Everything You Thought You Knew About MH17 Is Wrong

MH17. You know about MH17, right?  Yes, I know it was something that took place 5½ years ago as a publicity stunt for Western Russophobia, but…

What?  That wasn’t the picture you had in mind?  You thought it was some dirty trick by Russia or its agents?  You bought that story?  Well, gullible you.

Now the truth has come out – and not before time.  There was no BUK missile involved in any way with the bringing down of Malaysian Airline’s flight MH17 on 17 July 2014.  Leaked documents from Dutch military intelligence prove that.  And not only that.  The documents also prove that the Dutch led investigation team (from which Russia was excluded but Ukraine – where it happened – was not) knew that all image ‘evidence’ to the contrary was concocted and doctored by Australian Federal Police – as part of their job on the investigation ie. to prove that it was Russia ‘who dunnit’ – based on dodgy images found on social media.  The whole thing was a Western setup of their perceived enemy – a setup now revealed in all its grungy, low down, filth.

What will the world make of that?  Probably nothing.  

Does the world even care?  Probably not.

Will the world even hear about it?  Unlikely – unless people like you and me spread the word.  Which is why I am writing this.  I don’t much care.  I know what the truth is.  

No BUK?  Then, what? 

The only really possible cause of the crash, leaving aside any other fanciful ideas, is that what took down the airliner came from another aircraft in the vicinity at the time.

The only other aircraft known to be in that vicinity – evidence of which was already provided but ignored or denied – were two Ukrainian fighter jets.  Ukraine denied this of course but, even if their denial could be justified, it doesn’t alter the facts – simply opening the question (raised by myself at the time) of, well, who was flying them then?  US?  CIA?  Who knows?  Well, somebody does.

So, what happens now?  Four ‘suspects’ in the case, based on rigged evidence, come to trial in absentia next month.  Will that charade still go ahead?  All that is pretty much down to global public opinion – how the world reacts to this news.   The Russian line, given by Kremlin spokesman DmitryPeskov says – as reported by TASS below – “…he could not anticipate possible impacts of the new information on public opinion on the global arena. ‘I don’t know, we cannot say anything. Let us wait and see’.”

I have said previously that I will not let this story die until the truth is revealed.  There is a chance for that to happen now, so come on folks, spread this around some. We need to make corrupt Western government officials – like the gung-ho Australian Foreign Minister at the time, Julie Bishop – grovel on their knees and squirm in their britches in embarrassment over what they have done – not ignoring the potential criminal charges that could be laid at their door, instead of Russia’s.

“No Buk missile systems detected near MH17 crash zone — leaked document” – TASS
Kremlin says new data on MH17 crash in Ukraine demonstrates that Russia was right” – TASS
“Leaked Docs Point to No Buk Missile Systems Around MH17 Crash Area, Dutch Journo Reveals” – Sputnik
-of which the Sputnik article is perhaps the most detailed.

At this stage I think it is pertinent to reprise some of my earlier writings on the MH17 event.

This from 2 days after the crash: A New Age of Global Paranoia – thinking around the general global situation – still relevant today.

This from a week after the event: Reasonable Doubt – with evidence of the presence of Ukrainian fighters. The links are still valid except that my Facebook page no longer exists.

This from two weeks later: The Silence Has Been Deafening – again the link still work

This from just over a month post-event: Something To Talk About – Kunstler’s view

This from 2 months later: Could Be Embarrassing For Some – a good video and very telling account of the incident and the possibility of air attack by SU-25 aircraft.

None of this was ever mentioned as being given any consideration as evidence by the JIT. They had their pre-conceived story and their doctored evidence.

This from a little over a year later: No Holding Back – The MH17 Saga

I am personally finding it very distressing to go over all this again. Especially so with the passage of time. And it is of little comfort to find that my own unchanged views and those of the people who contributed to the growing evidence of governmental and so-called investigative corruption and cover-ups are being ratified now, all these years later.

This from September 2019: Final Word (I hope) On MH17 – definitive evidence of aerial attack rather than BUK attack in the MH17 case. Sadly it was not to be the final word.

