“Reality Transcends Imagination… This Man Is Unpredictable”

The above is a quote from this article:

“Trump scraps Denmark visit after Danes say Greenland not for sale”

He was serious, you know, and that together with the pouting sulk that resulted in the cancellation of his planned visit to Denmark, speaks volumes for the mental state and maturity of the American leader.  How can you deal with such lunacy and such infantility?  Well, you can be straight up and straight spoken, which thank goodness the Danish PM has been.  

Thank goodness because such a ‘deal’ would have been disastrous for the entire world.  

It is inconceivable that any nation anywhere would want or be obliged to sell territory of any sort, even a desert, although maybe a bottomless sinkhole would be all right, to a nation operating on the brink of sanity like the US is, and does, and has done for many a decade now. 

It is almost incomprehensible why any nation would want to be in any sort of relationship with America right now. Those who can see further than the end of their nose are scrambling to rid themselves of any US ties. Especially financial and monetary ties.

Which brings up another question. Where on Earth would the US get the money to pay for a slice of land which is the biggest island in the world? It could only come from being raised as debt – meaning that US companies, institutions and wealthy investors plus mug punters from around the world, would be paying for it – just like everything else in the US these days. Doesn’t America have enough debt already?

I can see why America might want more land, apart from the militarily strategic benefits, and that is that they are going to need somewhere else to live quite soon, as their current territory will become unusable as a place of residence or sustenance within the next decade or so, both as a result of climate change and the human havoc they have wrought upon it.


Erm… Australian Prime Minister, Sir, Did You Read This Before Joining The US Jaunt At Hormuz?

A new report from the United States Study Center, at the University of Sydney says that the US military is no longer the primary force in Asia, and missiles from China’s rapidly improving military could overwhelm its bases in hours.

I wonder if the Australian government knew of or took this report into account before making the stupid decision to join the latest US cowboy jaunt in the Middle East.

Indeed the US military may look powerful but its main arm for projecting force around the world, the US Navy, is built all wrong for warfare today.  Gone are the times that naval groups can be built around hulking aircraft carriers – which are sitting ducks for modern missile systems – and though they have 11 of those in their current fleet line-up only one is deployed outside of US waters and it is suggested that they could not get more than four of them to sea at any one time for a variety of reasons – not least being seamen and airmen to man them and not even considering the cost, which includes the enormous cost of trying to keep them afloat in a combat situation.  Maybe the Marines could prove effective but you have to get their boots on the ground somewhere for that to happen.  And there are not that many places where they would be welcome these days.

An army is going to be of little use to the US in the Pacific and would, such as it is, likely be reserved exclusively for actions in Europe and on Russia’s southern borders where whatever force the US could scrape together (leaving its main bulk to guard the multitude of scattered global bases – which would be ripe for picking in a global conflict), would be well matched by the modern Russian army and its allied nations. 

An air war is also out of the question these days with the enormous cost and small reserves of modern missile systems.  It is unlikely that any nation could wage air war for more than a few days or a couple of rounds of fighting.  Missile stocks are not easily replenished and modern aircraft are nigh on useless without them.

The crux of the matter is that the US has for decades now been basking in the self-reflection of its own past glory – which is now well past its use-by date – and has been caught with its pants around its ankles in weaponry that is 20th century – now unfit for purpose – and a military that is so overburdened by its own weight that it finds it difficult to move effectively. Yes, I’m sure they have multitudes of scatter-brained young boys and overweight old men in reserve that they can call up if needed as some sort of ‘Dad’s Army’, but in terms of effectiveness even if issued with modern weapons their usefulness would be questionable. They would also be dwarfed and negated by opposing Dad’s Army’ units.

Any modern war can not possibly last longer than a few days of actual combat, preceded by possibly weeks or months of preparation (if that is allowed to happen by the other side).

So, is anyone mad enough to start something that can only end one way? 

The current state of Western nation leadership does not offer much confidence that sense will prevail. 

