Greta Thunberg – A Serious Misuse Of Innocence

Allow me to say that I have great admiration for young Greta Thunberg.  A mere slip of a girl at sixteen and a year less than that when she first began her journey to become a household name around the world.  

A journey that has meant that she has needed to overcome the natural reticence and tendency toward introspection of a child blessed (if that is the right word) with what we know as Aspergers Syndrome.  A young woman with an unfeigned innocence who can also speak fluently in the international language of diplomacy and business, not being her own national language, with conviction and fervour on a subject of prime relevance to all of us.

A child, ripe for the utilisation of an insanely inhuman, self-indulgent, self-preserving, global capitaliism based conglomerate of heartless corporate blood-lust and their recently manufactured armies of climate related NGOs whose only aim is to foster and preserve the failing capitalist system that in fact currently controls the world. And haven’t they done a job of riding on the back of so young a flag bearer to further their diabolical rape of our planet?

Greta’s message on climate change, the world’s inaction and choice to continue a path of ‘eternal economic growth’ is valid, unqualifiably valid, but her call for action to fight climate change is misdirected, as I have said elsewhere. Such action is futile. Our best plan would be to stop doing what we have been doing. For more on that, see my ‘The Climate Action Follies’ and its follow up ‘Addendum To Climate Action Follies’.

I was only vaguely aware of the Thunberg phenomenon until she I’m sure came to everyone’s attention on the stage of the UN General Assembly.  Her message is riveting in its impact – a message I cannot personally fault, though it has inspired a great deal of antagonism from many quarters.  But who can doubt her sincerity and integrity – and her anger and frustration?

I will not repeat her UN video, I’m sure you have all seen it.  But take a look at these, and see for yourself her quiet calmness and her innocence:

At about the same time I also became aware of the work of Cory Morningstar in her expose of the climate action movement and its true backers: ‘The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent’ which can be read at: The Art of Annihiliation – Articles (2019) or you can buy the book of the same name (Kindle edition is a couple of dollars – I’m reading that).

I was about to throw Morningstar ‘under the bus’ for an unjustified character assassination on Thunberg, until I realised (when I came to read the extract quoted below) that the name was probably only being used as an attention grabber. 

I still think this was in bad taste, but that is only an opinion.  Overall, I do agree heartily with what Morningstar has revealed.  As a rider to that, I haven’t finished reading yet. My opinion could change.

This is a nasty world we live in, ruled (for now) by capital.

See what you think:

“The power-elites repackaged our oppression as revolution and sold it back to us. By exploiting the innocent youth, which in turn exploited our emotions and fears as a collective populace, we devoured it. And soon, young Greta, and all the youth they have exploited, will be thrown under the bus. It’s all par for the course under capitalism.” 

“Today’s climate emergency mobilization must be recognized for what it is: a strategically orchestrated campaign financed and managed by the world’s most powerful institutions – for the preservation of capitalism and global economic growth. This is the launch of a new growth industry in the Global South coupled with the creation of new and untapped markets. Leading up to this precipice, The B Team,306 the Open Society Foundation,307 Oxfam,308 and many others that serve as the human face of capitalism, have moved their offices to or set up new divisions in both Africa and Latin America.”

 “The sycophantic NGOs – in servitude, indeed on the very same team as their corporate benefactors, created a literal, albeit virtual firestorm (encapsulated in the mantra “our house is on fire”) – in order to instigate a “climate revolution”. The collective energy of the West stemming from a growing societal discontent, is being captured and utilized – transcending into a new weapon of choice that will aid the further colonization of the Global South. A climate revolution in name only, this said emergency, has nothing to do with the protection of our Earth – or climate – and never will have. Rather, it has everything to do with saving, protecting and expanding the capitalist economy – at the expense of our already decimated planet. And nothing more than that. This oncoming new onslaught of environmental devastation and plunder – in the name of climate revolution – will make all of modern man’s historical violence against the nature, up to this point – seem like childish prattle.” 

The above quotes from: Morningstar, Cory. The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg . Books on Demand. Kindle Edition. 

Misplaced Trust?

“Russia, US maintain constructive cooperation on Arctic problems – Russian Security Council”

Russia, do not trust the Americans.

I am sure you are well aware of their agenda – which does not perceive any other nation as their equal, and which permits them, actually requires them, to undermine, deceive and destroy any other nation that does not follow their agenda.

They do not merit your trust.

Cultists, Dupes, or Heroes Looking For A Future?

“Establishment & media sympathize with Greta’s ‘Fridays for Future’ movement… So how is that a ‘protest’ exactly?”

Confirming for me, as if I wasn’t already convinced, that RT is just another corporatist, capitalist, sensationalist, dirt rag. 

