At Last, Military Moves In Syria…

Finally, after almost 2 years of nothing much happening in Syria, other than the sneaky US taking advantage of the ‘quiet time’ to consolidate its position in Syria’s north and continue its theft of Syrian oil revenue (among other deceitful activities), the Syrian army – the real Syrian army (SAA) – is making headway against the worthless terrorists in Idlib province. Making headway with a plan – a sound military plan to cut off and reclaim a large chunk of the land that it rightfully theirs. Isolating at the same time, unless they withdraw very quickly, an illegal Turkish garrison in one of their ‘observation posts’.

This is good news for Syria. It had to come, and it looks like the SAA means business this time. Good on them.

This SouthFront article has the story:   Syrian Army Moves To Encircle Khan Shaykhun, Captures Hilltop

It doesn’t make headlines these days but there is still an awful lot of Syrian land to be cleared of undesirables – like the US and European military contingents still infesting the country. May they leave or be buried there, and soon, either way.


A Flush Of Love For Russia…

“Fortunately, Russia…”

I’ve reported on this previously but I’ve just had a renewed flush of love for that country.  Let’s hear it for Russia.

“There is an eminently reasonable and feasible way to avoid conflict in the Persian Gulf, and to secure peace. The principles of multilateralism and international law must be adhered to. It seems almost astounding that one has to appeal for such obvious basic norms. 
Fortunately, Russia has presented a roadmap for implementing a security concept in the vital waterway based on the above principles.”

“One thing for sure is that the US proposal for a naval coalition led by Washington, purportedly to ‘protect shipping’ in the Gulf, is a non-starter.”

Let’s also, individually, as most nations already have – except Britain and Israel (and Australia is ‘umming and ahhing’ about it) give a thumbs down to the US plan.

UN Security Council, it’s over to you now.  Better act quickly before a global disaster takes place.


Fifty Just And Virtuous Men?

It’s a sick, sick, sick, sick world we live in today.  The world of man, that is.  And I for one have almost had enough of pouring out the sick, sick, sick, sick stories of its collapse into the degradation of all morality and sense of justice and what is right.

Is anything worth saving?  Is anything worth my continuing time and effort to highlight? 

As some supposed deity is reported to have once said (paraphrasing) – ‘Show me 50 just and virtuous men living there and I will not destroy that city’.  Inevitably, the city was destroyed.

And this story below, this admission of worthlessness and dishonour, this sorry tale of our dishonourable times – and the New York Times – means that we have learned nothing of honour and truth and justice, or anything much of value at all over thousands of years of opportunities to do so.  We are truly worthless and beyond hope of ever changing as supposedly sentient beings.

Not that that matters in any significant way.  We are doomed to extinction or near extinction.  And that brought about by our very own actions.  Perhaps we will do better next time, if there is a next time.

I’ve put this story at the end because, well, that’s where it belongs:
“New York Times Admits ‘We Built Our Newsroom’ Around Russia Collusion Hoax”

Far be it from me to give the much despised Breitbart any accolades but this time, whatever their motives, while declaring the already known, they are doing the world a favour.  Just ignore their call-out of anti-semitism towards the end of the piece (which probably points to their twisted motives). 

“…Beskunked, Bothered, And Bewildered”

“…beskunked, bothered, and bewildered,” says Mr Kunstler – and that is just the federal law enforcement arm of an ailing US society.

If the corrupt, sickened nigh to death, odorous society, soon to be formerly known as the United States of America were a horse, it would have been shot and put out of its misery long, long, ago.

I feel I can’t even begin to touch with my bare hands, or read through more than once, the disgust generating description of Mr Kunstler’s latest appraisal of that societal bucket of slime and entrails of whatever cadaverous substances it now consists (but I do recommend that you read through it once, and commit the stench to deep memory).

I also commend to Americans Kunstler’s final advocacy in this piece, that “All these unresolved mysteries give Americans a reason to want to arm themselves against a recklessly rogue and sinister government.”

