Momentous Events In Russia

“Russian government resigns”

Momentous events are taking place in Russia while I have been sleeping overnight.

Yesterday President Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly, which some are calling a State of the Nation address and part of which called for constitutional change. Since I have not had time to come to grips with the import of all of that I will not comment, nor on the government resignation that followed. 

I am sure though, that this will all have been carefully worked out to be in Russia’s best interests. This is not, I would say, a crisis moment for Russian affairs but a planned method of strengthening the Russian position. 

All will become clear soon, I’m sure. 
Can 2020 get any more exciting?  I’m sure it will.

How The Mighty Have Fallen

“‘SITREP : At War – The Myth tumbles and everything has changed.”

I love it. If anything good can come out of this dark year of change in 2020 it is going to be the downfall and possible disintegration of the United States, already “bleating like stuck pigs” at their inability to get their own way at the UNSC, where they were prevented from only “telling half the story as usual”.

Congratulations US, you have succeeded in doing what no-one else has been able to achieve – you have created a “united Islamic world”.

Above quotes are taken from this article published at The Vineyard of the Saker, which contains a great many very interesting and useful thoughts.

How the mighty have fallen. One may say it is the poetic justice of being ‘hoist on their own petard’.

"You wouldn't want to be an American in Iraq just now"

“After U.S. Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will (Again) Have To Leave”

I tagged this onto the end of a previous post today but it is fully deserving of a post of its own.

I am now officially disgusted with the US.  They don’t deserve to breathe the same air that everyone else does.  In fact someone should nuke the bastards.

Having got that off my chest I will settle for them being thrown out of Iraq and therefore also Syria.  This is now, as MOA suggests ‘inevitable’.  As are more attacks on US bases there: “Revenge attacks are now inevitable”.


You wouldn’t want to be an American in Iraq just now.

2019 goes out with a BANG! What a great start to 2020.

A Little Can Go A Long Way …Even To The Top

When you climb to the top of the tree and from that height piss on all the neighbours, you had better damn well make sure you stay there at the top, no matter what it takes.

Take for example the US.  Do I need to explain further?

With nauseating arrogance, that is exactly what the US has done over the second half of that last century – well, up to and including the pissing on neighbours part, that is.  Then they sat back and thought “Ok we’re here now.  Top of the tree.  Nobody is going to catch up with us.  Heck, we’ve got the biggest and baddest military in the world.  And our nearest enemy, Russia, is on the ropes and ready for the knockout punch.  Sit back and relax for a bit.  Dust off the laurels once in a while.  Oh, and keep up the pissing, so folks know who is boss.”

How wrong they were.  How arrogantly foolish.

In the last 20-30 years Russia has gotten itself off the ropes and by hard work and clear thinking (not to mention exquisite leadership) has turned things around economically, and on a budget that represents the smell of an oily rag in comparison to that of the US, has engineered itself to the top of a higher tree than the US in terms of military readiness and weapons capability.  In an unprecedented turnover of situations they have overtaken the US by a country mile.  What more is certain, is that they will never again allow the US to dominate the world as they have been accustomed to doing.

“Russia’s new Avangard missile is a nuke-ready hypersonic glide weapon, the Kremlin says” – Australia ABC News

I know I reported this in another post recently but this share is an Australian ABC report on the matter.  It is mostly a reasonable assessment if you ignore the expected Western media doubting of Russian claims (Russia has no reason to make false statements on its newest capabilities and it is foolish to assume they are doing so).  Even Pentagon sources admit their own current dilemma.   

Let’s just take this a little further.  The US has raised its military spending (already the highest in the world by far) for 2020 to some $989 billion (taking into account hidden spending), an amount that is equivalent to the military budgets of all other nations that have such a thing (about 21 countries don’t have a military) combined.  See: “US Military Budget, Its Components, Challenges, and Growth” – The Balance

As much as everyone else combined, huh?  I wonder how the millions of poor and struggling Americans feel about that?  I also wonder if that amount will ever get to be delivered giving what is currently at stake for the US economy in 2020?

Russia, meanwhile has dropped out of the top 5 spending nations next year with a $US equivalent of $47.55 billion, according to this recent report from Jane’s: “Russia sketches out spending plans for 2020–22” While that may represent an actual drop, it is I think, mostly due to continuing US efforts to undermine the Rouble against the US dollar through unjustified and pernicious sanctions. Not only that but also by soiling Russian prestige using bribes, threats, and other dubious efforts through governing bodies over which the US has more influence than should be permitted, to paint that nation as a sporting cheat.

