Tomorrow Series

Here is the first sneak-peek trailer from the ABC TV series ‘Tomorrow When The War Began‘.

Photo credit: Unknown, from Tomorrow series Facebook page

It is difficult not to compare this to the 2010 Movie version and on this small sample I would say that is does not appear to have the dramatic weight to be big-screen stuff.  But then it is not meant to be that.  It does have the feel of an early-teen TV Series, which it is what it sets out to do.  So, on that basis, I think it will be good.
The movie was excellent.  The casting, acting, dramatic content, and overall polish, was first class.  One of the best Australian movies ever made, in my opinion.  I do hope that I will not be disappointed with the end result when this new series is released on ABC3 in April, because it is definitely a cracking story which could well play out in real life at some stage.  I really hope that this series will achieve strong success and awaken young minds to the very real dangers facing our country.  Because they will be the ones that need to stand up when the time comes.