Revelations To Rock Washington

I have consistently reported James Howard Kunstler’s assertions (here, here, here, here and numerous earlier posts) that documentary evidence will be brought against those responsible for the prosecution of the ‘Russia Collusion’ lies fronted by the Mueller investigation over more than 2 years, now debunked, leading to potential jail time for Mueller himself, the Clintons, the Obamas, and many in the Democratic party leadership, the US intelligence services and even in the DOJ. 

I did that because I believed and still believe those allegations to be true.

It seems that over the next few months, according to Kunstler and now also to ‘The Hill’ in this article, those proceeding will actually happen, based on such documentary evidence.  Some details of that are shared in this article: “10 declassified Russia collusion revelations that could rock Washington this fall”

I expect deep disruptions to ensue.

Tugging On The Monster’s Skirts …Again

So, my country, Australia, continues its time honoured practice of making the wrong military decisions by acceding to US pressure to join it in an ill thought out plan to police the Straits of Hormuz.

I suspect that the US, embarrassed by the lack of international support for its scheme (only UK and Bahrain are also in the club), but emboldened by the recent Aussie request for access to US oil reserves (since Australia actually has a policy of not having more than a few weeks supply), has exerted extra pressure on our government to comply.

The operation is supposed to adhere to the rules of international law but, as is generally known, America is the nation least likely to restrict its activities to such trivial matters. 

Here we go again.  Tugging on the monster’s skirts.  

Nothing good can come of this decision.  Especially in light of Russia’s UN bid for a properly actioned global strategy (as opposed to US vigilante posse mentality) which is yet to be discussed. 

Normal Service Will Not Be Resumed

A thoughtful piece this time from young Jim Kunstler.  A potted history of the existence of man.  Brought right up to date to the current decade.  It is interesting to realise all that has come before and what we now see and, if we have any sense of the occasion, what we now fear. 

There is no normal.  

Folks as ancient as me have had years to experience much of what has now passed, perhaps – if we have been paying attention – something of the wisdom to be gained from going through it, but most of all the pain of realising that it is almost all over – and not just for us.

Jim expresses this all so eloquently.

I simply despair for those younger than myself who have so many unendurable things yet to experience and to endure in the years ahead.

I’m sorry, young folk, that we couldn’t have left you with a better world.  We really didn’t know what we were doing.  Most, simply enjoying the times we had and the amazing madcap journey of discovery we were on – until it was too late.  And even now that we, some of us, realise our mistakes, and contemplate the enormous cost and burden on our children that we have heaped up, we cannot completely tear ourselves away from those times past that we now see slipping away behind on the downward side of the hill.

There is no normal.


Idlib Is Syrian Not Turkish

On Monday, August 19, as Syrian army units were successfully retaking control of the town of Khan Sheikhoun, a Turkish army convoy including tanks entering Syria to ostensibly reinforce its garrison in one of the ‘observation posts’ in Idlib, was attacked by the Syrian air force.

Turkey was naturally upset by this action, but Turkey also needs to realise that Syria is not a party to the Russia, Iran, Turkey ceasefire guarantorship over the Idlib province.  As far as Syria is concerned, while Russia and Iran are partners with the Syrian government, and operate in the country by invitation, that invitation does not extend to Turkey who, like the US and EU nations, are considered invaders of Syria.

Turkey wants the ceasefire enforced, primarily because that favours their own agenda, but the ceasefire never extended to terrorists in Idlib, many of which operate with Turkish backing.

The whole thing is a mess.  A mess which can be laid squarely at the door of the US authorities who started the conflict too many years ago for me to remember.   

Syria is absolutely within its rights to fire on Turkish military units within its borders.  I back them all the way on that.  Syria also is in great need for the Idlib terrorist situation to be resolved.  Allowing them to remain there under a ceasefire is not a solution.  The only viable solution is the elimination of the threat.  No nation should stand in the way of that – including Turkey.

The Syrian army is, incidentally, doing a fine job, with Russian backing, to prosecute that plan.  Russia, as a guarantor partner with Turkey, and therefore responsible for them being in Syria, should do what is necessary to ensure that Turkey stays out of the way. 