How do they do it, the Russians, on such a small budget?  It is by any measure a remarkable achievement, and one of which they are justly proud.

Would you not think that a nation in America’s position would want to work its way into having friendly relations with such a successful nation?  A nation that is running rings around the US in many fields of endeavour, not just militarily, and at the same time making many friends with other nations rather than peeing on them from a great height.   

Of course you can’t do that if your only ambition in life is to be top dog.  It just won’t work. 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

On any given Sunday.

“Gangs and drugs get the headlines, but a different crime takes up far more police time than any other: family violence. We spend a Sunday night with Jackie and David, two cops on the frontline of this hidden emergency.”

You think modern Western society is doing alright?  You think the society you live in is decent, fair, open, honest, safe, not unbalanced?  And perhaps most of all that it can be sustained to carry on like it is for much longer?

Then open your eyes.  Ask yourself what those who protect your society, the police and emergency services, spend most of their time doing.  I can tell you it is not policing real criminal activity.  It is in sorting out problems occurring in your local households, your neighbours, perhaps even your own, centred around either family violence or mental health issues.  Let me also tell you, they do a great job, in impossibly difficult circumstances, trying to, in fact obliged to uphold unequivocal laws – laws without feeling or empathy – in as humane a way as they are allowed to do.

This story is about family violence but I suggest that with at least 1 in 3 Australians suffering from some form of mental health problem – and I expect this is similarly found anywhere in the West – this is just as time consuming and enveloping as the domestic violence issue.

And who is to blame?  The perpetrator?  The victim?  The troubled depressed person, schizophrenic or whatever?  Perhaps. There have always been flaws in humanity.  But I suggest the principal cause is the deliberately manufactured complexity of living in an unfair society where it is never possible for the great majority to live a comfortable life while conforming to the expectation to do just that.  For most, that means accepting a life controlled by some form of meds as a coping mechanism.  Is it any wonder that society is breaking down? Breaking up? Any which way you look at it, breaking it is.

On top of all that, we are coming up to the most dangerous time of the year for family disturbance issues to surface – what is laughingly known as ‘the holiday season’, ‘the festive season’,  Christmas and New Year.

Festive? A holiday?  It is going to be far from that for many people, and many are going to suffer lasting hurt and disruption to their lives as a result. 

Around the corner is 2020.  A ‘happy new year’?  Hah!  I have little doubt that not just families but society itself will not survive intact, wholly or partially, for the next 12 months. 

Then we will learn just how hard breaking up is hard to do.

Let me just say, as someone who has direct experience of family breakup and troubled relatives, the police and ambulance services (the fire and rescue services too I’m sure, though I fortunately have no direct experience of that), and the family courts of course, where involved, in most cases do a marvellous job of sorting out family issues, at least in my home state of Victoria, within the scope of actions they are constrained to uphold. Their efforts are appreciated and I cannot imagine what effect the tasks they are called on to do has on their beings or how they are able to generally most calmly carry out their duties.

In A World Of Rioting Lawyers

The world has gone completely mad when a mob of 500 lawyers (can you imagine that?) assaults and ransacks a hospital over some issue.  I guess it doesn’t matter what the issue is, just the idea of mobs of lawyers running riot around the place simply boggles the mind. It couldn’t happen in a sane world, could it?  Well, it has, in Pakistan.  Unbelievable.  What hope is there left for us?  

Although, I suppose, in a sane world there wouldn’t be any lawyers – but that is beside the point.  

The point being that the world has gone completely mad.  Where does that lead us?  Wherever that is, it is not going to be a good place. 

“Three patients die as 250 lawyers are charged over ransacking hospital in Pakistan”

OK, this is not the first time that lawyers have clashed with police. In November it happened in Delhi, but this time the Pakistani lawyers are being charged under terrorism laws.

How can society retain any semblance of cohesion when lawyers take to the streets? Oh, I just remembered, we are on the threshold of 2020. That’s when, as I understand it, we are set to lose all forms of social cohesion.

And, just to remind you, these two nations – Pakistan and India – are two of the eight or possibly nine nations around the world that possess nuclear weapons. Socially incohesive nations with rioting lawyers and nuclear weapons – there’s a thought to keep you awake at night.

The Year of Humpty Dumpty

“This year was marked by global unrest — and 2020 is likely to be worse” ABC News Analysis

Well, I have been saying that, perhaps in fewer words and less detail, all this year and in previous recent years.  2020 is not going to be a happy year, for anybody much.  I don’t even feel that I need to sell that idea very much now.  It is becoming perfectly obvious and even the media is picking up on it.

