“Going Full Whig” – Kunstler’s Bombshell

It was around midnight when I penned my previous post on Jim Kunstler’s latest article – : Going Full Whig yesterday.  It may not be surprising therefore, that I did not possess the mental acuity at that late hour to fully take in what he was saying. So, here I am, back again, less than seven hours later, having spent a restless night mulling over the words I remember from that piece, taking a second bite of the cherry to try to explain the momentous ideas unleashed by him that may also have passed the casual reader by.

I take you to the last paragraph of Going Full Whig.  Having just suggested that Donald Trump will never be permitted to hold the Republican Party nomination for President and that the party will destroy itself before allowing that to happen and/or engineer the demise of said Donald some time before the election in November through the auspices of the Deep State, Kunstler goes on to say this:

“Or perhaps this is America’s true imperial moment, when all party politics surrenders to the pre-tsunami undertow of events. None of the idiot network commentators or Wash-Po or NY Times columnists seem to notice that the global economy is sinking into a coma, and in so doing is igniting cluster-bombs of default through the financial system. That so far insidious destruction should effloresce exactly around the time of the nominating conventions. The tide will have visibly gone miles out just as Hillary mounts the podium like some bad joke of a national mommy and Trump sits fretting in his Cleveland hotel room wondering how his rococo dreams of glory turned into a shit sandwich from room service. Yeats’s widening gyre is upon us. The biggest surprise of all yet-to-come is that television will fail to explain it. The second coming will not be the reappearance of the celebrity known as Jesus Christ, but rather of the event called the American Civil War.”

This is truly a momentous statement regarding the future of America, not to mention of the world.  It sits well however, with my own view of what 2016 is scheduled to bring about.  I have spoken of it being a year of darkness or the beginning of a Dark Age for mankind.  I used that term because I could not see clearly, and to some extent still can’t, just how this would pan out as the months of the year unfold.  But what I had in mind, among such impending catastrophes as a collapse of global society, trade and finance, was the kind of unrest and conflict that an America at war with itself might instigate.

Jim uses the all too common but unnervingly appropriate allegory these days of a tsunami to illustrate a series of much more than just likely events to occur in this election year.  I am not quite sure how the disastrous eventuation of a collapse of party politics together with destruction of the financial system can be termed a  “true imperial moment”, but I do see how this taking place at the height of Convention Season in the second half of July 2016 could be likened to the “pre-tsunami undertow” and the associated receding shoreline that precedes the return of mountainous waves of destructive forces which would ensue.  A new American Civil War, in that light, does not seem too preposterous a concept to envisage.  A global war, following hard on the heels of that, to fill the vacuum a weakened America would create, would not seem so improbable either.

The terrifying thing is, that is less than five months away, convention season being the second half of July.  Can our cosy and sleepy little world of material comforts (those of us that still have them) be so close to disappearing for ever?

“The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton”

There are less than a handful of weekly blogs that I regularly follow for the wisdom and wit that I perceive in their writings.  This post, unlike my previous one which was a day or two late in catching up with the latest offering from one of those blogs, comes only hours after the latest release of The Archdruid Report, the musings of John Michael Greer who until recently was Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and is now the current head of the Druidic Order of the Golden Dawn (neither of which organisations I owe any allegiance to or agree with any of their precepts, rules, beliefs, or whatever (what people do in their spare time is entirely up to them)).

The Archdruid Report this week, I am sure quite uncoincidentally, also (as with my previous post) deals with the matter of the 2016 US Elections, with a piece titled The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton which I have again chosen to quote as the title of this post.

Now, a word of warning before I recommend this blog post for general reading, it is not for everyone.  While James Howard Kunstler, to whose work I referred in my previous post, occasionally introduces an obscure word or two that would not be found in normal everyday speech, his wit and writing style render reading of his work a pleasant, amusing and interesting experience.  This cannot always be said of Greer’s pieces.  The wit is almost always drier, even cutting at times.  The language is painstakingly and ritually obtuse, though making complete sense if one is able to follow it all the way through lengthy, complex, overly flowery and winding sentence construction (similar to my own at times).

Having said that, I do generally like what he has to say, or at least find the subject interesting to plough my way through to the end.  It is up to you.  I offer this link, with those recommendations, because it does offer a perspective and certain insights on the subject and people in question.  A subject the outcome of which will affect all of us in some measure.  I am not going to offer any commentary on the piece because, well, I find that prospect quite daunting.  Here is the link again: The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton

“Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable”

Sometimes life just gets so busy, even for someone who has nowhere to go or be at any particular time (that would be me of course).  So busy that important things get missed sometimes.