Everything about this article smells of being pro-climate-change-action – since that is all about extending the faltering life of corporate capitalism by providing life-saving opportunities for expressions of pure greed (not solutions to the problem – there are no valid solutions to the problem) – and against those who are innocently crying out for their future to be secured – their message being impugned or misrepresented, their action being subverted by unscrupulous NGOs allied to establishment business, their passion being perversely harnessed and diverted to aid ‘action’ and ‘solutions’ that possess no curative change in the drive to destruction that capitalism is leading, and their mainly innocent characters assassinated in the process.

They are even being described as ‘cultists’ and blamed for potential waves of suicides: “Climate change cultists filling their followers with anxiety: How long before the suicides start?” 

Active young people with a cause to pursue do not commit suicide.  That is for the drug addled and those whose lives and self-worth have been degraded by the conditions prevailing as a result of the same capitalist narrative for generations now.

Of course the establishment and media sympathise with Greta’s now global personal, online and media success story.  It is something they can give lip service to while promoting the ‘need’ for their ‘get-rich(er)-quick(er)’ (for themselves) climate solution schemes.  Or not even schemes – opportunities exist for great wealth in just talking about or raising funds to promote such schemes. 

One thing RT does get right in this article is this:

“A cynic would argue that the upper echelons stand to benefit in some way. And that’s true too. Several conglomerates of the world’s leading financial institutions, backed by neoliberal think tanks like the Atlantic Council, have already expressed interest in getting their hands on public funds to finance green industry ventures, particularly in the developing world. What some call a crisis, they call the ‘climate opportunity.’ ”

There is nothing much ‘green’ about ‘The Green New Deal’ of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or a new ‘Green Industry’ proposed by business, other than that it is all ‘green-washed’ fallacy purpose built to make money for the already rich.

There is nothing sensationalist about wanting to have a future – because that is a very real threat, deny it how you may.  It will be truth for billions of Earth’s human population.  And for the rest?  Well, life will be nothing like we see today, in the second half of this century – or perhaps sooner.

There is also nothing ‘eternal’ about the ‘eternal economic growth’ of Greta Thunberg’s current speeches, which is, without doubt, the basis of our current economic system.  When that collapses into ruin along with our current already shaky societies, we shall see first-hand what she is talking about.  And that could well arrive before any major climate related issue manifests itself.  You have been warned.  I am still banking on* next year, 2020, as being the beginning of major disruptions to our Western way of life (now emulated globally, to some extent, everywhere).

*‘banking on’ is merely an expression which implies some sort of ‘reliance’. I have nothing of any notable value to actually ‘bank’.

Viewing Things Through Jim’s Keen Insight…

“A Dumpster Fire on a Garbage Barge”

I used to think that referring to US politics as a Snake Pit or merely as The Swamp, was quite sufficient to provide a flavour of its essence.  And here I do not distinguish between the elephants or the donkeys – both being each just one side of the Deep State coin, and to all intents and purposes inseparable and indistinguishable – each needing the other to complete itself and provide some sense of corrupted wholeness.  Why Americans make so much fuss of ‘their’ democracy always escapes me, since its essence can better be described as a stench.

I used to think that, but now I yield to Mr Kunstler’s unique way with word images and his untoppable epithet –  ‘A Dumpster Fire on a Garbage Barge’.

My instinct tells me not to try to understand the phenomenon of US politics, judging that anyone who does so is risking permanent damage to their personal psyche.  Instead I rely on Jim’s inside knowledge and, I hope, his undamaged psyche, to provide me with the correct messages.

He has a message for Hillary Clinton which kind of resonates with me:

“The notorious video of Mr. Biden bragging on his shakedown of then-president Poroshenko has been seen by everybody over age five in the USA. Hillary must be lovin’ it as she makes the rounds on her latest listening tour. Listen to this, Hillary, lost in your wicked daydreams of riding to the Democratic Party’s rescue for yet another shot at the White House: your reputation will never survive the blizzard of indictments coming down on your partisans. And one of these bills might have your name on it.”

Basking in the warm glow of that thought, I leave it there.

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them…

“Russian ideas on Persian Gulf security gain increasing support — Lavrov”

When an idea is right, it doesn’t need the hard sell.  It can be floated and allowed to ripen of its own accord and on its own merit.

The Russian concept for security in the Persian Gulf and more broadly across the Middle East generally, was floated at the UN earlier in the year.  While others blustered and boasted of their own rash, ill-thought-out solutions – which naturally consisted of only military imposition, and illegal imposition at that – and gaining little support outside of the dumb and self-righteous, Russia’s plan has been slowly ripening and will soon I expect be ready for plucking.

Of such is the ideal way forward in the world. It’s the Russian way.

Greta Thunberg – The Catalyst That Reveals The Dark Side Of Humanity

“Why Greta Thunberg triggers the troglodytes among us” – By Lauren Rosewarne

A brilliant blast for those who think it is OK to shred a 16 year old girl.

“And this is what it’s really about. The pigtails and soft voice takes a backseat to the true problem with Greta Thunberg: she reminds us of the litany of our collective failings. Not just about how we don’t care enough, but that we’re not doing enough. That we’re not outspoken enough. That we’re not sacrificing. 

