“Going Full Whig” – Kunstler’s Bombshell

It was around midnight when I penned my previous post on Jim Kunstler’s latest article – : Going Full Whig yesterday.  It may not be surprising therefore, that I did not possess the mental acuity at that late hour to fully take in what he was saying. So, here I am, back again, less than seven hours later, having spent a restless night mulling over the words I remember from that piece, taking a second bite of the cherry to try to explain the momentous ideas unleashed by him that may also have passed the casual reader by.

I take you to the last paragraph of Going Full Whig.  Having just suggested that Donald Trump will never be permitted to hold the Republican Party nomination for President and that the party will destroy itself before allowing that to happen and/or engineer the demise of said Donald some time before the election in November through the auspices of the Deep State, Kunstler goes on to say this:

“Or perhaps this is America’s true imperial moment, when all party politics surrenders to the pre-tsunami undertow of events. None of the idiot network commentators or Wash-Po or NY Times columnists seem to notice that the global economy is sinking into a coma, and in so doing is igniting cluster-bombs of default through the financial system. That so far insidious destruction should effloresce exactly around the time of the nominating conventions. The tide will have visibly gone miles out just as Hillary mounts the podium like some bad joke of a national mommy and Trump sits fretting in his Cleveland hotel room wondering how his rococo dreams of glory turned into a shit sandwich from room service. Yeats’s widening gyre is upon us. The biggest surprise of all yet-to-come is that television will fail to explain it. The second coming will not be the reappearance of the celebrity known as Jesus Christ, but rather of the event called the American Civil War.”

This is truly a momentous statement regarding the future of America, not to mention of the world.  It sits well however, with my own view of what 2016 is scheduled to bring about.  I have spoken of it being a year of darkness or the beginning of a Dark Age for mankind.  I used that term because I could not see clearly, and to some extent still can’t, just how this would pan out as the months of the year unfold.  But what I had in mind, among such impending catastrophes as a collapse of global society, trade and finance, was the kind of unrest and conflict that an America at war with itself might instigate.

Jim uses the all too common but unnervingly appropriate allegory these days of a tsunami to illustrate a series of much more than just likely events to occur in this election year.  I am not quite sure how the disastrous eventuation of a collapse of party politics together with destruction of the financial system can be termed a  “true imperial moment”, but I do see how this taking place at the height of Convention Season in the second half of July 2016 could be likened to the “pre-tsunami undertow” and the associated receding shoreline that precedes the return of mountainous waves of destructive forces which would ensue.  A new American Civil War, in that light, does not seem too preposterous a concept to envisage.  A global war, following hard on the heels of that, to fill the vacuum a weakened America would create, would not seem so improbable either.

The terrifying thing is, that is less than five months away, convention season being the second half of July.  Can our cosy and sleepy little world of material comforts (those of us that still have them) be so close to disappearing for ever?

Time To Remove Those Rose Coloured Spectacles

If ever you wanted to see a list of doom and gloom pointers from a wide variety of sources (and I doubt that you ever did) to the imminence of global financial, social, economic and moral collapse leading to a complete disintegration of modern civilisation, then this is it.

This post inspired by: The Automatic Earth: Debt Rattle October 26 2015

Are you once again going to ignore the reports and underlying signs and carry on as though nothing is happening?  Or do you already see this and share with me the relief in knowing that things are coming to a head and that our headlong, thoughtless rush to consume and destroy everything that we can lay our hands on is about to stumble and fall and its suicidal mission to utterly fail and collapse and bury us all beneath the debris of our own doings?

Monsanto, Going Down

This post inspired by: Monsanto to Cut 2,600 Jobs as World Rejects its Products and Practices

Well, the plan, and a whole lot of effort by activists, seems to be working. Monsanto is going down.  I won’t be cheering though.  Not until the receivers move in and shut the whole disgraceful outfit down, for ever.

I reckon that will happen sometime about the same time as the general economic and financial, corporate conglomerate global empire that controls almost every aspect of our lives, collapses.  In other words, most likely next year.

Something Stinks. Odious (or should that be ‘Odorous’) Debt?

How else, by what other means, in what specific way, apart from a Zombie Apocalypse, could a modern global society – yes one like we have now – come to a grinding halt and disappear into the mists of time?

Yes, we all know – don’t we? – about the risks from Peak Oil (which literally means Peak Everything, since nothing runs without it).  We also all know about the risks (not a small thing) of global pandemic, eating away at our capacity to do anything, including survive.  We also all should have by now realised the implications of an out-of-control population explosion and/or climate catastrophe making it impossible to provide adequate supplies of food and water for all, or even most.  We all know that there are many other possible spokes-in-the-wheels of the machinery of civilisation, including collapse of the world’s Financial and Monetary Systems.

Talking about Financial Collapse, an impending event the crumbling edge of which the world has been treading and tip-toeing around for quite some years now, I just came across something that I feel may be, or has the potential to be, the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the thing that brings the whole financial house-of-cards tumbling down – Odious Debt.

A couple of days ago (well it might have been yesterday as I don’t know which side of the world, longitudinally, the writer resides), Zero Hedge published an article on that subject in relation to the Greek financial situation.  I had not come across this term ‘odious debt’ previously – well, why would I, really? – so it piqued my interest.

Firstly, let’s define for ourselves just what the term ‘Odious Debt’ means.  Well, that has actually already been done quite nicely by Wikipedia.  Where would we be without Wikipedia?  Have you donated yet to keep this worthy resource going?

The Wikipedia definition below, and lots of other interesting information on the subject, can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odious_debt

“In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion.”

It appears that the Greek Parliament has established a “Debt Truth Committee” to investigate the legality of the €320 billion debt that has been forced on the nation by the Troika and its own previous government regime.  Read the Zero Hedge article for evidence of this claim.  The aim is obviously to erase some or all of that debt as illegally imposed.  As Zero Hedge states:

According to Greek Reporter, Konstantopoulou has said that the newly established “Debt Truth Committee,” will investigate how much of the debt is “illegal” with a view to writing it off.

The new Greek government has recently claimed that it would would honor all of its debt commitments.  It can still claim to have done so, without paying much or anything at all, if all or most of those debts are declared illegal.

Can you imagine what effect such an action would have on the European banking system?  Banks, already wobbly, would fail.  The Troika would collapse.  The ripples would be felt worldwide.

What is more, what if other nations struggling under IMF and other imposed debt took up the same stand as Greece?  Zero Hedge puts it like this:

If the Greek “Debt Truth Committee” indeed persists with determining how much of its debt is legal and enforceable, and ultimately decides to rescind some (or all) of it, the only question is how long until other countries around the world, all of which are burdened with massive, untenable debt loads across the government, financial and household sectors, decide it is time to do the same and declare a fresh start.

Because as the end of the day, the winners will be 99% of the population – or all those who have been trampled upon by the central banking regime and their crony capitalist, private bank and oligarch backers. The only losers will be that 0.01% of the population which benefited during the past 8 years of what is now obvious to all has been nothing more than a farcical global “recovery.”

In case you missed it in the above quote, here again is the link to the ‘massive, untenable debt load’ currently faced by 39% of all other countries (including Australia).

Oh, I can’t wait to see something like that happen.  What an interesting year 2015 is turning out to be.

On even a whiff of something like this happening, you will need to turn any money, or what passes for money these days, that you have in electronic storage within the banking system, into something more tangible and of lasting value pretty quick smart (and I don’t mean into other paper currency), before your wealth evaporates into thin air never to be seen again.

Take heed.