Syria, The Week In Review

While the Turks and terrorists gloat over the retaking of Saraqib and the important M4/M5 highway junction there, over the past week Syrian forces have recovered a much larger area of their lands to the south in the mountainous salient and the plain of al-Ghab to the west of it that has been a thorn in the Syrian military’s side for the past couple of years at least and are poised to strike further north to liberate much of the M4 highway.  They are also massing elite troops, many of whom are supposedly dead according to Turkish propaganda, to retake Saraqib, perhaps even as I am writing this.

The events of the past week are quite well summarised in  this Southfront video report.




While there is some danger that this conflict will escalate to a war between Russia and Turkey – and most of that talk is coming from the Turkish side, who have been ‘squealing like stuck pigs’ over losing a few of their own troops – the US and NATO have not, to my knowledge, made any statements indicating any kind of military support for their Turkish ally.  The UN of course has pointlessly called for a nationwide ceasefire and a stepping back from escalation.

How do you cease firing when under constant attack from forces that have no right whatsoever to be attacking you on your own land.  Syria can not and should not cease fighting for the liberation of its sovereign territory.  “There is no military solution” says the UN.  Well, as I see it, in reality, given the intransigence of both the terrorists and the invading nations, there is nothing other than a military solution.  And it will not end until a complete victory by Syria is achieved.  Until then, there is nothing to talk about.  Ceasefire = Defeat.

Anyway, since when did supporting terrorist organisations become a legitimate policy for any national government?  Don’t answer that, everyone knows, or should know, that this has been US government policy for at least the past two decades.  Whether officially or not, NATO countries also clandestinely do it.  And now Turkey very openly does it.  It seems to have been a mostly Western thing but now the disease is apparently spreading. But so far only among those nations in any way affiliated militarily with the US.

Escalation In Syria?

Well, it’s beginning to get a bit real and a bit nasty now in Syria’s Idlib – and I might just point out that it is Syria’s Idlib, no-one else’s.

Did those Turkish Ottoman Empire deluded bastards (I originally used much stronger language here but somehow managed to self-censor) really think they could get away with invading a sovereign nation without taking any sort of hit themselves? Well they have been thoroughly reminded today that their tenure is unwelcome with a devastating air strike on one of their convoys. Whether this was just Syrian aircraft involved in that strike or Russian aircraft also, is not yet clear, but the Turks have launched missile attacks on Syria’s central Hama, some northern towns and also at Latakia, in response. Whether the Russian military base at Latakia was targeted in that attack is also not yet clear. At the moment all is a bit foggy – like the image below.

This is a dangerous move and it was always on the cards. I don’t want to be alarmist but it is also on the cards that this will escalate further, possibly bringing in stronger Russian support and eventually even the US and its cowardly NATO partners may also claim that a red line has been crossed and intervene in some way themselves. Then it will be a free for all. Of course if Western air forces do get involved, they will most certainly be shot out of the sky, possibly before they get anywhere near Syrian territory. I think they already know that.

Those cowardly Israeli Zionist dogs have already attacked by helicopter some Syrian military bases from the Golan Heights area. They dare not overfly Syria these days. They wouldn’t be above sacrificing a helicopter or two to give some impetus to US warmongers to get involved.

All in all it is becoming a total mess. And not a mess of Syria’s making, or Russia’s making, or Iran’s making. This is all totally down to morally bankrupt Western nations led by the mindless and indescribably evil US with their puppet states and slimy slug hangers on, Turkey, Israel and the despicable Saudi regime.

But I am adamant that there should be no ceasefire, as called for by the UN. This is a war to either end the Western aggression in Syria and the wider Middle East, or to end the role of mankind on planet Earth. It must be played out to one of those conclusions. Either one. And I don’t much care which. 


Incidentally, it is ridiculous for news media to claim only 33 Turkish deaths. There were that many before the bitter fighting of the last week. The true figure must be somewhere up around the 100 mark after today’s events.

We know how the US always downplays its own casualties these days. We now know there were well over 100 casualties from the Iranian missile attack in Iraq (last month, I think), rising from ‘no casualties’ through ‘a few headaches’ to an official count of 109 at my last reading. If there were 109 casualties you can bet your boots that you wouldn’t be able to count the deaths using just your fingers and thumbs. Of course those deaths will be hidden by other ‘accidents’.