There were many other posts that I wrote to cover this tragic event, perhaps the most recent of which was late last year: Kiev Deploys Buks – in which I say – “In one version of events it was a Buk system that brought down the Malaysian Airlines passenger flight MH17 in July of 2014, killing all 298 people on board.” – never accepting that as being the truth of the matter. Never having given up on the air attack evidence.

Now, it seems, that faith was justified. It only remains for it to be widely accepted – and acted upon.

I think – have vague recollections – that the title I have given to this piece may have been used by others in the past. I make no apologies for its reuse here. It seems to be the only appropriate one for the task.

The Dutch Incredibility Factor

“Dutch foreign minister’s speculations over plane crash in Iran impermissible — Zakharova” – TASS

“It goes without saying that I entirely agree with what the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says about the Dutch foreign minister’s ridiculous statements.  The Dutch government has lost all credibility over its obstinate handling of the MH17 affair to reach pre-conceived and illogical conclusions.  They have lost any authority they may have had to offer any sort of opinion of the recent Iran plane disaster.

I have to also say that I am very pleased that Iran is showing true backbone in its determination that the investigation will fully take place on Iranian territory, including the decoding of the damaged black boxes.  No Western nation is trustworthy enough to be allowed to carry out that process independently.  The MH17 fiasco has made that entirely clear.  

Kiev Deploys Buks

“Kiev deploys four Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Mariupol – DPR intelligence”

Ukrainian military forces have deployed four Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Mariupol in the country’s south, close to the borders of the Donetsk People’s Republic which broke away from Ukraine in 2014 following the Maidan incident and subsequent national unrest in Ukraine.

Remember MH17?

In one version of events it was a Buk system that brought down the Malaysian Airlines passenger flight MH17 in July of 2014, killing all 298 people on board.

The breakaway republic’s militia of course does not possess any such weapons.

Can you put 2 + 2 together to make 4 (as the saying goes)?

Remember MH17.   

No Holding Back – The MH17 Saga

This post inspired by:  Dutch media sue govt, demand it release full info on MH17 crash

So, Dutch media are having to take the drastic step of suing their own government over the failure to disclose the truth about the bringing down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 last year.

The case is said to be heard before the end of the year.  Much of the documentation that has already been released by the Dutch Government is so heavily redacted as to provide no useful information.  This of course has not stopped the British press from exclaiming, without any evidence, ‘So it WAS Putin?’ Fleet Street again twists MH17 coverage.   The evidence there is, and the reluctance to divulge further information is indicative that this was in fact not the case.

Photo: National day of mourning for the victims killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane disaster, in Schiphol © Cris Toala Olivares / Reuters

The reasons for the non-disclosure of evidence?  Well…
‘The Netherlands National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Dick Schoof, who released the documents after the request of the media companies, said that the disclosure of the documents that had not been made public could lead to deterioration of relations with “some countries and international organizations,” as well as damage the reputation of “some persons.” ‘

We all know who they are talking about, don’t we?  And it is not Russia.  And it is not Mr Putin.

If it were, there would have been no holding back of the information, would there?

Could Be Embarrassing For Some

Please watch and share this video as widely as possible. It records the real story of what happened to Malaysian Airline flight MH17, not the imaginary one that the world has been asked to believe by those actually responsible for the tragedy and those governments with vested interests in promoting those lies, as I have been strongly maintaining ever since the day it happened.

The video clearly shows that the aircraft was shot down by a military fighter aircraft and could not possibly have been brought down by a ground-to-air missile. Make your own judgement based on this evidence.

Poroshenko, Obama, Abbott, and others, prepare to have your lies exposed.

MH17 – The Untold Story

Something To Talk About

I just found something to talk about, but I think I will let Jim Kunstler do the talking for me.

We haven’t heard much at all in the news about Ukraine and what those nasty, interfering  Russians are doing there, and how NATO is standing ready to save the day, lately, have we?  There’s a good reason for that, and Jim Kunstler has expressed it quite admirably.

There is peril in building your story on lies, and that revolves around the truth eventually being brought to light.  Just as in the ‘Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction’ saga of falsehood which many rash western nations bought into a while ago.

