Stirring Recep’s Recipe For Madness

I like Zero Hedge.  I especially like Zero Hedge when he is talking about real stuff and not just wallowing through the mire of financial collapse (well, that is what it looks like to me), important as that is.  It gets a little boring waiting for the world of national economies to go belly up, especially since no-one seems to be helping that along any and the major players desperately paddling against the current to keep the thing afloat as long as possible.  Just when will the last straw that may be grasped at float along towards the sea of flailing hands?  Maybe it already has.

So, it is nice, for want of a better word just before bedtime, to see talk about real stuff. And there is nothing more real just now than watching the deranged President of Turkey gradually and completely lose his mind over Syria and the Kurds.

© Yannis BehrakisPhoto credit: © Yannis Behrakis / Reuters  

The situation holds a very special note of interest because it is the most likely crisis to open the door to global warfare which must, sooner or later, erupt across one or more of the borders between the current tag-team, no holds barred, mud-wrestling match going on in the Levant  between around 40 different nations and groups already.

One act by a deranged madman, which Recep Tayyip Erdogan is rapidly turning into, accidentally or not, with intention or not, will be enough, more than enough, to kindle the flame that will ignite World War III.

Read about it at Zero Hedge here: A Furious Turkey Says US Is “Acting Like An Enemy,” Demands Washington Brand Kurds “Terrorists”…and at Russia Today here: ‘No ifs and buts’: Turkey demands US support against ‘Kurdish terrorists’

Putting it all in context, here is a grab form the Zero Hedge article:

“The problem for Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar is optics. That is, everything anyone does in Syria has to be justified by an imaginary “war on terror.” Turkey can’t say it’s intervening to keep the rebels from being defeated by the Russians, and similarly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France and everyone else needs to preserve the narrative and pretend as though this all doesn’t boil down to the West and the Sunnis versus the Russians and the Shiites.”

…and, from Russia Today, pinpointing exactly the flash-point I am talking about.  Or one of them:

“On Friday however Washington rejected a Russian draft resolution which condemned any plans for foreign military intervention in Syria. Russia’s latest concerns are related to a dangerous escalation on the Syrian Turkish border amid Ankara’s alleged plans to put boots on the ground in northern Syria, which Damascus has called a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.”

Just as a footnote, here is another Zero Hedge article which contains a map showing Russian air strikes in Syria during February so far.  While a great deal can be read from this, in fairness it does show that the Russians are speaking the truth (as I always knew they were) about their not just bombing the moderate terrorists (aka the moderate rebels aided by the US) that are fighting Assad’s legitimate Syrian regime.  Like the Russians say, there is no such thing as a moderate rebel.  They are all terrorists and need to be blown to bits.  And if a few clandestine American advisers get blown to bits with them, well, tough titties.

In addition, the map shows (I will display it here for convenience…) ISW:

…very clearly that Turkey does not have much room to invade Syria or to prevent their trade in illicit oil from ISIS from being cut off entirely.  Nor from preventing the Kurds from setting up a separate Kurdish state on their southern border.

Interesting.  But still very dangerous for all of us.  Keep an eye open for flash-points.

“There’s No Understanding Anything Without A Grasp Of Its History”

“There’s no understanding anything without a grasp of its history—which, of course, is the American failing over and over again.”

The above is a quote by interviewer in this piece:  “Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”: A veteran CIA agent spills the goods on the Deep State and our foreign policy nightmares After almost 30 years in the CIA, Ray McGovern became a truth-teller. He sits down with Salon for a long debriefing

KERRYBarack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, John Kerry (Credit: AP/Reuters/Evan Vucci/Alexei Druzhinin/Remy de la Mauviniere/Kathy Willens)

This is a deep and insightful exchange which I recommend to anyone who wishes to know more about the world they live in and who pulls the strings that cause the events that we see happening around us.  You need to be aware of this stuff …and it’s pretty much right up to date.

Follow The Arrows To Find Gold

Who fights who in Syria?

Image credit:  Not sure who owns this.  I got it from the TAE Facebook page


What do you see there?  Hmmmm…

So, what’s this thing between ISIS and the Israeli Air Force?

It seems that ISIS is fighting everybody except the Israeli Air Force.

It seems that everybody is fighting ISIS except the Israeli Air Force.

What sort of scam have they got going on between them?

And… Have you noticed?

It seems that the US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition (of which Australia is part), is only fighting ISIS, and the only party interested in fighting the US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition is ISIS itself.  In fairness to ISIS, I think the US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition should just go home and tend to their own business.  There are already more than enough parties involved in this little shindig.

Also… Have you noticed?

