“Bye Bye America”

America, as I have long and often suggested, is in a state of social collapse. Is that down to Donald Trump? No. The process has been going on for decades, as Umair Hague maintains in his latest piece ‘Bye Bye America’ on Medium’s ‘Bad Words’.
“One bad leader didn’t make all of this true — decades of neglect did. Thus, the challenge is undoing those decades of neglect.”
It has a lot to do with the fact that America is basically a society based on hate, an unhealthy foundation for building anything.
“The deep antipathy to public goods, healthcare, education, and so on, in America is the result of a legacy of hate.”
Hague suggests that only a series of minor miracles can turn things around, and this is where I tend to disagree with him. Miracles are in short supply these days, even minor ones, and even Hague’s final points seem to negate that possibility. I agree. There is now no stopping the collapse. It’s completely natural. It’s what societies do.
“Life will go on. Just not very nicely. Life doesn’t stop because societies collapse. Life just keep going. What collapse really means is that life gets worse and worse. Inexorably, like the frog in the pot. Take the example of life expectancy. It’s already falling. As millions of Americans lose healthcare, what’s going to happen? It’s going to fall further, faster, obviously. That’s what collapse means at a personal level. Life itself dwindles day by day. People live shorter, meaner, dumber, nastier lives.
And, as ever, dumber, meaner, nastier people don’t undo the mechanisms of their collapse. They only ever tug the strings faster and harder.”
Just you watch and see.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Just to show that I am not simply a Russiophile, doting on Putin, always knocking America (and let’s face it, there’s plenty to knock about there), I want to show you something that I think is important for America and for the rest of the world.

Donald Trump.  Hilary Clinton.  Is this, or is a choice between this or that, the very best that America has to offer?  That would be a very sad state of affairs, if either one of those two elitist clowns, buffoons and bitches got to assume leadership of the United states at year’s end.  Sad for America, and sad for the rest of the world.  We need to see a strong nation in the United States.  A strong nation but not an aggressive one along the lines that it has pursued for the past several decades.  We do not need an America that aspires to be world supremo.  I think I may have mentioned that before, several times.

So, is there any hope of achieving that?  Is there another leadership choice who could possibly float to the top of the heap of deadbeats lined up for the job?  Thankfully, I think there is.  And that has only really emerged in recent days, having just been revealed as a real contender by the diminishing of the shadows of the previous top two.

Have a look at this, and see if it doesn’t grab you.

For me at least, he is saying all the right things here.  He may have been doing that all along.  I just haven’t been paying all that much attention, but it seems that Americans have, and are warming up to his down to earth positioning.

You can read more in this RT article: ‘Shame on you’: Hillary Clinton flip flops, attacks Sanders on healthcare.  It is always best to get a more or less independent view from a distance on these things.

The Sanders plan would destroy private insurance and drug companies, who have donated millions of dollars to Hillary’s campaigns for senate and president.

He also wants to tackle pharmaceutical companies who have been accused by doctors of letting patients die for the sake of profit and donated more money to Clinton’s campaign than any other candidate from either party.

Drug and Pharmaceutical Companies are like a red rag to a bull to me.  Good on him, and stuff her.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind seeing a female President.  It wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Just not that one.

So, Bernie Sanders?  Is he the man?  Is he the one who could lead America back onto some sort of straight path, make an honest woman of her, and turn her into a useful and helpful global citizen?

I would go so far as to say that if Bernie (no, not me, Bernie Sanders my namesake) is not elected President this time, then there is no hope whatsoever for the United States, or the world for that matter.

And, if he is elected?  Well, of course, America is still going to crash and burn just like every other modern economy, but it could be a fairer, more humane, more humble America, or whatever they call themselves afterwards, that rises from the ashes of the present bumbling monster.  And they may not be literal ashes but only figurative ones.

I do hope I will be around to see at least some of that play out.

“Economic Winter Is Finally Upon Us” – JHK

I just couldn’t go past this timely article by the erudite Jim Kunstler: Fedpocalypse Now.  Excellent stuff.

“Welcome to the successor to the global economy: the yard sale economy, with all the previously-bought stuff going back into circulation on its way to the dump,” says JHK.

I’m not sure he hasn’t stepped over the fence of good taste in his depiction of a naked Janet Yellen trying to step out of the corner she has boxed herself into, but she is probably fair game for that …and I remember doing exactly the same myself recently, so it must be all right.

His description of the things Yellen “and her cortege of necromancers” have to consider, is spot on:

Despite her well-broadcasted insistence that the economic skies are blue, storm clouds scud through every realm and quarter.  Equities barfed nearly four percent just last week, credit is crumbling (nobody wants to lend), junk bonds are tanking (as defaults loom), currencies all around the world are crashing, hedge funds can’t give investors their money back, “liquidity” is AWOL (no buyers for janky securities), commodities are in freefall, oil is going so deep into the sub-basement of value that the industry may never recover, international trade is evaporating, the president is doing everything possible in Syria to start World War Three, and the monster called globalism is lying in its coffin with a stake pointed over its heart.

And, how’s this for a summation of modern America and the possibility of that nation being led by Donald Trump:

…is he the best we can come up with under the circumstances?  Is there not one decent, capable, eligible adult out there in America who can string two coherent thoughts together that comport with reality?  Apparently not.

Warms my heart to read such insightful stuff.  Thanks JHK.