable military victories, alone against the world, and if they had not been led by a bunch of raving madmen the world may have gone down an entirely different path to the fucked up, US dominated, mess we have today.

Thank the stars there is a strongman in Russia and a few emerging elsewhere (did I mention Greece? Oops!) with the backbone to stand up to the US supremacists and their lackeys. We should be grateful they are there.

I Heard On The News Tonight…

Something Doesn’t Sound Quite Right…

Heard on the news tonight:  Russian President Putin and Ukraine President Poroshenko have agreed to a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict.

My first thoughts were ‘Something doesn’t sound quite right here.’ and ‘If this is true then Chess Master Putin has made his first wrong move in this little game of thrones.”

Firstly, Russia cannot take part in a ceasefire there because Russia is not involved in any conflict in Ukraine.  So that doesn’t make any sense, unless…

Secondly, Putin has been playing masterfully so far and it would be uncharacteristic of him to blunder in that way (he is the only participant of which that can be said), unless…

…unless, in both cases, the news has as usual got it all wrong.

The truth dawned with the realisation that the report originated from Poroshenko in Kiev.  Poroshenko and his rabid Prime Minister Yatsenyuk have not uttered one word of truth so far this year and wouldn’t recognise a fact if it jumped out from behind a tree, waved it’s arms energetically and said ‘Boo’ to them.  Unless they had the opportunity to twist it out of all recognition first, of course.  So it is to be expected that reports of anything that they say, should be given no credence at all.

It is also to be expected that western media will fawn lovingly over anything they say and pass it on to their unsuspecting and, let’s face it , pretty dumb audiences, as truth.  I am surprised that just this once, the ABC (and it is probably a first for them in this affair) have reported it correctly.  Even though the ABC does tend to have a slightly more intelligent audience than any other news service in Australia, they have previously stuck to the party line.  Maybe this article somehow escaped the censor’s pen. 

The truth is, that no ceasefire will be made until Ukrainian forces have been driven out of the lands of the new Republic in the South East of Ukraine and its sovreignty and borders established and recognised.

The federalists, previously known as separatists and rather unkindly and untruthfully as rebels, criminals and terrorists, are managing to accomplish that state by themselves without Russian involvement.  Ukraine forces are simply disintegrating after being abandoned (and unpaid) by their government.

Close to a million Ukrainian civilians have crossed the border into Russia seeking, and being granted, refuge.  That doesn’t sound like the actions of an aggressor to me.

This will all be resolved of course, in time, but I fully expect Ukraine to end up rather smaller than it has been for some time.  Notwithstanding the huffing and puffing of the NATO leadership, who would be making a very big mistake if they thought they could take on the might of Russia as a means of regaining some legitimacy for their continued existence.  Many have tried in the past.  All have dragged their sorry arses home with tail between legs, licking their wounds, and wondering what just happened.

No Lessons Learned

I struggled to arrive at a suitable title for this post.  Options considered were:

“US Pledges $30 Billion To Build Up Ukraine Military”   on top of the billions that it has already invested in setting up and bolstering its own puppet government there.  This, on the basis that Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, a bankrupt nation (can’t even pay its gas bill), yesterday vowed to spend exactly that amount for exactly that same purpose.  He hasn’t got that sort of money.  His country hasn’t got that sort of money.  So, it must be coming from his backers, the US.

“US Provides Arms To The Islamic State”  , by devious means and sleight of hand, of course.  First it gave the weapons to the Iraqi army, knowing full well that they would at the first opportunity, and in only slightly shop-soiled condition, be handed over to the first organised rebel force to show up on Iraq’s doorstep.  And since the most radical elements of the Syrian rebel forces, now known as the Islamic State, were the most likely contenders within easy reach (Al Quaeda can be pretty much dismissed as a cohesive force these days),  they were the willing participants in the huge US give-away.

“NATO Finds An Enemy  …And A Reason To Exist”   since it lost both of those causes with the collapse of the Soviet Union several decades ago.  NATO has been wandering in the wilderness of purposeless projects for so many years but now, thinking that it has something it can dig its teeth into, is rubbing its hands with glee at the thought and is once again making unfounded, aggressive and belligerent noises against Russia, the core element of its old foe.