The Israeli Air Force should just go home because they are not really part of the whole thing, just acting out their own side-show affair against their everyday, common or garden, foes.

With those two parties removed, that would even things up a bit, make the conflict a little less complex, and it might just get somewhere.

By the way.  Did you spot the deliberate mistake?  There is an arrow which purports that Turkey is fighting ISIS, when nothing could be further from the truth.  They are business partners, in the oil trade 🙂

On second thoughts…  Nah!  Leave the arrow there.  Removing it would negate one of my earlier statements.  Let everybody keep thinking that Turkey is just one of the Team.

What’s With This Zika Thing?

The Zika virus has been around for quite some time (years) now, and it has not posed a major problem in the past.  So why now?  Something more is going on.  Something very sinister.

I believe I outlined the likely problem in a Facebook post a few hours ago, based on this and this where I said:

Yet another of Monsanto’s crimes against humanity is revealed in the larvicide Pyriproxyfen introduced into water supplies in the Zika affected areas (where microcephaly has occurred) 18 months ago.  How long will the world tolerate this evil organisation?  So the Zika virus scare may be just a scam. 

But this does not tell the whole story.  Why is this sort of thing allowed to occur?

The recent, and some may say ongoing, Ebola scare was similarly part of the same thing.  But it is not limited to disease.  ISIS is part of the same thing.  Terrorism in general is part of the same thing.  The demonisation of Russia is part of the same thing.  The fear of Islam as a concept is part of the same thing.  Blaming China for cyber attacks is part of the same thing.  The erosion of personal liberties is part of the same thing.  The two party idea of democracy is part of the same thing (fear of the other side, the illusion of choice).  The surge of ‘special forces’ (can’t trust your own soldiers) is part of the same thing.  The militarisation of Police Forces is part of the same thing.  The burgeoning levels of incarceration in prisons is part of the same thing.  The destruction of cohesion within society and the transfer of wealth to elites and consequent impoverishment of the rest is part of the same thing.

It is called FEAR.

Zika is just another link in the chain of fear that is being spread around the world – terrorism, disease, other people or nations, the unknown, are all links in that chain.  It is all aimed at making the people of the world more and more dependent on The Powers That Be (TPTB).  It is to make us look to them as a refuge, a caring parent, the only safe sanctuary and source of help in a crazed world.  To bring about a dependency tantamount to servitude, and eventually, slavery.

That is what this is all about.  Don’t be fooled.

With the media and politicians in their pocket, TPTB are well on the road to achieving their goals of world dominance.

They can only win with your and my compliance and acquiescence to their reign of fear.


It’s all about the oil. It’s always all about the oil.

As I often say, “It’s all about the oil. It’s always all about the oil.”

Turkey’s president Erdogan may protest that he and his country are not involved in illegal oil trade with ISIS (and as a consequence are also looking after ISIS interests and funding them), but Russia has provided proof that this trade is going on and is why they are making this a major part of their thrust in the war against ISIS.

This is of course why Turkey shot down the Russian military aircraft recently.

Image: The routes of alleged oil smuggling from Syria and Iraq to Turkey ©


Too Much Turkish Delight


It is often exceedingly difficult to cut through the sugary coating surrounding the reporting of events that ever more frequently (and there is a reason for that) take place around our troubled world.  Basically, before you sink your teeth into the Turkish Delight that the mainstream news media presents to us, you need to take it apart, dissect it, and separate out the truth from the fiction.  In the latest case, involving Turkey and Russia, those touchy traitorous Turks who cooked up the recipe should not be trusted at all (and not only because they are associated with NATO, though that by itself would be enough reason).  This delicacy contains hidden ingredients (and agendas) and some of them are anything but sweet or savoury.

This article by Juan Cole from Informed Comment (and this and this and this) give many reasons why Turkey is in league with and supporting ISIS, and therefore, by association, so is the US, NATO, the EU and all their western allies, all of whom are responsible for creating and sustaining that particularly unpalatable bunch of cutthroats and murderers while pretending and loudly proclaiming, through song and dance, to be trying to rid the world of them.

This complete Vaudeville farce is entirely (well mainly, and I will complete the picture shortly) of course, to do with the oil that ISIS now controls.  It is always about the oil.  I don’t hear anyone asking  “who is buying the ISIS oil?”   Well the answer is here (in these articles), and it is clear.  So, what caused the upset?  That is also very clear.  This matter only came to a head after Russia concentrated its efforts to blow up the oil tankers to cut off the money supply from this trade to ISIS, and by doing so, the supply also of oil to Turkey (and probably to some of its mates as well) .  The US is making a big deal of how they will now start to destroy the oil tankers as well (or will pretend to do that, with I suspect the same level of success as they have had in their other endeavors to stop ISIS so far).  Why, I wonder, have they only thought of doing this just now?