And so it was, that I came to miss this week’s fine word picture weekly episode from Jim Kunstler’s Clusterfuck Nation blog, which as usual came out on Tuesday (Australian time), and which carries the title Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable that I have borrowed (as a quote) to head this post.  Kunstler’s post is recommended reading.

It all centres around the 2016 US General Election which will determine who is to be the next US President.  The so-called leader of the free world (chortle-chortle).

It is not clear to me just whether it is Hillary who is the ‘Loathesome’ and Donald who is the ‘Unspeakable’, or whether it is the other way around.  But I suspect, I honestly suspect, that it doesn’t really matter a single iota either way.

Jim (JHK), lays out reasons as to why the result of said proceedings, what he refers to as – “the stupidest election contest in American history”, may be short lived (some sort of termination event perhaps, emanating from “the apparatus of the runaway Deep State (NSA and the military)”), or the whole thing may never happen, being overtaken (preceded) by overarching, unstoppable and grossly destabilising external events of an entirely different nature, centred around banking and financial collapse and which should provide “reason to worry that America will be too disorderly later this year to even hold the 2016 general election”.  If you have been keeping up with the sort of news that could topple our already unstable global economy, you will have no problem in recognising the organisation referred to as ‘DB’ in Jim’s post.  It is not an American entity.

I hope I haven’t given away too many spoilers.  Just read the damn thing for yourself.  Here is the link again: Between the Loathsome and the Unspeakable.



Want A Dose Of Reality?

Want a dose of reality?  You’re not going to like it.

I’m always happy to share Jim Kunstler’s outlook on life from his ClusterfuckNation blog. Here’s the latest: Repricing Reality (and, no, he hasn’t misspelt ‘lede’).

Supporting, to some extent, my own prediction that 2016 is going to be a year that begins a Dark Age for humanity, he says:

“We’re (the US) going to be a much-distressed and poorer so-called republic when this year is done with us.  The markets will crack and the trade relations that comprise globalism will fall apart as nations and regions of nations struggle to survive.  We’ll move inexorably to a very possibly disastrous election.  We’ll face the basic choices, as distressed societies always do, of freaking-and-acting-out (usually in the form of war), or opting for a reunion with reality and its mandates.  So far, it’s not looking good for the better option.”

His advice?

“If you are a thinking person, the months ahead might be your last chance to protect whatever wealth you have and to move to some part of the country where, at least, you can grow some of your own food and become a useful part of a social and economic network that might be called a community.”

Battling The Masters Of The Universe

A war already being played out in front of our very own eyes.  Read all about it: Rumble in the ruble, fire in the markets

56a61fb2c4618859058b45a2Image credit: © Alexandr Demyanchuk / Sputnik

Oh Boy!  This I like.  This I like, very much.

Reporting on the battle against The Masters Of The Universe aka US Financial Elite (aided and abetted by their minions), the same global enemy who are the engineers of this year’s coming pre-planned economic crash.  A crash aimed primarily at impoverishing Russia and attempting to ensure that nation never becomes an independent state capable of operating outside of The Masters’ influence.

But, will Russia become the world’s first truly self-sustaining nation?  Will China become the Masters Of The New Universe?

These are questions that Pepe Escobar discusses in the intriguing post on RT, linked to above .

Quote: “Xi (China’s President) as much as anyone knows very well how the whole American economy – based on a worthless global reserve currency – is fueled by a rapacious, barely disguised tribute, paid by every nation in the world to the Empire of Chaos.  And Xi knows how this tribute scam is unraveling, fast.”

Oh Boy!  Is this year going to be interesting.

putintalkingI also just want to draw attention to another article here, that was linked to in the Pepe Escobar post but which deserves its own specific mention: Who Is Putin Talking To?

Any article that sheds light onto the murky fogs of global financial wheeling and dealing deserves to be given air time, just in case someone or other is listening.

I will add a further associated reference here (easier than starting a new post).  The Washington Post a couple of days ago questioned the recent Fed rate rise, saying: The Federal Reserve may have made a huge mistake

Of course it was a huge mistake, as I said the day it happpened.  A mistake which the American tax-payer will certainly recognise in due course, as it cripples further the already reeling US economy.

But it was all part of the plan, wasn’t it?  What plan?  You just read about it didn’t you in the Pepe Escobar article above?


Fallout From The Crash. Who Benefits?

The next financial crash is coming.  Of that I am certain.  Whether that is a standalone event or is forced, cajoled, driven or influenced by other external factors taking place at the same time, is up for question.  Of course, the timing of such an event is also up for grabs.  I would love for it to happen this year and have factored that into the somewhat obscure darkness that I have predicted to be a feature of 2016.