I just want to add a personal comment.

Things didn’t need to end up like this – whatever this turns out to be. Syria never asked for or deserved to be put in this position. By some counts over half a million people have died so far in this conflict – the vast majority of them innocents.

What kind of world are we building, that can tolerate never-ending war around the globe? War that never touches the true perpetrators – or has not, so far. But it will, if it comes to the final solution being played out. It will touch us all.

I am certain that the vast majority of humanity do not want that to happen. And yet we sit in our homes, mostly oblivious as to what is going on in our world. Generally that is because our world, that which we conceive as being our world, the sphere of our personal interactions with others, the limits of our normal day-to-day thinking, is so curtailed in its size, shrivelled in its exclusiveness and blind to all else that exists outside of it (and that may not be our fault exclusively but due to …well, a great many things – too many to list here, but all of them induced or impressed upon us externally), that we are afraid to step outside of that limited vision to see for ourselves what actually matters in the real world going on all around us …and how we are being manipulated to ignore all those truly important things.

We live in a prison. The prison of our own minds. And it is a prison with no parole.

We might as well be dead. And we soon may well be that.

Swings Still Swinging – Roundabouts Still Revolving

The swings and roundabouts I last spoke of in Syria’s Idlib are still ongoing, and while everything is not yet clear it seems that the Syrians have given up some ground around, or perhaps even in, the recently liberated Saraqib area to the terrorists directly assisted by Turkey.  Although there are reports that Syria’s elite Tiger Forces have now arrived on the scene to restore order. 

In a seemingly strange move, the Syrians have allowed this to happen – drawing in most of the Turkish and terrorist forces to the area – while the Syrians moved most of their attacking units further south. Strange but apparently working out to the Syrian’s advantage.  The map image below was issued on Wednesday 26 Feb and shows (red arrows) areas the Syrian army had liberated up to that point.  I can now declare that the whole of the green area on this map has now turned from green to government red, vastly shortening the front line that government troops need to hold.  I suspect they, having now released reinforcements to retake the Saraqib area, will continue north to liberate most of the important M4 highway, effectively ending any possibility for terrorists to continue operating in this area.  So, maybe there was method in the Syrian madness. 

This is, incidentally, a do or die thing.   Vicious, no-holds-barred warfare with no prisoners taken.  All terrorists must die – which is their wish anyway.  I am pleased to see this being carried out. As reported in the linked article, a senior terrorist leader has been ‘eliminated’ in his hometown area. The word used for his demise is I expect pointedly chosen.   


And I see that the Chief Poobah of La-La-Land, a certain or perhaps uncertain Mr Mike Pompeo, has been waffling along, hardly able to read his teleprompter, spluttering his lying words into the microphone, unable to look anyone in the eye as he speaks of children, declaring a no possibility of Syrian victory in Idlib situation. Well, watch this space Mr Poobah.


What He Said

“Assange is a Political Prisoner and by Law Cannot Be Extradited” – TeleSUR

The speaker in this Youtube video is Andrew Wilkie, an Australian independent Member of Parliament and ex-Army officer, known for championing just causes that the Australian government is lax or antagonistic to support itself. So it is good to see him getting this sort of publicity. The Wilkie Report – Free Julian Assange

Preparation Is Key For Emergency Survival

For many years now I have been an advocate of a state of preparedness for unexpected emergencies.  Perhaps more than ever now, as we enter the third decade of the 21st century, such preparedness is something I personally consider to be an essential survival mechanism.  Not that being prepared, even to the extreme level taken by some – mostly Americans – is any guarantee of a safe passage through even the most rudimentary of disasters.  There is no guarantee of such and, as much as anything, that would be down to a large slice of luck.  But you can extend your ‘luck’ by judicial preparation.  And as this article from The Conversation (Australian version) says, that is a pretty rational way to look at things. 

“Stocking up to prepare for a crisis isn’t ‘panic buying’. It’s actually a pretty rational choice” – The Conversation

From a state of occasionally empty supermarket shelves to one of no more supermarket deliveries, ever, one day, and perhaps not too far away, you are going to wish you had done something about that. 