So, if oil is the main hidden ingredient, what is the rest?   The suppression of Russia, the biggest threat, impediment, or block, to the goals of the West (well, just the US really) – complete control of world affairs.

What these article say (which you will not read or hear about from mainstream news media) is very useful information to know, since it provides background information as to why Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft the other day.  An aircraft which was arguably never violating, or perhaps at most was only marginally violating for the very briefest of time, Turkish airspace. This action is especially hypocritical while Turkey violates Greek airspace at least 40 times every day.

The Russians are being commendably accommodating (at least on the surface) of this hot-headed action by the Turks, because they know that it is just a small part of the whole picture and the bigger picture is the one that matters. They also know that they can easily cripple the Turkish economy, which is very reliant on Russian trade, if they want to, without having to resort to the same sort of violence, which would be in nobody’s interests.

You can guess who is behind it all of course.  As usual, it is the Americans, with their devilish CIA operated schemes, lurking behind the scenes and fomenting trouble wherever it might possibly benefit their agenda to achieve world domination.

Careful Who You Piss Off

Be careful who you piss off.  Unless, of course, you are a brainless jihadi who doesn’t give a shit about anything.

OK.  You can piss the Americans off, and they will react by randomly bombing a few inconsequential buildings, killing more civilians than jihadis, but without any real plan to deal with you properly which would not be in their best interests or aims anyway.

You can piss the Europeans off, and they will side with the Americans. They will Huff ‘n’ Puff a bit until the news moves on, but ultimately achieve the same results.


But if you start messing with the Russians and now the Chinese (hot news ), you have started on the slippery slope to oblivion, where you will get “wasted …in the outhouse” (Putin).  They won’t mess about like the West.  They have no other agenda in the Middle East.

I think ISIS is done for …and the US will have to look to start another war scenario somewhere else so it can sell its armaments to prop up its shaky economy.

Game Changer

Vladimir Putin – the necessary catalyst for defeating ISIS.


So far, the US, NATO and their allies have only been playing the game. Using mainly rhetoric and having no real interest in inflicting defeat on these monsters.  It is all about the oil of course.  It always is.  Always will be, at least for the short time that is left for us to keep drilling.

Well, now, the picture has changed.  Thanks to Vlad.

This post inspired by: BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

A little off-topic but this YouTube video adequately demonstrates how ‘right’ Mr Putin is, and how ‘wrong’ the Western projected image of him is.  Somehow, that image has to be corrected and Russia’s rightful place in world affairs established.  Otherwise we face the dire prospect of becoming a US dominated prison planet, living under a totalitarian regime. That is the known and stated aim of the United States – World Domination. You only have to look at the situation in their own backyard to see that as plain as day. Would you want to live there?

Guilt By Association

“To honor the dead, we need to look inside ourselves, and inside the societies we live in. And only when we’ve found, and eradicated, those things that make both us, and our communities, ‘guilty by association’ -for lack of a better term-, will we have paid proper respect to those who lost their lives.” – Ilargi – The Automatic Earth

Well said Ilargi, and all of the rest that you have written in this post at The Automatic Earth.


It is not the terrorists that are responsible for the world’s tragedies of violence, mayhem and destruction.  They (ISIS and others) are merely symptoms of the problem.

It is us, everyone, who are to blame.

After all, who created ISIS (apart from the US of course, who were directly involved in that act and were largely responsible for arming them (whether through common stupidity or by design, I cannot say)), and also many other groups that oppose ‘Western’ ideals?  It was all of us, indirectly, through our lifestyles and our society based on greed and manipulation.  We need to look inward, not outward, for the answer.

Good Help Is Hard To Find These Days

“According to Iraqi MPs familiar with the situation, Prime Minister Hayder Abadi is “under tremendous pressure” to formally request military aid against ISIS from the Russian Federation, despite US threats to end all aid to the government if they do so.”

Well their current ‘help’ isn’t exactly being of much assistance, is it?

At least they can see that Russian actions in Syria are being effective.  But then, Syria still has an army capable of taking advantage of the assistance Russia is providing.  I’m not at all sure that the US trained Iraqi army has that capacity.  If I were the Russians I wouldn’t even consider going there.  Well, not unless someone provides decent foot soldiers, and Iraq is a little short of friends in the region.  At least ‘friends’ who are not just there to promote their own agenda.

This post inspired by: Iraqi PM Under ‘Tremendous Pressure’ to Ask Russia for Help Against ISIS