A Guardian article (which was the inspiration for this post) talks about these things and fusses about whether, when a massive crash occurs, the fallout will favour either the left or the right.

Why are we so caught up in the absurd drama of any part of the spectrum of politics. It is not as though politics has proven to be of any benefit or advantage to anyone other than those who lay claim to being politicians and the people or entities in whose pay they inevitably are?

I am not interested in a crash where either the left or the right emerge winners.  I want to see a crash of such magnitude that the whole concept of politics. economy, society, industry, technology, finance, corporate-ness, arms and all things militaria, are all blown away, never to be part of human culture ever again.

Nothing less will suffice to restore that culture back onto the right track to stride forward into the uncertain future which adherents to those concepts have brewed within the bowels of their secret conclaves, and which all who remain in the aftermath of the crash will need to endure for as long as it takes for things to stabilise again.  I can guarantee that no-one in that situation will give a single thought about left or right, other than which foot to place to the ground next.

Another View

large_yvggtrav-9izcsr1rufgottpghop90mmrrjezphjfm8Image: Women draw drinking water on the banks of the dried-up Vakaria lake at Vakaria village, west of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, May 14, 2011. REUTERS/Amit Dave


The World Economic Forum is not a place where I would normally go to find the information that I like to share, but they do have some interesting things to say about the year and decade ahead.

I just think they may have some of the risk weightings a little out of balance but it is all good stuff anyway …and cause for concern.


A readable version of this image is here.

Being a Statistician (well I was at one time) and a Systems Analyst (that too), not to mention being a Programmer (that’s what coders used to be called, until they thought they didn’t need any more programmers but later found that they did need coders), I get some sort of kick out of diagrams like the above.  There are times when I miss all of that, but not for long.

Not Crying ‘Wolf’

Yesterday it was the Royal Bank of Scotland with their: Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists.   Today it is Albert Edwards, strategist at the bank Société Générale with: Beware the great 2016 financial crisis, warns leading City pessimist

What would they know, right?   Well, it is not as though they were lone voices crying ‘wolf’.  What they are saying appears to be growing as the general opinion among those who ought to know.

What does this mean?  Is this the end?  Should we panic?  Should we sell?  What should we buy?  Is it time to wear tin hats?  Can we stop it?  What happens next?  Is RBS right to forecast doom and gloom for the global economy?  Will we be walking the streets too?


Am I getting anywhere with this?  Are you beginning to question things?  No, I don’t mean my sanity.  I mean question the signs.  You can see them, right?  The signs?  The pointers?  The obvious indicators that all is not well with the world of finance?  And all that goes with that?  You can see it, right?  Yes?

No?  Then why am I bothering to provide you with all this information?



Voice Of Reason – 2016

I mentioned in an earlier post how I see only darkness hanging over global affairs for this year of 2016.  I have since found no reason to change that opinion in these first six days of the year.

I am always interested in hearing what other people think and today I found this excellent appraisal from the Facebook page of actor and director Oliver Stone.  I quote it here, in full, and I really don’t think I need to say anything else, except for this one thing:  Thank goodness the world has a Vladimir Putin to stand up for it against US aggression.  I have no wish to live on a US dominated prison planet.

– 2016 –

As the wars of the world rage on into 2016, the powder keg now appears to be ‘Syraq’ and not Ukraine.  One day, perhaps too late, we as a country will recognize that some of our ‘friends’ are our ‘enemies,’ and some of our ‘enemies’ are really our allies.  But as long as we pursue the politics of Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies, we’re squandering our life force in the creation of more and more chaos.

In this dangerous election cycle, Republicans and Democrats continue to talk loudly — of muscle, power, and the exercise thereof.  But since Vietnam, it’s equally clear we’re scared of putting boots on the ground in any significant way (500,000 went to Vietnam), as casualties are anathema to the electorate, who prefer the Empire’s use of proxy armies, and covert/soft power.

But as long as Russia continues to maintain and refine its nuclear capabilities (at about 1/5th our cost), those who actually think must understand we can’t force them into submission where their national interests are concerned, i.e., Eastern Ukraine, their borders with Europe, and terrorism against Russia, etc.  Without that nuclear capacity, there is no doubt Russia would’ve rendered Edward Snowden to the United States long ago.