I made a practice several years ago, at the end of each year, of giving a name to the following year. The last one was, if I remember correctly, 2016 – ‘the year we enter a new dark age’. We haven’t come out of that yet so I haven’t bothered naming years since then and in any case nothing came to mind. But this year I have a name for 2020 – The Year of Humpty Dumpty. The next paragraph explains.

I will say that my expectation of the next year is several shades more gloomy that portrayed in this ABC analysis.  It is my full expectation that next year we will begin to see things that are already stretched to the limit start to irretrievably break down.  Irretrievably, because when such things as globalisation, climate disruption, national cohesion, financial bubbles, environmental/biospheric stability, and economic inequality, start to collapse, explode, erupt, or simply cease to work any longer, those things will never recover – in a world where mankind has pushed the boundaries as far as they will go, they never can recover (except for the environment of course) – because the forces that created them will no longer exist or be entirely inaccessible. It will be ‘ 2020 – The Year of Humpty Dumpty’ – the year of falling off walls – the year of broken shells – the year when ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, cannot put Humpty together again‘.

When, at the end of 2020, if we are still here, and we look back at the world of today and the recent past, and if we can still picture what we have today, we will be astonished at how far we have fallen and what little remains of our former lives.  I am convinced of that.

OK, it may take longer than one year, it may take a decade, or longer, but once things start to move, the slide will be unstoppable and it may well be that at the end of just one year there are not too many proverbial rocks still rolling.

Remember this when someone wishes you a happy new year in a little while, and stand for a moment and look at all the irrepressible fools still partying on unaware of what is shortly about to happen to their personal world.

But you will be ready, won’t you? The best of luck. And may the fates be on your side.

None of us will be unscathed and I dare say that many of the world’s super rich will get their comeuppance because they are mostly only rich in pixels on a screen which, just like their wealth, can vanish in a moment. And ‘things’ (solid touchable objects) to which today are attached great value, in a world brought back to the realities of bare existence will be virtually worthless.  It is going to be a great leveller.

The End Of… Well, Quite A Lot Of Things, Really

I have for some time now been saying (on my VK site: and elsewhere) that the world should expect dramatic changes in the way we live, either this year or the next (2019/20). Meaning basically that the lifestyle you now have will entirely, not partially, entirely disappear along with all the chaos, disruption, and carnage that the eventuation of such an utterly shocking thing can, with little imagination thrown in, be expected to produce everywhere or pretty much everywhere around the world.

I doubt that very many people have read my words or similar predictions from a growing number of others, and of those who have read them, few would doubtlessly have attached any credibility to such possibilities.

Well, no matter, it is not now long to wait. I just thought that people might just like to be forewarned to prepare for such eventualities. It is no concern of mine either way whether such warnings are heeded or not. If they are going to happen, they will still happen, at exactly the appointed time, whether or not.

But as I said, I am not by myself in predicting this. Read this:
“…we must expect abrupt turmoil from 2020 onwards not only re oil, but also concerning all other forms of energy supply”.
Those are the words of Dr Louis Arnoux, a scientist, engineer and entrepreneur committed to the development of sustainable ways of living and doing business, quoted from this piece (for which I thank Bev Courtney of the ‘Foodnstuff’ blog for bringing to my attention).

This is not the sort of information you either want to hear while doing whatever it is that you are doing right now, nor is it the sort of information that those who influence what you do see and hear, what we might term ‘the authorities’, want you to see/hear. Hence why you have probably not known, read, heard, or seen of such impending calamity heretofore. Well, here it is now. Make of it what you will.

And ask of yourself the question – What if this is true? It can’t be true can it? Somebody would have told us by now, wouldn’t they? (why do you think I am writing this?) But what if it really is true? Oh Lordy, that would kind of throw all my plans out of the window wouldn’t it? Will I be able to finish my degree? What about my job? And my kids? …? …? …?

I offer another quote from Dr Arnoux’s article:
“While most do not understand the intricacies summarised here, thousands of scientists and millions of people now do realise that they no longer have a future.”

Financial experts (Companies listed in the article) conclude that the oil industry will disintegrate before 2030. It has been in decline for the past seven years and as more and more energy is required to produce less and less oil (the only viable source of our civilisation maintaining energy), there will be less and less energy to keep our complex global society going. We are struggling now, and I believe that the crunch, the turning point, the climax, the collapse, will come by 2020. And by the time that all oil production ceases – no later than 2030 – there will be nothing much left that is recognisable as an organised society as we know it today.

Ask yourself the right questions. I listed some of them above.