Note also the link in that article to Australia’s ABC ‘Survival Kit’ page.  It’s pretty basic and has not been updated in 5 years, but better than nothing.

Australians in general have a distaste for ‘panic buying’ and those who indulge in such activity. That is not a rational reaction and is born from two things. One is fear. Fear that they will be left without necessities as a result. The other is incapacity. An incapacity, due to living on the edge of lifestyle insolvency – a situation for which they feel no need to take responsibility to adjust – and an incapacity to actually make the temporarily additional purchases toward building an emergency kit. Even though, once built, such a kit would assuage the effects of both those things, and in addition provide a degree of comfort that possession of such even minor preparation secures. Both those conditions arise from the singularly false expectations that all needs will be provided for in a stable world. The world we are entering now will prove to be many things, but ‘stable’ is not on the list possibilities.

‘Swings and Roundabouts’ – Planned, I’m Sure.

It’s a game of ‘swings and roundabouts’ – planned, I’m sure.

The latest from Idlib shows that Syrian forces, with complete air supremacy across the region, have forced the collapse of terrorist defences across southern Idlib and are advancing on a number of salients towards the M4 highway – including taking the towns of Kafr Nubl and Hass which I incorrectly mentioned on Sunday.  This is a mostly mountainous region that has eluded the Syrian forces previously – but its time has come.

These gains come at a cost – perhaps a planned cost – keeping the Turkish forces and most regional militants – who must now be feeling the effects of their earlier losses in manpower and equipment and from the continual bombing and air attacks by both Russian and Syrian forces – busy further north and giving the Syrian ground troops free reign to take the whole of Southern Idlib from them – a task that should be accomplished within a few days. 

The terrorists, backed directly by Turkey, have made some inroads into the town of al-Nayrab west of Saraqib – recently taken from them by the Syrian forces.  Reports differ as to how much of the town is in terrorist hands but it is less than an hour drive along the M5 to that area from either north or south, so I’m sure that as soon as relieving Syrian forces can be gathered, the area will be recovered for the government.  Terrorist forces are now too weak to retain it for long and Turkey does not really have any heart in this matter – even though it is willing to commit mountains of military gear to the cause.  I feel that Syria still has the upper hand in this and will not rest until all of Idlib has been cleared of the NATO backed scum that remains there for now.  

There are, incidentally, no real civilians remaining in this region.  They have all left either via government secured corridors to safe areas or to the Turkish border where they will presumably be fed into refugee streams towards Europe    Which I expect is why the leaders of both France and Germany want talks with Russia about the matter.  Russia must hold strong and deny any attempt at cease-fire talk.  Both France and Germany have what is coming to them as joint instigators of the Syrian conflict.  I have no sympathy for either of those nations.

I don’t have images to share today but there are maps in the links below – as up to date as possible in this fast changing environment.



Added after publication:

I just found this, which has some bearing on the story – and a picture, which seems to have little relevance – but, hey, it’s a picture.

“Talk about truce with terrorists in Idlib means surrender — Lavrov” – TASS

NATO Operates ‘Sharing Economy’ With al-Qaeda Terrorists And Other Undesirables

Admitted in theSouthfront report linked below, the Turkish military (part of NATO), shares operational war rooms with, and generally operates alongside, the al-Qaeda affiliated and other terrorist groups operating in Syria’s Idlib province against the legitimate government armed forces of Syria.

Having agreed (or not) on their joint plans for the day, the terrorists – obviously being quicker off the mark than the Turkish soldiers – simply walk up and jump in any Turkish military vehicle left lying around, taking their pick of battle tanks and armoured personnel carriers – and, I suppose, artillery too.

Can you believe that?  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! I can’t get the smile off my face.  What a laugh.  What a joke.  What a crazy military outfit?

This admission goes some way to answering why on the few occasions we have seen Turkish troops in fighting trim in Idlib, they have been of foot.  Also why Turkey needs to bring fresh convoys of vehicles into Idlib every night – the terrorists keep losing them.

Turkey may be running out of its older US tanks now because there are reports of Leopard 2 tanks being sent to the border area.  Although those beauties may be a bit too high-tech for the terrorist mind bred on old soviet era and US gear.