By the way, the ‘barbarism’ part in the title of this fine Kunstler piece, in my opinion, is a reference to the work of ISIS/ISIL.  See the full version at kunstler.com (I have included just an extract here).  But the ‘stupidism’ in the title is pointedly and accurately directed at recent US foreign policy.

Jim Kunstler says: 

In my lifetime, the USA has not blundered into a more incoherent, feckless, and unfavorable foreign policy quandary than we see today.

The US-led campaign to tilt Ukraine to Euroland and NATO — and away from the Russian-led Eurasian Customs Union — turned an “intelligence” fiasco into a strategic humiliation for the Obama White House. Notice that the story has vamoosed utterly from the American media headlines, even when the Russian Engineers’ Union issued a report last week asserting that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was most likely shot down by 30mm cannon fire from Ukrainian military aircraft. The USA State Department didn’t deign to refute it because doing so would have drawn attention to the fact that it was the only plausible explanation for what happened.

Likewise, the campaign to paint Vladimir Putin as Stalin-in-a-judo-robe never really reached take-off velocity, since by all appearances he was the most rational and cool-headed actor on the geopolitical stage, following logical and long-established national interests. If the West had just left Ukraine alone, and allowed it to join the Eurasian Customs Union, that basket-case nation would have been Russia’s economic ward. Now the US and the EU have to support it with billions in loans that will never be paid back. Meanwhile, our European allies have been snookered into a set of economic and financial sanctions against Russia that guarantees they’ll be starved for oil and gas supplies in the winter months ahead. Smooth move.

So, the reason that all this has vanished from the news media is that it’s game-over in Ukraine. We busted it up, and can do more with it, and pretty soon the rump Ukraine region run out of Kiev will go crawling back to Russia begging for a little heating fuel.           read more

I will just add this link to the Russian Engineers’ Union report as mentioned by Kunstler.  The Automatic Earth also linked to this report and included a useful extract of part of the summary if you don’t wish to download the complete document.

Oh No! Those Nasty Russians Are Biting Back!

Oh, poor Australia.  Is nasty Russia biting back?  There, there.  This is not, I’m afraid, something that mummy can fix.  Serve us right.  Life is not a one way street and if you want to play with the big boys you have to have a big game to bring.  And that is something that little Australia just does not have.

Our stupid government should have kept its mouth shut instead of groundlessly blaming Russia for MH17.  Something which, along with our media and even the ABC which I find incredulous, it blindly continues to do.  We fell for (well the govt and media did, as well as a fair proportion of the uninformed population I suspect) the outright lies and deception of the US leadership along with the gutless nobodies who lead the EU and their jointly owned attack dog, NATO.  Even when it has been proven that the missile, if there was one (and that does not altogether fit the evidence on the ground), could physically only have come from Ukrainian military held territory.  See: Some Facts On Flight MH17Somehow, this information needs to get to the media.

So, Australia has, as a nation, lost some $400 million worth of food exports over the next year as a result of Russian sanctions aimed at those nations who jumped on the US/EU bandwagon.  Meanwhile New Zealand (who did not indulge in the same speculative rhetoric) will be cashing in by selling more cheese to Russia, and Brazil will be able to send them more beef.  As Mr Putin has said, this will also be an opportunity for Russian farmers to increase their own farming produce output to fill any shortfall in imports.  A very sound policy and something that perhaps they should have been doing all along.

Now our stupidly fearless leaders, including The Short’un (ALP Bill, that is), taken aback by the Russian move, have the audacity to say ‘who are the Russians to inflict sanctions on us?’ and ‘We’ll get them back through the WTO’.  What blind fools they are.

Meanwhile again, Europe has nothing to lose, well almost literally next to nothing, from moving closer to pushing Russia into yet another European conflict in order to cover up their own hopeless economic situation.

I just read this morning this article by Ilargi of The Automatic Earth and I must share here a quote from that piece which I see as being the most concise and accurate version of the truth of what happened in Ukraine over the last few months that I have so far seen.

