Starting Over

Starting from today, I am going to repeat all (or most) of my Facebook posts here, as is.  Simply because it takes far too long to build fancy blog posts, the things I want to say on both platforms are pretty much the same, I rely on my Facebook newsfeed for inspiration and ideas, and, this will hopefully open and broaden the audience for my viewpoint and the things that make me tick.

Sometimes I despair, although I will never admit to that (Oops, I just did), that I am wasting my time in writing this stuff.  Even though I do use it as a form of self-medication and therapy.  It may be all that is keeping me sane.  I am a sensitive soul.  I feel all of the sorrow and pain of the world, but I take great care that I do not own nor take upon myself any of that which plagues and debilitates so many other people.  I have learned detachment, thankfully, and that, I believe, gives me a more balanced, open and unique viewpoint of what is going on in this world.  I have no axe to grind, no alignments, and therefore no bias, yet I am unafraid of pointing out the bad and downright evil in others as I see it.  It is my hope that I can remain outspoken and retain the right to do that for a long time to come.

So, watch out.  There will be a lot more Not Something Else coming your way in the days ahead.  It will not be fancy writing but it will always, or mostly (sometimes I have ideas of my own), be linked to a news article or image within the current world of news and current affairs.  Often before much of the rest of the world knows about it.

Shadow Government …Why?

A Short Post, Designed To Get You Thinking

Why do we even need to invent a term like ‘Shadow Government‘?

Words are used to convey ideas.  While ideas can describe abstractions, practical words like ‘shadow’ and ‘government’ do not describe an abstraction.  Someone, somewhere, put these two words together to describe something they had seen.

So, I repeat…  Shadow Government, why?

Question Everything.

Keeping ones finger on the pulse may not be a pleasant experience, but it is better than burying ones head in the sand.




On Incite and Insight

I enjoy writing. More than I ever thought that I would or would ever be capable of.  In my schooldays I would struggle to put together even a one page essay. Thoughts on subjects that I had little or no interest in, just would not flow.  Now, when a subject of interest comes to me, I can find so much to say that it is difficult to limit the thoughts and put them in some sort of meaningful order.  Thinking about that, I suppose nothing much has changed because I only tend to write (or read, or talk, for that matter) about things that are personally interesting.

Words have always been of importance to me but I think that it was the requirement during the latter part of my working life that I produce technical manuals, user manuals and the like, to describe computer systems that I was working on that brought home to me the need for and importance of carefully structured and appropriately worded text. I think that was when I began to see that I had some sort of flair, in a small way, for writing.

The world of blogging has opened up for me a whole new sphere of expression and I feel some confidence (not overwhelming confidence) that I am able to put together entertaining and cogent ideas.  From time to time I look back over my efforts and realise that they do not always adequately convey the intentional ideas that I was trying to put forward even though I tend to agonise at length over their presentation before pressing the Publish or Post button on my computer.

I was doing this late last night and suddenly realised with some dismay and not a little embarrassment that I have been using a word incorrectly on a number of occasions without giving it any (or sufficient) serious thought.

English is a marvellous language, constructed in times ancient and modern from many local and other sources through invasion of the British Isles and various other cultural mixes.  It contains words which are similarly spelt but have quite different meanings depending only on context.  It also contains words that are not spelled in the same way, being from different roots, but are pronounced in precisely similar ways.

The two words that fall under the latter description and which I have been guilty of inadvertently misusing are:  incite and insight.

Incite is a verb with the meaning of to move to action, stir up or urge on, while insight is a noun meaning the clear or deep perception of a situation.  I tend to use the adverbial ‘inciteful’ when what I really mean is the adjectival ‘insightful’.  My use of the word inciteful in several of my posts conveys valid meaning but not necessarily the intended one.

Anyway, after tossing these ideas over in my head through a restless night’s sleep, I decided to clear the air by ‘fessing up in this little piece.  Hopefully that will be the end of it.

I suppose that not many people will have even noticed my previous blunders.  Mostly because not that many folk read my work but also, more sadly, because not many people would care or even recognise the possibility of there having been an error made or perhaps a non-intentional duplicity of meaning.

Speech, writing, even words themselves, are among the greatest achievements of human beings during their development on this planet.  The fact that our use of language today is slipping into an incoherent, sloppy, shorthand, limited subset of what was once a magnificent edifice to our crowning achievement, is just one more example of how our civilisation is rolling steadily downhill to eventual oblivion where in just a few short generations we will revert to little more than grunting apes living in caves and with no memory of our glorious past.  And the cycle of life will continue on.

Now that’s insight.