“Kiev, Fountain Of All Lies”  based on the drivel that continues to pour out from that already discredited source, such as (these are not quotes, just summarisations) ‘Russia is shelling us from both sides of the border’, ‘Russia is amassing troops on our border’, ‘Russia has invaded us (with white trucks?)’, ‘Russia is reinforcing and arming the separatist rebels’.  None of which is supportable by anything remotely resembling a fact.

Taking all of these thoughts into account, No Lessons Learned, seems to be the most appropriate title I could come up with.

When is the US going to get tired of making bad foreign policy decisions?  Perhaps they don’t view them as bad.  Perhaps these acts actually support US foreign policy goals.

When is NATO going to realise that it has no enemy and, as Ron Paul has suggested, actually be disbanded?   Preferably before it antagonises someone, eg. Russia, into believing that they (NATO) are actually a real threat to peace and stability.

When is Kiev (current government, that is) going to realise that nobody, at least nobody who gives some thought to their pronouncements, finds them in any way credible?  When are they going to pay their gas bill?  When are they going to stop trying to annihilate their fellow countrymen in the East?

I can’t do justice to providing comprehensive answers to these questions, but Ilargi as usual makes a very good attempt at giving us some reasonable conclusions on at least some of them in one of his latest posts at The Automatic Earth, here.  It is worth reading, in my view.  As is his daily round-up and critique of news reportage.

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. Five Eyes Is Watching You Through The Prism

It happens every time

It happens every time I say that I am not going to be able to do something for some reason, something else comes up that makes it impossible not to do that thing.

Yesterday, in the previous post, I said I would probably not be posting here for a while due to work I am doing on my other blog site, Meanderings.  Well, I just can’t pass this new opportunity up, can I?

Who or what is the Five Eyes?

Ever heard of it/them?  Don’t worry if you haven’t.  I only came across the details today through my research activity.  It appears that the Five Eyes is a spy network, up to no good and involved in dirty, spooky intrusive surveillance, probably illegally as most spy networks are, and keeping their beady eyes on you and me.  For what purpose?  They would probably say it is for your and my safety because of all those nasty terrorists and untrustworthy foreign governments out there in the big bad world, whose only wish is to do us harm.  Hah! What a joke.  What they are really doing is keeping tabs on us and collecting all sorts of ‘private’ information about us whilst preparing for the imposition of a totalitarian police state or some sort of world government at some point in the future.  They want stuff that they can hold over us to keep us docile and compliant in their future new world order.  At least that is one interpretation of their motives and it is probably not too far from the truth.

The Five Eyes is an Alliance of nations secret surveillance agencies. So, who is in this alliance?  Would you be surprised if I told you that it emerged from a data sharing agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States after the end of World War 2.  Some time around 1960 that alliance  was expanded to include Canada and Australia.  More recently, sometime around 1980 I understand, the fifth ‘eye’ joined the group of four and that was New Zealand.

Notice anything about this group?  They are the only Anglophile nations on the planet and the only set of countries whose governments share the same or similar set of interests and goals.

Have they joined hands to operate outside the broader networks of NATO which is really now an alliance without an opposing enemy to guard against since the disintegration of the USSR, and the United Nations which has over time become a mostly irrelevant and toothlessly impotent force in world affairs?

The Five Eyes agreement of co-operation was a very secret one.  It appears that Australian Prime Ministers were not even made aware of its existence until 1973.

Maybe there was at one time a reason for legally applied covert intelligence gathering but we live in a different and closely connected world now.  That is not to say that we need a world government.  Not at all.  And no way do we need, whether for our own protection or for any other reason, our government agencies spying on their own citizens as has recently been revealed by that modern day hero Edward Snowden.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  The use of Prism software is a concern whether your activities are legitimate or not.  They could result in the sort of indefensible government activity as shown below in New Zealand around Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload business.  Where all of his assets and documents were violently and illegally stolen in a paramilitary police raid on his residence.  Shameful.  The same could happen to you, or me.



Personally I think that these governments are very afraid of their own people turning on them through insurrection and revolution over their intractable and corrupt policies that are leading the world to ruin and collapse.  They very likely need to be afraid.  The boiling point is not very far off.

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