As They Say, What Goes Around…

As Jim Kunstler points out in his latest blog post, it has been a long 36 months since Donald J Trump, the most unlikely and perhaps the most unpresidential President ever – though there would not be much of a gap between him and the old Jay Dubbyer, and perhaps he was the only available choice for any sensible American to have made as 2016 drew to an end.

The analogy of a slow motion train wreck is somewhat overused these days but it does essentially categorise what has taken place since that time, in terms of the gradual self-destruction of the US Democratic Party, too focused on the intended demise of the Trumpster Presidential Reign to notice that their own actions were slowly but surely engineering their own engine on a course toward a collision with the bumper stops of reality rapidly approaching at the end of the track.

Well, the 37th month (which incidentally starts today) will mark the beginning – still in slow motion of course – of the collision point between the seemingly unstoppable force (the DEMS so-called Resistance movement) and the immovable object (Reality) – and reality always wins out in those contests.

Since I hitched my pony to Kunstler’s wagon a long time ago, it is a moment that I will particularly savour. If I didn’t already believe in Karma, or something like it, I would now be starting to read up about it. 

By December 9 we should start to hear the screeching of metal on metal. Stand by for – ‘The Turnaround’  If you are not sure what I am talking about, and even if you are, read Jim’s piece – he can explain it all much better than I ever could. I will just say that the ‘Go Around’ has already gone around. It is time now for the ‘Comes Around’ to come around. It has been a long wait, but as always, everything seems to happen just at its appointed time.

There’ll be no more silly talk of impeachment by the end of this month. The hierarchy now pushing for that will be cooling their heels waiting for sentencing. Their own.

And that may just be the start of something much bigger.  The breakup of the good old USofA, with all the turmoil that can be imagined to go with that. People are not going to like not having an election next year. Well, you can’t have an election with no credible opposition, can you? Well, yess you caaan… That’s something like what China and a few other one party states do, isn’t it? Some of them quite successfully. But it can’t possibly be misnamed as democracy. Wellll, I suppose it could… democracy is a misnomer in common use for entirely undemocratic states – mainly in the West. And has been for a long time now.

Minsk, Spinsk, It’s All A Game – with people’s lives

“Russia’s envoy slams Kiev’s statements on non-compliance with its obligations”

I don’t want to keep harping on about this, but I will if I have to, and the West (including Ukraine) is playing  it for all it is worth, but the Minsk agreements championed by the so-called Normandy Four, are dead in the water, barely floating, and certainly incapable of movement.

Neither side actually involved in the case – the Kiev government and the breakaway Donbass republics – actually want anything to do with Minsk.  Kiev sees it as a Russian plot to denude them of part of Ukraine through a separation of control, and neither Donetsk or Lugansk really want to prolong any further ties with Ukraine, preferring to hitch their wagons to Russia.

And Russia, standing alone against the West, a position it would rather not be in, is trying to roll shit uphill in pushing for the fulfilment of Minsk – an impossible dream – because it does not want the trauma that would inevitably follow if it were to accept these new republics into its fold (although I also feel sure it will do that if push comes to shove).  Russia, If I judge this right, would simply prefer for all other alternatives to be played out first, but will as a last resort ensure the safety of its diasporic people from annihilation by Western barbaric hordes.  I doubt those people, the Donbassians, will easily give up the land they have claimed as their own – some of the best and most productive land that Ukraine used to have.  

America, having little part to play – other than through less than subtle undercurrents – as a result of being shamelessly exposed for starting this all off with one of its infamous regime change coups and economic rape sessions, still hovers in the background as a ruthless snake in the grass, feeding such fires as it is able, through military and covert assistance.

All of this is just a measure of the sad state of affairs that the world finds itself in at the close of yet another failed civilisation.  We  must endure it and also share in the pain of those closest to the fraction zones of a dying society.

In the end, none of us may get away completely unscathed, wherever we have pitched our tents.

A side order of Dem/Shit -ocracy

“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer Social Democracy (if such exists) or Western Shitocracy (which is a definite thing).

Actually this article is not about that – though it covers the subject – but about what the title of the piece says, which is an infinitely more interesting question – answered with a flourish from the pen of ‘The Saker’.

“Can Russia (or Iran) survive without China?”

While there are many statements in there that are so true and so in line with my own views it gives me goosebumps to read them, I will say no more.

Just read the damn thing.  It’s very educational. 