Buy more guns America, while you have the chance, and then use them effectively to rid the world of the disgustingly vile monster that is your government and elitist establishment. It is the only honourable and liberating thing to do. Stop shooting each other and direct your fire in the right direction. 

The Democratic Party Is Dead…

The Democratic Party is dead (as I think I have mentioned before, somewhere), only the message has not yet reached the brain.

Did “some motherfucker stab (the Democratic Party) in the heart?”

Well? Answer the question – did “some motherfucker stab (the Democratic Party) in the heart?”

Not at all. It’s a case of “…the Democratic Party first lost its mind, and then committed suicide,” says Jim Kunstler – himself a one-time registered Democrat.

He explains all that quite nicely, and clearly, here (so I don’t have to) – “”

Trump’s re-election is going to be a bit one-sided next year then, isn’t it?

Much Ado About Nothing

“Moscow City Duma election campaigning kicks off in Russia’s capital”

Let’s hope that this brings to an end the pointless protests, stimulated by Western government agencies, on the streets of Russia’s capital city recently. Protests that have occupied far too much media attention and provided Western media with unjustified opportunity to knock the democratic process that Russians enjoy – a more liberal democratic process than most, if not all, Western states can boast.

Read this TASS story and tell me there is anything of merit in what the West has yet again portrayed to its own public in attempted denigration of Russia.

Throwing Some Light On The Invisible

I’m going to say something now that may give offence to certain people, but here in the 21st century of the modern era, at this later stage of human development when we are supposedly reaching peak knowledge and understanding of ‘life, the universe and everything’, we should now be mature enough to give consideration to such basic concepts as ‘are there invisible beings?’ In particular, is there an invisible god?

The concept of an invisible god or supreme being who created the world, us, and everything that we see in the universe, has been with us now for some 2,500 years or so. In other words ever since all the gods disappeared.

Our ancient forebears, no matter where we live in the world, never believed in an invisible god. They didn’t have to. Their gods lived and breathed and walked among them, in full view. They were just like us. They ate, they drank, they built things, they loved, they hated, they got angry, they were kind, they fornicated with whoever they fancied, they had children with half-sisters (as a means of succession), they fought among themselves, they murdered. They even created us – originally in test tubes – which is why we are so like them. They even took human spouses (creating a range of demi-gods). But there came a time, somewhere in the sixth century BCE (Before the Current Era) when all, or most of the gods went away and left us on our own, to make do, entirely reliant on our own wits and the civilisational knowledge with which they had endowed us in earlier times.

Of the few that remained here after the general departure, Alexander the Great, himself just being told that he was in fact a demi-god by the oracle at Siwa, went to visit and grasp the hand of the last great original god, known to be alive only a few years earlier, at home in his Esagila ziggurat in Babylon in 331BCE, only to find the god Marduk lying in his tomb, dead. Marduk’s son Nabu was still alive at the time but his whereabouts were never subsequently known.

And so, finding ourselves alone in the world, we gradually succumbed to the idea that the gods were invisible but somehow still with us, unseen. Various statues were erected in their honour, just as we do now for eminent people, and these became objects for the focus of worship (and supplication for the gods to return). Eventually someone, or some groups of someones, had the idea that there should only be one invisible god and that they themselves should have the exclusive franchise of being the intermediary between ordinary people and that supreme being. And that is where we find ourselves today. Except for the fact that with all that we now know, that story is beginning to wear a bit thin. A bit late in the piece but we are beginning to question the narrative’s validity.

Do we believe in invisible other things? Well, yes we do. At least many of us believe in our own invisible ancestors, still existing somewhere in some other state of being. All based, I would expect, on the surmise that an invisible god must also exist somewhere and perhaps we will one day join them and all our loved ones that have passed away before us.

I’m not decrying that thought. It is quite comforting, just as is the thought of an invisible god. But is it at all or in any way real?

Let’s think about this for a minute. What are the reasons for a god, any god, even a former visible god, being invisible?