That even if we acknowledge that there’s a climate calamity, we’re not forgoing anything for it.

Just as we hate vegans because they remind us that there’s a dark cost — paid by animals every bit as sentient as our fawned-over puppies — to that burger, Greta is the ghost of a very dismal Christmas future. 
It’s equal parts predictable and reprehensible that a girl gets targeted because she’s saying and doing what we’re too — variously — lazy, complacent and greedy to do ourselves. 

But the reasons she bristles, the reasons that a soft-spoken 16-year-old Swede has the capacity to stir such defensiveness and prompt such venom, is testimony to the fact that she’s doing an awful lot right.”

Amen to all of that.

The only thing, in my universe, that she is doing wrong (and that may simply be to obtain a platform for her voice to be heard – and hasn’t she done that ever so effectively) is to hitch her wagon to the disastrous, monstrous even, capitalism conceived and driven, purely for profit, and not in any way connected to the real problem, climate change action show, based on greenwashing fallacy, that is making money hand over fist for unscrupulous operators like Al Gore and many others, all of whom dwell in the orbit of capitalist greed. 

The very last thing that the world needs is an industry that harnesses public passion but which backs in and adds to the problems that we already have, extending the continuance of a world system that is based on industrialised global suicide of the “eternal economic growth” which Greta so rightly claims is what we are doing.  We must free ourselves from all of that.  We must return to the simple basics of life.

I doubt that message will be any more palatable to the world than anything  Greta Thunberg has said.

There Are More Ways Than One…

…to trump Trump (as well as to skin a cat – as the old saying goes).

I kind of missed this story, but better late than never.

“China and Iran flesh out strategic partnership” (you should get one free look at this behind paywall article – if you haven’t been there before)

This is basically an updating of an existing agreement which will give a minimum $400 billion (that’s four hundred billion dollars) injection to Iran’s petrochemical and transport industries. 

The much needed funds for sanction pressed Iran obviously come at a cost in advantages to China, but on terms that are acceptable to Iran.

They also come with:

“This will include up to 5,000 Chinese security personnel on the ground in Iran to protect Chinese projects, and there will be additional personnel and material available to protect the eventual transit of oil, gas and petchems supply from Iran to China, where necessary, including through the Persian Gulf.” 

A contingency that will dramatically alter (reduce) the possible opportunities for US initiated conflict with Iran as well as any thoughts on blockading Gulf trade. 

Expect to see Chinese naval vessels protecting their interests there, and a likely absence of US carrier groups.

Of course all such moves as this increase the risk and raise the danger level of an already uncertain future for humanity. But the world cannot afford to permit unilateral bullying by self-styled exceptionalists to go unanswered and unchallenged.

How The Real ‘American Democracy’ Works

“Democrats Reveal the Real Purpose of the Impeachment Investigation”

“The ultimate purpose of the constant attacks on Trump is to teach the American voters that electing a president who is disapproved by the Establishment is futile. The Establishment simply will not permit any change and will frustrate and destroy any president not selected by them as a candidate. 

This is the real way so-called “American democracy” works. The establishment guides the selection of the Democrat and Republican candidates. Whichever wins, the Establishment wins. This didn’t happen in Trump’s case, and so he has to be prevented from altering the Establishment’s agendas.” 

A more telling piece of journalism, from Dr Paul Craig Roberts, I have not seen in a long time.  It somehow seems a pity though to have it wasted on such a ‘bleh’ background story.

US Politics Trust Horizon At New Global Low

“Kremlin expects transcripts of talks between Russian and US leaders will remain classified”

There is one very obvious downside to revealing the transcripts of private, classified, diplomatic telephone conversations as the naïve and artless Americans – on both sides of the conflict which marks the modern United States political class as more interested in scoring points against each other than working out what is best for their country – have done to prosecute the shenanigans over the Trump/Zelensky conversation.  
And that downside is that no other country is ever going to trust American politicians ever again with the discussion of delicate material across a telephone line (secure or otherwise).

Although as a result of US antics on the world stage over recent decades, I doubt there is much of a solid trust level towards America remaining in many parts of the world.  That Russia has seen need to express this openly in this TASS report, is ample evidence of that.  I get the impression the Russians are not amused by the latest US circus act.  They will not be alone in that.

Truth Is Often Unpalatable

Speaking at the current UNGA, Iranian President Rouhani made many important comments, as reported in this article from Sarah Abed.

“Iranian President’s Multifaceted UNGA Speech, Directed at President Trump, Falls on Deaf Ears”

If you take only one thing from President Rouhani’s statements on the Middle East situation, take this: 

“The issues of the region are too big and important for the United States to deal with.  A country that has failed to resolve the issues of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and has been the spearhead of extremism, Talibanism and Daeshism will never be able to resolve more sophisticated issues.”

The truth of that statement is obvious to anyone who has taken an interest in matters concerning recent Middle Eastern affairs.