Climate Empowered Discoveries

Russia’s Northern Fleet performs important archaeological and related tasks on freshly uncovered Arctic islands now emerged from melting icecap, courtesy of climate change.  They hope to fill in some ‘blank spots’ on the map.

This story from: https://tass.com/society/1074049

I will make no comment on the implications surrounding the need and even the possibility of performing these tasks in the situation of the rapidly changing Arctic region in the 21st century.

I simply wait for the time when exploration of the Greenland land mass will be possible for the first time in human history for the same reasons.  If anyone is left to do the exploring.

Khan Sheikhoun Justice

Syrian government troops enter terrorist-held Khan Sheikhoun in southern Idlib — TV

That’s wonderful news.  This town was lost by Syria to Western backed  terrorists in 2014.  It is now recovered, five years later.   

You may recall that Khan Shaykhun was the place where the West falsely accused the Syrian government of using Sarin gas in a chemical attack which took place on 4 April 2017 and a hot-headed Trump monster immediately used that as an excuse to launch an unsuccessful missile attack on Syrian Air Force installations.  Evidence was later produced indicating that the terrorists themselves, most likely aided by Western special forces, carried out the attack using chemicals imported into the country by and from the West.  All now to no avail whatsoever.

As this TASS report says:

“According to the al-Watan newspaper, over the past three weeks (Syrian) government forces have taken control over 18 settlements in the south of the Idlib governorate, killing 1,257 terrorists, including 400 foreign mercenaries, and destroying more than 30 tanks, 19 armored vehicles and 169 all-terrain cars.”

The loss of not one of which scum will deplete the world of an ounce of value.  May they all so perish.

A Major Moment In History?

“Global financial markets may be in the midst of a major moment in history”

Whether anything can be done about it or not, we need to be aware of just how shaky the world’s finances are just now – and going forward.

When you can’t make money by saving, but you can by borrowing (provided you can pay it back), that is a thing of deep concern.

That is already happening in some parts of the world and the rest of the world is heading towards that. It is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t buy debt, in whatever form. And especially in government bonds.

As this report says:

“Where all this ends is anyone’s guess, but this is not sustainable.

Everything we ever knew or thought we understood about finance gradually and with little fuss has been turned on its head.

History in the making? Maybe. Uncharted territory? Absolutely.”


A Book You Should Probably Read…

The fairy tale that many people, most likely including yourself, believe about climate change – as told in the very first paragraph (quoted below) from the recent book: ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’, by David Wallace-Wells. I’m sure you can find it if you want to, without me advertising for major book-sellers. It is easy enough to do, so I do not include a url link here.

“It is worse, much worse, than you think. The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn’t happening at all, and comes to us bundled with several others in an anthology of comforting delusions: that global warming is an Arctic saga, unfolding remotely; that it is strictly a matter of sea level and coastlines, not an enveloping crisis sparing no place and leaving no life undeformed; that it is a crisis of the “natural” world, not the human one; that those two are distinct, and that we live today somehow outside or beyond or at the very least defended against nature, not inescapably within and literally overwhelmed by it; that wealth can be a shield against the ravages of warming; that the burning of fossil fuels is the price of continued economic growth; that growth, and the technology it produces, will allow us to engineer our way out of environmental disaster; that there is any analogue to the scale or scope of this threat, in the long span of human history, that might give us confidence in staring it down.”

Now, I have to say that I haven’t read the book. As I write this, the first paragraph is as far as I have progressed in it, but something about what is said there I feel is important enough to at least raise attention to the work since it mirrors my own views. So it is a good start. I just hope that it doesn’t deteriorate into one of those soppy ‘if we do things right we will be OK’ type of environmental books, because no bigger lie was ever perpetrated (other than perhaps the ‘if you eat of the fruit of the tree, you will die’ misanthropy directed at the religiously weak of mind and easily subordinated among us). The book title gives me hope that it will be forthright on the matter. I will be happy if it scares the pants off me – though I doubt there is much among that which we are about to experience at the hands of Earth’s climate, but which I haven’t yet thought about, which could do that.

I leave it to you to decide whether you will make yourself aware of the truth of the climate change enigma now quickly approaching.