Having suffered through two Chechen wars, the mass execution of schoolchildren at Beslan, the Moscow theatre attack, etc., and with the largest Muslim population in Europe, terrorism is a huge issue to Russia.  How much closer is ‘Syraq’ to their borders than ours?  Russia well knows the US has been supporting several of these terrorist groups against them, starting with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan back in the 1980s, and that we’re now supporting Turkey and Saudi Arabia and their proxy groups, including ISIS, as well as several other organizations.  Throw in mercenary Chechens in several countries, fascist groups in Ukraine; as well as NATO-aided, right-wing groups in Poland, the Baltic Republics, etc.  While we continue to play Red Riding Hood’s grandma-in-wolf’s-clothing, our media consistently denies we’re the Big Bad Wolf in this affair — ‘who me?’  In response, Russia, despite sanctions against it and a withering propaganda onslaught, has only hardened its muscle back to 1941 levels.  They’re ready for the worst.  This is so dangerous. Why?

Below are 5 excellent analyses showing us the details of a US strategy that allows us to understand the frightening stakes of USA/EU/NATO against Russia/Iran/Syria, reaching a tipping point in a gigantic battle for energy resources — the 21st century Mid-East resembling the 1914 Balkans; this could bloom, like a Ponzi scheme, into a war that ultimately engulfs the rest of the world.

The most unstable particle in this fury is this damned 2016 circus of an American election.  Emotions are most easily excited, dumb things about our weaknesses and strengths are said and believed by the electorate.  Nor has our media really given us insight into what the Russian point of view really is, although Putin has stated it on several occasions.  We keep insisting it’s the restoration of the Cold War Russian Empire — which Putin has repeatedly condemned, saying it didn’t work THEN and it won’t work NOW.  He’s deplored the fallacy of Communism.  Meanwhile, we don’t seem to understand or empathize with the true size of the terrorist threat against Russia.

We should be remembering in a time of possible all-out war, when most people seem to have forgotten what war is like, that it’s not Russia, the EU, the Mid-East, or Ukraine which have the most to lose. It’s the USA — us.  Most of us would lose our lives, and we’d certainly lose our economy, and generally a way of life that’s spoiled us since WW2.  I keep wondering WHY do we keep pushing for “regime change” and dominion over other lands?  We never back down, it seems.  There’s no end to the zombie hunger for more control. Nothing changes in our system of ill will towards any resisters, going back to the Philippines in the early 1900s.

But am I naïve to think, as bad as our rhetoric and propaganda have gotten, that the military-industrial complex in our country is not so NUTS as to set off a real hot war — when we have the most to lose? Remember the senselessness of World War I.  Will we be asking ourselves the same question about ‘Syraq’ one day?  How did this start?  Why?

In closing, I pray that I turn out to be as wrong as I was about Ukraine at the end of 2014, and that we’ll all still be communicating at this time next year.  Let’s hope so…  Let’s hope sanity prevails in 2016.


Pepe Escobar, “You Want War? Russia is Ready for War,” Counterpunch.

Pepe Escobar, “NATO’s got a brand-new (Syrian) bag,” RT.

Mike Whitney, “Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet,” Counterpunch.

Robert Parry, “A Blind Eye Toward Turkey’s Crimes,” Consortium News.

Ira Chernus, “Six Mistakes on the Road to Permanent War,” TomDispatch.

Happy New Year, Ukraine

5686054ec361888c108b4619Photo: © Lee Jae-Won / Reuters


This post inspired by: Ukraine officially defaults on $3bn debt to Russia; Moscow to sue Kiev in London court

That’s the thing about bonds, you see.  If you issue them, the folk who buy them, lending you their money for a bit of interest, expect to be paid back when they mature in a fixed time period.  They don’t expect you to default on that payment.

Ukraine has no money, we all know that.  We all know whose fault that is, don’t we?  It’s a little country whose initials are U and S and A.  It is not Russia.

When Russia bought those bonds in 2013 to help Ukraine out, the situation was very different to today.  Ukraine had a stable government.  Crooked, but stable.  Then along comes the good ol’ USA with its schemes to meddle wherever it can find a sneaky opening, and Biff, Bang, Kaboom, Ukraine is left a basket case, in debt to the IMF (the US banking arm) probably for ever.  The IMF ensures that Ukraine is in no position to pay Russia back, and here we are on the first day of a new year (a year, incidentally, when catastrophe and mayhem looms large as the main features of the period) with Ukraine as first cab off the rank for the ‘Failed State of the Year Award’.

Happy New Year, Ukraine.  Where are your backers now?  Now you will find out who your real friends are, but you will need to shift your gaze a little more to the East than the West.  Oh, and you will need to get rid of those Nazi bastards in your government.