It Certainly Is Wrong…

…and the Russians should be very careful about placing any kind of trust in the America that they have in the past called ‘our US partners’, but are now it seems more wisely referring to as ‘our US counterparts’.

‘Partners’?  Wherever did Russia get that idea from?  They will never, ever, unless some dramatic and it could be argued impossible changes occur in the American psyche, be allowed to be thought of as US partners.  Sad, but true.

Do the Russians think, or in any way consider it a possibility that, if the boot were on the other foot, and it was the Russians who needed a lift for their cosmonauts out to the ISS in a US space vehicle, that reciprocation would be forthcoming?  Of course it wouldn’t.  Not a snowball’s chance in hell would that happen.

Anyway, all that aside, what is it that ‘certainly is wrong‘ as in my post title? It is the US attitude to the matter of foreign policy as it applies to anything to do with Russia. 

As the hard working Russian Foreign Minister – Sergey Lavrov (where does he get his stamina and fortitude from?) says – in this TASS post:

“The United States has long worked on relations with the Central Asian countries.  We know that it has been openly persuading the Central Asian countries, although most of them are our military and political allies, to refrain from the further development of relations with Russia. We never do things like that.”

“It is always possible to find opportunities for developing cooperation with this or that country to mutual benefit and to safeguard one’s interests without trying to infringe on the legitimate interests of that country and to develop cooperation with third partners. Regrettably, the United States pursues such a policy. It manifests itself not only in Central Asia. The Americans conduct the same policy in relations with all of our foreign partners in Asia, Latin America and Africa. We draw the attention of our US counterparts to this whenever we meet. We believe it is wrong.”

Yes, it certainly is wrong – on all levels.  It is also self-destructive – a policy always backfiring on those who pursue it.  Why the US does still pursue such a policy is beyond me.  It reflects a bad attitude, and one that doesn’t align with the idea of friendly relations – especially when it can only be made effective in conjunction with the ‘big stick’ approach.  An approach that the US, always relying mostly on bluff, is no longer able to wield – as has been proven by the resistance to its plans and threats by the relatively small nation of Syria.

I would say that where such US foreign policy has worked in the past, it will never work again anywhere – and in any case could never produce the kind of international friendship, allegiance or alliance that other more sincere, collegial, and therefore conducive policies might foster.  The kind of policies that Russia offers – securing lasting and mutually beneficial friendships everywhere – for instance.

It is the difference between great minds and big hearts versus small minds and selfish hearts.  And it shows.  Openly revealing itself for all who have open eyes and open minds, to see.   

Read the story – you’ll see what I mean: US urges Central Asian countries to avoid developing relations with Russia — Lavrov

Hope For Less Unbalanced World

No nation on Earth possesses the kind of advanced weapons that Russia does, and no nation will reach the same capabilities as Russia’s weapons currently have, perhaps for decades to come. And this is not just one weapon but a whole range of such weapons, as announced by the Russian President in March last year – which the world media predictably poo-pooed but many of which have and are now coming into service with the nation’s military.

The world should be grateful then that it is a peace loving Russia and not some other more cavalierly aggressive cowboy outfit that is in this position of power.  The “also ran’s” in the global arms business should therefore, if they had any sense of the gravity of their position that is, be attempting to negotiate some form of arms limitation treaty with Russia for the sake of ensuring that no nation can unilaterally hold the world to ransom by using their weapons as a potential threat.

This becomes increasingly important because…
…in 18 months time, if the current ‘New START’ agreement on arms limitation has not been extended or replaced by some superceding (like it or not, that’s how it is spelt) similar agreement, “then there would be no instrument in the world to curtail the arms race,” as President Putin already said to the Financial Times back in June of this year.

Russia knows only too well the importance of such treaties to the safety of the world and has been working hard towards achieving a substantial result – perhaps for the first time in history acting from a position of power not previously enjoyed.  The cowboy nation which has long enjoyed such power but now finds itself in a subordinate role, is predictably hedging a bit and not being too forthcoming with the kind of proposals it is used to demanding, instead trying to spread the scope of the matter in hope of a more acceptable result for itself.

But time is running out  …and Russia continues to to develop even more advanced weaponry – with the intention to never permitting the shadow of the US to overcast and dominate the world again.

Like I said, we should be grateful.   

“Demonstration of Russia’s Avangard system may stir US into extending New START — expert” – TASS

Russia demonstrates Avangard hypersonic missile system to US

Russia’s 1st two Avangard hypersonic missile systems to assume combat duty — source

Hot Air, or Gaslighting?