“…let’s see what, again, do we know for sure so far, what we can prove?  Here’s what:

The EU and US instigated, financed and supported the Maidan movement, installed their very own handpicked government in Kiev, established an army aimed at eradicating all signs of discontent among Russian speaking Ukrainians in east Ukraine, with crucial parts played by CIA, Blackwater and various other mercenaries, blamed Putin for the downing of a plane without providing any evidence whatsoever of his involvement, announced a second series of economic sanctions on Russia, and then claim Russia has no reasons at all to announce its own set of counter sanctions.

It would be funny if it weren’t so out there.”

Ilargi appears to like long sentences just as much as  I do.

This is virtually the same expression of ideas as I have been saying recently, except that I was only following developments with a mild curiosity up until the MH17 incident when I began to see the injustice and deceit being promoted by the West and indeed championed by Australian leaders and media.

It is now clear to me that the ‘EU and US instigated, financed and supported’ Maidan protest movement is the self-same force, now backed by the Ukrainian military (whose ministerial control they share with the new government), that is now seeking to destroy and eradicate the ethnic Russian population in the East.  Once you have seen that connection, and it has fully registered with you, then everything else falls neatly into place. The instigators, the backers, the objectives, and the motives, are revealed.

The Russian speaking separatists are not the murdering criminals being portrayed by Western media.  They are an ethnic minority fighting for their lives and homes against the real murdering criminals.  President Putin would be entirely justified in sending his military might to defend these peoples rights.  Maybe he should have done that a long time ago but he is a master strategist so I expect he will play his hand at just the right time.  Since Obama shows all the signs of being afraid of Putin, nothing much would happen to stop such action, except some EU nations might get a bit uppity and need to be put in their place.

No nation has ever successfully pitted itself against Russian might.  Germany should remember that they are still 2-0 down on that score from the previous century.  France may need to think back to what occurred just over two centuries ago.  Australia, as a player remote from and irrelevant to such a stoush, should just keep schtumm.


Afterword:  I seem to be writing quite a lot about events centered in a little known and far off place situated at a critical point between two or perhaps three different cultural groupings on the world’s largest contiguous land mass.  A place that I may have flown over once or twice, but to which I have never visited.

My reasons for dwelling on this area are that I feel that it may hold the key to momentous changes to the lives of all of us over the coming months or years.

Could it be that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of globalisation?  Where nations begin to look internally to their own stability and sustainability (ugh! hate that word).

Could it be that we are witnessing the initial phases of the final war to end all possibility of future wars?

Could it be that we are witnessing the point in history when nations start to turn to cooperation rather than confrontation?

Could this year, 2014, be the year that everything changes, for better or worse?

The Silence Has Been Deafening

I have made some fairly pointed statements, both here and on my Facebook page, in the last month or so about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 affair but I haven’t said much about this over the last few days.

That doesn’t mean that my previously stated views have changed in any way.  I have just been waiting for those sources who were quick off the mark ( Obama, Abbott & Co., any of the EU leaders, etc.) to pile blame for the tragedy on Russia and/or the Russian speaking Ukrainian separatists in the East of that country, to produce any shred of evidence to support their claims.

The silence has been deafening.  The lies and innuendo have continued of course, quietly, just to keep the pretense going in order to support the imposition of sanctions on Russia for which there is no justifiable basis.  There are other reasons for the sanctions, many of which I have spoken of earlier.

There have been developments though, which entirely back up my assertions that it was the Ukrainian government (or some of their wild-card supporters, perhaps even US supplied mercenaries or ‘military advisers’).  I am speaking of this report: Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts: White House vs. Intelligence Community? for example which was re-posted yesterday on the website of Republican and US ex-Congressman Ron Paul.  The report pits the research of some prominent US Intelligence Analysts against the Obama reported position and basically says the same things I have been saying all along.

I will wait for denials but I doubt there will be any carrying any credence.