1. We don’t see them because they don’t actually exist – even if they once did.
2. They are not seen any longer because they have gone somewhere else in the universe and have forgotten that we even exist. Or, if they are still alive, they may remember us and come back to visit at some stage, 2,500 years not being very long in a god’s life.
3. We don’t see them because they are a figment of our imagination.
4. They exist on some other plane of existence – they are for example ‘spirit’ and therefore unable to intervene or even ‘appear’ in the physical realm.

There are no other reasons, valid or otherwise, for believing in invisible gods (or ancestors for that matter). So, why do so many of us continue to do so?

Please Stop Looking For What Is Not There.

“Climate Change is not a problem with a solution,” says Paul Kingsnorth.

Let me repeat that. “Climate Change is not a problem with a solution”.

So, why is humanity, or sections of humanity, wasting their time looking for one?

Renewable (so-called) sources of energy are not a solution.
Electric cars are not a solution.
Recycling waste is not a solution.
New types of light bulb are not a solution.
Eating less meat is not a solution.
Investing your money in eco-centric funds is not a solution.

There are no solutions.

Please stop looking for what is not there.

All of those ‘non-solutions’ that we are so busily working at right now are simply different – new and shiny – ways to continue with exactly what we have always done. They all require a continuation of industrial society to accompany their use, which effectively negates any possible usefulness they may have. 

We can not stop climate change. Accept it. There is nothing that you or I can do about it.

Even if we all died today (which is the only way that we could possibly stop contributing to all the things that are and have been driving climate change for at least the past century or more) the forces that are changing the climate would still go on doing so, possibly for decades and taking conditions over that threshold point where the Earth can no longer support a species that walks on two legs and is preoccupied with living in a society based on money and industrial activity. Oh, there may be a few of us left at the end of this century, scrabbling to make a basic life in small groups in far flung corners of the globe – but that is all we can expect. You and I won’t be there. Nor will our children. Perhaps one of our grandchildren might.

Eventually, nature I expect would and will restore a balance. It is doubtful if the Earth ends up like Venus. Another ice-age would come along at some stage, perhaps even in another millennia or so. But there are unlikely to be any, or very many, humans around to witness that.

Thanks to Bev Courtney of ‘Foodnstuff’ blog for the video link

What’s The Good Of A One-sided Ceasefire Agreement?

A ceasefire agreement was put in place starting on 21 July for the border areas between the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in the Ukraine Donbass area and the area controlled by the Kiev government.

The ceasefire lasted for less than two days, broken by units of the Ukraine armed forces who have continued to shell areas of the Donbass region despite the presence of OSCE truce observers. 

Not a word of this, as far as I am aware, has been reported in Western media. It seems this is the conflict the world wants to forget. For detailed reporting of Kiev violations from the Donetsk side see the DAN News site.

There is a limit to the patience of the leadership of the Donbass republics in the face of such violations. This TASS report, not the first on this matter in recent days, declares that such patience as there is is being stretched to the limit and the ceasefire agreement, which now exists in name only, will justifiably be ignored by both sides.

Only better and more effective policing by the observer force will hold it together for much longer.

From Political Interference To A Growth Into Maturity

Another case of US crazy megaphone policy of interference in other nation’s business.

On the cancellation of talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said (TASS):

“We are concerned about irresponsible statements made by US officials who say that the time for dialogue has passed and it is time to act. Any attempts to exert pressure and continue the policy aimed at whipping up tensions reflect the United States’ desire to play the role of ‘an ultimate arbiter’ in the world. It is necessary to put an end to that through joint efforts by all sober-minded politicians and responsible governments.”

The Venezuelan government justifiably called off the talks due to the opposition hailing the US statements of aggression.  But the talks must resume at some stage.  It’s the only sane way.

On this the Russian Foreign Ministry has further said (TASS):

“It is regrettable that the aggressive unilateral measures of the government of another country against Venezuelan citizens are hailed by opposition politicians in Venezuela who are apparently ready to sacrifice the prospects for normalizing the situation for the sake of their own ambitions. We are certain that there is no alternative to dialogue between responsible political forces. Any other scenario is the path to chaos with unpredictable consequences.”

If only America would stay out of global affairs, or perhaps better still, grow up and show something of the same level of maturity that Russia does.