Ukraine threatens to steal Russian gas from Jan 1, 2020 – if Russia sends any supply down the transit pipeline crossing that country.

“Kiev says will pump Russian transit gas to storages in 2020 if no transit contract signed”

Looks like being a cold winter in Ukraine then, eh! Is this just Naftogas bravado or government policy?

Where do they get these ridiculous ideas? They have to have originated in America somewhere, since that is where the thinking part of Ukraine, such as exists, is known to lurk.

Direct supply of gas to Ukraine from Russia ceased in 2015, due to non-payment following the rape of the nation’s economy by US interests (including the Biden family), but transit of gas still occurs to the EU over Ukraine territory and Ukraine does get some supplies through back-flow of the Russian gas purchased from the EU. 

Certain European nations that such action to confiscate gas may possibly effect, may have something to say about all that – although two new pipelines which bypass Ukraine altogether, may be operating by then and, in any case, the EU claims to have full underground storage itself, with enough to last through the winter.

US Resurrects “Reds Under The Bed” Alarmism

…and of course Australia, US lapdog – “love you long time” – laps up the hype.

The people, I hope, are not buying it.

“China says alleged plot to groom Nick Zhao to infiltrate Australian Parliament ‘nothing but lies'”

Wild stories emanating from certain conservative Australian politicians operating from “a state of hysteria” and “extreme nervousness” (a pretty apt description of these alarmists I think), are being used – and it doesn’t take a genius to understand where the motives and incentives for raising such contentions originate, when you consider that they are actually part of a softening up process for the gullible among the Australian and other regional public populations, to make acceptable the setting up of US run joint military bases across the Indo-Pacific – as proposed by Congress in a report which contains more lies than the average bullshit produced by that institution (see article “Australia struggling to contain increasing Chinese political interference, US warns”

The last thing our region needs is more dumb, zombie jarheads running amok and causing more terrorist activity, which always accompanies their presence, anywhere – due mainly to the company they keep and are associated with.

The US, incidentally, likes the idea of joint military bases. Being a bankrupt nation themselves, it is a way for other nations to fund their own occupation by US forces.

Misplaced Trust In Human Nature

Australia’s Westpac Bank – one of the Big Four – bringing a new level of meaning to the term ‘Banksters’.

“Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer quits amid pressure over money laundering scandal”

23 Million separate breaches of the law.

What can you say?

Symptomatic of the times? Yes, of course.

The product of human greed or incompetence? Yes, of course.

A blight on society? Yes, of course.

But, who can you trust? No-one.

Why do things have to be this way? It’s human nature.

And, is human society worth preserving? A definite NO.

So, what’s to be done? Nothing. It will all be resolved, or at least be overshadowed, with the imminent fall of mankind, the destruction of the kind of society which fosters such activity, and the removal of opportunity and motivation in a world reduced to a state of basic existence, fully occupied with the tasks of personal survival in a constant battle against the hostile elements of the natural world without the backing of technology, wealth, or anything else of value to gain.

But even that of course will not remove the basic problem of the nature of man.

“The American News Media Is Committing Suicide Along With The Democratic Party” – Kunstler

What a lead up to the end of the year. 

It appears to be ‘Show Time’, and I don’t mean the “Adam Schiff’s impeachment soap opera” sideshow – made just for laughs, or perhaps just to showcase the impressario’s googly eyes. 

The all-American media and political showboat is beginning to generate great entertainment value.  Don’t miss it. 

I’m not sure who is playing the ‘Queen of Hearts’ in this seasonal pantomime – perhaps AG Barr – but it is clear that a lot of heads are going to roll.

“The Resistance Digs Their Hole Deeper” – that’s (just to be clear) the hole they are going to bury themselves in.

…and Another Thing That Astounds

…is the sheer level of dirty tricks that the West is prepared to go to to influence the affairs of other countries.

“Belarusian opposition spends West’s money on mansions and cars, says president”

I am tending towards the view that someone should just nuke the bastards and be done with it.  They will never change – for as long as they continue to exist. And the world would eventually be a better place without them. They are incorrigible and insufferable.

I don’t really mean that of course.  In any case, those who are actually responsible for global unrest and interference would probably escape the carnage.  

But what can we do?  How do you negate the actions of psychopathically motivated zealous lunatics?