Further, Ron Paul is also personally saying ‘Why Won’t Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?’. You can find the full text of this piece also on the Ron Paul Institute website if you don’t trust the reporting from Russia Today.  I personally find this to be quite a useful alternate information source.  OK, I know, Ron Paul would say things like he does in that article wouldn’t he, being on the other side of politics to the current White House incumbent?  But some things can be thought of as transcending opposing political ideologies.

My view remains, fortified by this new information, that the innocents on MH17 died needlessly for Western greed for resources and continued expansionism of US influence.

Added after publication:

Still confused about who shot down MH17? Here’s a very interesting read:  What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine? . Maybe, just maybe, I can withdraw my conjecture about direct intervention by CIA or other US ‘advisers’ in this despicable act, though their presence and influence is indubitably real.

It becomes clearer that the US does have satellite evidence of what occurred but it makes sense as to why this has not been publicised. The reason is because it fingers the Ukrainian military, the forces controlled by the US installed puppet government in May. More specifically by government ministries that through power sharing are headed by right wing militias known to have collaborated with the Nazi SS in WW2 and whose stated aim is to annihilate the Russian ethnic population of Eastern Ukraine.

Now that does make sense and also accounts for the renewed and frenetic military offensive being conducted by Ukraine government forces to impede and prevent the work of international investigators from proceeding and to destroy the crash site.

Reasonable Doubt

Like many of my blog posts, I got the idea and inspiration for this one from another source.  This one came from reading a post on TAE by Ilargi, himself a Dutch national, and therefore touched by the MH17 incident: The Day God Looked Away.

What follows is a copy of something I just posted on my Facebook page.

Reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt should be a starting position on any news event. Reasonable doubt should be maintained until verifiable proof is offered.

It appears that is not a position that PM Tony Abbott and FM Julie Bishop even considered over the MH17 affair. Their latest edict “After the crime comes the cover-up” sums it up. What crime? What cover-up? It appears they may soon have large quantities of egg on their faces.

If there is a crime, then there is growing evidence that it is more likely to be a ‘False Flag’ operation on the part of the US and its puppet government in Kiev to mislead the world as to the true nature of this tragedy than it would be to assume that the DPR fighters are responsible. If there is a cover-up, then it is likely to be wholly down to those same ‘False Flag’ operators and their dirty tricks department, the CIA than to the DPR or their backers, the Russians.  The question is, who is being open about this and who is misleading?

You will not read or view any of what follows in the mainstream western media. Could that be the crime? Could that be the cover-up?

The US has pictures. Where are they? There was a US satellite over the area at the time but no pictures have been made public.  The Russians have pictures. They have revealed them fully, as reported here: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-21/russia-says-has-photos-ukraine-deploying-buk-missiles-east-rader-proof-warplanes-mh1

The separatist fighters of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) shot MH17 down using a BUK missile system, is the story. There is no proof of this, but ample evidence against it being likely. The DPR militia has two captured BUK systems, both reported broken, and they have no training in their use anyway.

Who else could have done this? Ukraine has 60 Buk Missile systems with trained operators, and they moved several of them into Eastern Ukraine, within range, on the day of the tragedy, July 17. They also moved them out of that area next day. Russia has supplied aerial photographs to prove this. Also, why does Ukraine cover the conflict zone with anti-aircraft defences? DPR has no military aircraft.

Was it really a missile that brought the plane down? Could it have been a military aircraft? Ukraine has stated that it had no military aircraft available that day. Not true. The Russians have supplied Flight Control radar covering the lead-up to and disappearing of MH17. (see the link above) This shows a Ukrainian SU25 fighter jet approach MH17 at the time of its disappearance from radar and the fighter can be seen as remaining in the area afterwards. Is that proof? I can’t say. I am no expert. But it says to me ‘openness’ not ‘cover-up’.

If the separatists are innocent, why keep the crash area closed for so long? They provided limited access to the press and the closest thing to investigators on arrival, but the official Malaysian and Dutch investigating teams only arrived today, the same day as the UN Security Council resolution was issued, and the separatists have now moved out of the way, providing a cease fire zone as requested and free access to investigators. They have even taken great care of the bodies of victims and sent them on their way to Amsterdam. What more could have been expected? Again, those are not the actions of criminals or an attempt to cover up a crime. On the contrary.