This admission of working alongside terrorist groups by NATO, which we know has been general practice for many years in the Middle East, may give Australia cause to claim that it was ISIS pilots who were flying the Australian F18s back in September 2017 that killed up to 80 Syrian soldiers who were engaged in attacking an ISIS position near Deir Ezzor, allowing the head-choppers to overcome the attackers and control the area.  I will never allow that foul deed to be forgotten – whoever it was.

And of course we also know who owns the black helicopters frequently, and openly, seen transporting armed ISIS militants from one area to another all across that region of the world. 


Shameful, isn’t it?

Listen, You Dimwitted, Delusional, US Political Class Twats

Please allow me to give my own rendition (in the purest form of that word) of what Russia should be saying to the US but would never stoop to using the sort of language that I am prepared to use.  See the TASS report below for what they actually say.  

Listen, you dim-witted, delusional, US political class Twats –  Russia did not, has not, is not and will not, meddle in any way in your insipid, barely functional, notoriously dishonest, deceitful and outrageously dishonourable domestic affairs.  Why would they?  Why would anyone want to disturb the ongoing deterioration and decay endemic to your so-called ‘democracy’?  The world is happy to just sit and watch you determinedly destroy yourselves.

Please take this as official denunciation of and notification that your delusions of any form of Russian interest whatsoever in what you do to yourselves behind closed doors are totally unfounded.

It is realised that you are probably totally incapable of understanding a message of this complexity, so please arrange to have it explained to you in very simple words – if in fact you can stop your childish infighting for long enough to listen.

“Russia strictly observes principle of non-interference into US domestic affairs — official” – TASS

Syrian Advance Continues In Idlib

The Syrian army has continued its advance yesterday all along the eastern Idlib front south of the M4.  Their intention is to obviously close off that whole region to terrorists and make the Turkish positions untenable there by controlling that major roadway.

In this regard they are totally ignoring the presence of Turkish forces in the area, which must be of some embarrassment to Turkish president Erdogan – having vociferously threatened to drive the Syrians back to where they started.  He, of course, has no hope of doing that.  In fact Turkish casualties are mounting in the process and have now reached at least 30 dead.  The Turks are apparently building a third line of ‘observation points’, though I fail to understand why.  The first two lines have more or less already been neutralised and remain within Syrian government controlled areas – observing what?  How successful the Syrian army is?

Meanwhile the terrorists continue to use Turkish weapons and armour – equally ineffectively and with massive losses in manpower.  Why do they continue?  Well, put simply, they have nowhere else to go – except maybe Libya, as mercenaries – or Europe, as refugees. 



Free Internet For All?

Taking a welcome break from war reports, here is an interesting story.

The British, who are very happy to originate their own bare-faced lies about Russia (think Skripal, just as an example) or perpetuate the bare-faced lies of others (think anything to do with NATO’s Russophobia, just as an example), but are very grateful (or perhaps that is crediting them with too much humanity) to use the services of Russia (just as their loony mates across the Atlantic are) to launch anything they want to reach near-earth orbit in space. 

Over 30 OneWeb satellites delivered from Florida to Baikonur spaceport – TASS

They, also like their mates across the big water, have neither the capacity nor the wherewithal to do that sort of thing for themselves.  That is kind of ironic, don’t you think?

They can think big, I will give them that.  But, think as hard as they like, they will never be able to do what Russia can do right now.   I can say that quite authoritatively about both those Western states because both of their economies are literally junk and about to collapse.  Meaning they, both of them, at some time before 2030 and probably this year, will not have two cents or two pence to rub together to produce anything.

So, hopefully, as a parting gesture to modern technology, they can produce the remaining 500 or so internet satellites for Russia to launch before that happens – providing the rest of the world with free internet for as long as it lasts.

We might just forgive them some of their many other misdemeanours if they can leave us with that legacy, before they sink into obscurity and are forever forgotten.

I had better stop there (and wipe the smile off my face) before I get too carried away with dreams of a better world without troublemakers.  Forget what I said, just read the TASS article.

“Over 30 OneWeb satellites delivered from Florida to Baikonur spaceport” – TASS