Why is the West, or certain elements therein (most European governments, including the Dutch, are remaining quite calm and impartial about this), so intent on blaming the DPR, labelling them as criminals, rebels, evil, along with their mentors, the Russians? What would they (Western powers) have to gain? How far would they go to distort the truth? Well, if you need me to spell that out to you, then you have not been paying enough attention to world affairs and it is not worth my while to explain it to you. Just keep Tweeting and watching X-Factor or whatever your media drug of choice is.

I hope the truth of this affair eventually is revealed. If it is, and that is a big ‘IF’, I think most people will be surprised. It will be no surprise to me.

A New Age of Global Paranoia

In the first weeks of this year of 2014 I became aware of a feeling that this was to be no ordinary time for the world we inhabit, the nations we live in, and the global civilisation of which we are all part.  I blogged about that thought at the time here: 2014, The Year Everything Changes.

Nothing that has occurred, between the time of writing that blog post and now, has given me any cause to doubt or change my mind at all about what I said there.  On the contrary, while at the time I had no explicit thoughts as to what way or in what shape the unfolding months would progress, many events this year, changing conditions, and rising influences, have tended to only strengthen the feelings I had. Not least the recent shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, which has the potential to critically alter the way of life for all of us.  I may elucidate on this towards the end of the year.  To do so now would detract from what I want to say in this post.

The title of this post, ‘A New Age of Global Paranoia’, I can not claim as my own work.  It is a thought borrowed from a fine article addressing this issue at the AlterNet website here: The New Age of Global Paranoia: Russia, Ukraine and Plane Crash.  I will remark on this article in due course but first I want to make a few general comments of my own about the current situation.

It is wrong, very wrong, for the leaders (the PM, Foreign Minister) of my nation, Australia, and others (US President especially) to pronounce blame and culpability for the tragic downing of flight MH17 on Russia and President Putin.  It is both blinkered and shortsighted thinking on the part of these leaders, or perhaps premeditated obfuscation of true intent, to do so. 

It is even unjustifiable to blame the Ukrainian separatist rebels who may, and it is only may at this stage, have fired the weapon that brought the aircraft down.  Leave aside the premise that whoever did it, it may have been an unfortunate but unintentional mistake made in the confusion of a conflict zone.  The chances of the event occurring as a deliberate criminal act are so minute as to be discarded as trivial, not fan-fared as an accusatory external response to the event.

The Americans always have a very short memory when it comes to their own shortcomings but are quick to jump on those of other nations.  How many Americans I wonder remember that they deliberately shot down a commercial passenger jet, Iran Air Flight 655, back in July of 1988 after supposedly mistaking it for an Iranian fighter aircraft.  Of course, Russia (at the time USSR), Ukraine, Israel, and an unknown perpetrator, have all previously caused similar tragedies.  The recent event is therefore not unprecedented.  This does not include destruction of passenger aircraft from on-board bomb packages.  Of which there have been several, perhaps most notably Lockerbie.

If blame for this tragedy is to be judiciously and fairly apportioned, it must possess a reach much wider than the local theatre of conflict.  After all, Russia is only looking after its own interests and protecting its own back yard by assisting, if they are actually assisting with the supply of sophisticated armaments to the Russian speaking Ukrainian rebels, just as every other nation, including and perhaps especially as the US does, when it suits them.

The separatists themselves are only seeking to exercise their right to self-determination in a country they see as sidelining their personal interests. These are not bad people and they are certainly not criminals.  At least they are no worse than those they are in conflict with and those who are really responsible for bringing about this whole situation in Ukraine. By that I mean NATO and the European Union, which inevitably means the US also, all of whom have broken an agreement with Russia (though some dispute this ever existed, it certainly does in Russian eyes) to steer clear of involvement in Russia’s sphere of influence (ie. to not move further East), which includes Ukraine, in return for agreeing to the re-unification of Germany late last century.

NATO, the EU and the US have for a while been pushing for just this sort of conflagration both overtly and covertly by seeking to annexe Ukraine to the West. It is little wonder that Russia and the many Russian speaking Ukrainians are objecting to this sort of action.

The blame net, if it is to be cast at all, needs to be cast even wider than this.  It is not only politicians, world leaders and governments of all persuasions that are trawled into this net.  They are only (supposedly) largely reflecting the thoughts and wishes of society in general. Society itself therefore must take its share.

You and I, and even (dare I say) the victims of MH17 (the adults at least) must take a share of responsibility as complicit members of the current crumbling, sick, global civilisation that has turned this world into the paranoid state it has become today.  A world of greed, conflict, and global paranoia as described in the excellent article from AlterNet that I cited earlier.  We are all jointly responsible, to a greater or lesser degree, for everything that happens both now, locally and globally, and into the future.

So I say to world leaders, back off from blaming Russia for this, or you could plunge us into something that will not be easily remedied.

Please read the AlterNet article.  It carries some useful insights.

Perhaps the most prominent idea that arises from this article is the actual and growing feeling of paranoia prevalent in the world today.  It is something that can be felt.  Maybe not explained but certainly felt.  Except of course by those who are so wrapped up in their own little sphere of existence that they hardly recognise or acknowledge anything outside of it.

People do not feel safe today.  For any number of reasons or for perhaps no reason at all that they are able to verbalise and formulate a clear image of.  I see this as a visceral recognition that something is wrong.  Something is going on that they cannot as yet get a handle on.  Something that breeds fear for the future such that it can only be dealt with by immersing the self in the trivialities of the present but knowing that it cannot be, will not be, ignored for ever.  A fear that can be dulled by an infusion of media distractions, consumerism, or worse still – drugs, or can be avoided altogether by suicide.  That is why these things are so prevalent these days.  That is why it has been so easy for controlling powers to surreptitiously install curbs on freedoms long held in less stressful times.  That is why immune systems have been able to be de-sensitised by the introduction of food substitutes and additives.  That is why pharmaceutical companies have been able to enslave folk to dependence on their sensibility numbing and behaviour controlling/inducing wares.

I know exactly what is going on.  We are living through the decline and collapse of everything we have come to know and enjoy as part of the modern global civilisation, and just like all previous such declines, and yes there have been many, and no this time is no different, it is a time of confusion, despair, posturing, over-reaction, violence and conflict on many levels.  What is needed to stem the fear and harness the efforts of all, is acceptance of the situation, a willingness to let go of the past and all of its binding principles, and the courage to prepare for changed times.

The conditions, actions, incidents, controversy and confusion that we see now, reflect the current state of the melting pot of civilisational decay.

Here’s how Andrew Leonard, the author, explains the phenomena:

“An already anxious world is sure to get more jittery. We’ve seen what happens after previous shocks to the global nervous system.  9/11 changed the psychology of a nation — changed our laws, the way we travel, the way our government spies on its citizens. We didn’t feel safe, so we became paranoid, with lasting effect.”


The destruction (of MH17) …will further stoke close-to-the-breaking-point paranoia.   Adding a fully invigorated neo-Cold-War showdown to American anxieties about terrorism could further inflame nationalist fevers on both sides of the Atlantic.  We gasp, because our world just lurched again, and the only thing we can be sure of is that there are more lurches to come.

He concludes…

Remember the end of history (referring to a 1992 book by Francis Fukuyama)?   The triumph of capitalist liberal democracies over the failed socialist experiment?   The deeper we get into the 21st century the more insecure that supposed victory feels.   A more terrified world is a world that justifies more surveillance, more hatred towards the alien other, more controls on movement and association.

History doesn’t end.   It staggers forward, fitfully, like a drunk bully.   And maybe that explains the sick feeling that accompanied the news from Ukraine.   Three hundred innocent people dying is horror enough.   The certainty that the consequences of this event will lead us places we don’t want to go is even worse.

Whether we like it or not, we are headed to places and events that we can exert little control over.  What we can do is to make that process as peaceful and ultimately fruitful as possible by our reactions to events as they unfold.  The present day reactions of current world leaders do not lend much hope to this possibility.  It is up to you and I.