Untangling The Tangled Webs

Yet another great article from Sarah Abed demonstrating that she has a complete and detailed understanding of the complexity of current events in Syria and beyond, through her ‘The Rabbit Hole’ blog:

Putin Balances Turkey’s Fighter Jet Interest with Syria’s Fight Against Terrorism

Untangling the tangled webs of complexity that surround what should be simple situations.

Progress In The Liberation Of Syria

“Syrian Army liberates entire Hama Governorate and Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun”

I reported on this story several days ago – ‘Idlib Is Syrian Not Turkish’ – but I cannot hope to bring out the sort of detail as Syrian-American Sarah Abed skilfully does from her closer sources. Her work is appreciated and well worth reading.

It is rather a messy situation made worse by Syria’s major ally also being partnered with one of Syria’s enemies, or at least not-friends. Russia is responsible for the Turkish presence in Syria, along with the terrorist alliances that brings. I feel that Russia should do something to ensure that partnership does not interfere with the Syrian efforts to free their still occupied lands. But since that partnership is more of a commercial relationship, in Russia’s favour, and one that they are seeking to extend, they may not be inclined to press the point too firmly.

May the SAA triumph over all difficulties, no matter how long it takes. They seem to be doing a fine job – and one that I have waited for two years to see. Progress is being made.

Wheel Of Justice – Slowly Turning

Is former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to be the first head on the chopping block (for which read – set to do some jail time) over the failed ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy?

If he is to be the first – it has to be someone – it had better be dealt with quickly. There is a long queue of DNC officials, government agency officials and prominent ex-government personalities waiting in line behind him for their turn on the wheel of justice.

Article: “Comey Confidant Sounds the Alarm: Expect Andrew McCabe to be Indicted Any Day”

Platitudinal Baloney?

It must be a slow news day today.  The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is casting around for things to report.  Hence this piece of garbage:

Why we see the past through rose-coloured glasses, but not the future

I too am finding it difficult to find something to talk about.  There are lots of things I would like to talk about but at times it all seems so pointless.  Nothing I say or have ever said is going to make the slightest difference to how the world progresses on its journey.  I have always known that.  But some of it may just give someone cause to stop and think about what may be important matters. That is all I can hope for.

But there is one subject that never ceases to occupy my thoughts, and all other passing events I may comment on are merely satellites circling around that issue.  The issue is of course the inevitability of the collapse of modern civilisation – for whatever reason or whatever the cause or causes.  So it is with some amusement, and a tinge of pity bordering on derision for the author and ‘experts’ quoted in above article, which I read with some anticipation of stunning facts to contradict my long-held views.  I found none.

The premise is itself flawed.  People who anticipate the end of civilisation – which has to mean global civilisation these days – do not do so with a desire to return to some rosy past.  Neither are they pessimists or depressed persons generally speaking – though the times we live in would tend to induce such conditions for those with insufficient knowledge of what drives our societies toward the catastrophe of a collapse scenario.  And that is exactly what is being brought about – catastrophe.  We are not looking at a situation which just entails maybe a change of job or some sort of reduced circumstances for a while.  What we are looking at is an overturning of everything that we know today.  Perhaps, even likely, an existential change which, to be absolutely clear, means a threat to the very existence of all or most of us, and which most likely will require many or all of us to move somewhere else on the planet in search of the means to continue existing.  And those of us who don’t somehow find such sanctuary will indeed perish.  That is at the extreme end of the possibilities of course but even at the base end we must not expect life to carry on in any manner that we have known before.

So, briefly, what do the ‘experts’ tell us to placate what we feel the future holds?  They say things are not so bad and, while not everything is good, these things provide some optimism that it will get better, not worse:

“These include a dramatic fall in infant mortality, a significant rise in life-expectancy, a decline in homicide across many parts of the world, increasing literacy levels, a drop in the number of deaths in war, and a massive reduction over the last half-century in the number of people living in extreme poverty.”

Ah, what a relief!  It’s all going to be OK!  More of us living – for longer.  Less people dying violently (I query the veracity of that one).  We’re getting smarter (???).  We’re getting richer (???).

Is that it?  Is that all they’ve got?  That’s very sad – and it is something of an indictment on both our progress and our outlook.

All of those factors, if they were true, and perhaps only the first two appear to be of direct relevance, form one of the basic truths of our predicament.

We are too many to procure a secure future on this planet.  More and more people. More and more smarter and wealthier people – with greater needs and expectations. Less violent people – if only that were true.  It is a recipe for disaster.  And only one of the possible recipes that we are cooking up even as we think about this.  Recipes that I now don’t have time to expand on here.

Face the facts, or believe the platitudinal baloney.  Your choice. 

US And Cronies Not Welcome

It is time for the independent nations of the Middle East to become more assertive and, if needs be, more aggressive or just plain aggressive against those who trespass on their sovereign territory, chiefly the US dogs, their EU pups and the Israeli pigs.

It seems that Iraq is steeling itself to do just that.  They did it once before, in 2007, forcing the US to drag its sorry arse out of the country.  I feel sure they can do it again.  No-one will miss them, except perhaps the remaining IS turds still operating there with US protection.  Even the Kurds would be subdued into a more reasonably peaceful role.

Come on people of the Middle East, stand up for yourselves and, by doing so, take some of the pressure off Iran. 

I want to see the cradle of civilisation blossoming and fruitful again. 

It’s Time For Russia To Get Tough With The West

“Progress on Minsk Agreements needed before summit in Normandy format — Lavrov”

No more shilly-shallying about.  There is nothing to talk about over Ukraine until earlier agreed commitments are progressed. 

So, Macron’s mooted ‘Normandy Format’ talks to take place in September are a little premature.  There needs to be movement by the Ukraine government to fulfil its commitments before any further talks can be entered into.

I doubt that will ever happen.  It didn’t over four years under Poroshenko, and Zelensky shows no sign of delivering either. The Normandy Format will have to wait.

Maybe M. Macron can use some of his excess enthusiasm to persuade Kiev towards some sort of positive action.

WTF is ‘Antisemetic’?

Well, it appears to be a misspelled (deliberately so above), misunderstood, pseudo-word of the modern day, misused by foggy-brained, religiously and/or politically deluded, barely educated (and therefore culturally dangerous) Americans and other mainly ‘white’ folks, with only scant knowledge about its possible pseudo-real meaning or any of the ideas or thought processes from which it evolved.

What the befuddled minds of the people who use such a word are possibly trying to formulate is the actual word ‘antisemitic’ (which admittedly is a little harder to say).  But ignorance is no excuse.  In fact ignorance is the base cause of most of the world’s problems both now and probably all the way back to where two humans first tried to communicate early ideas with sound instead of hitting each other with sticks.

We have come a long way since those times, but not far enough to prevent ignorance from shaping or misshaping our language to the point where one virtually needs an interpreter to know what ones neighbours and colleagues across generational borders are talking about.  What happened to education over the past few decades?

But that is not what I wanted to talk about here.  I want to dispel (if i can) some of the ignorance around the actual word ‘antisemitic’.

I will try to be brief.  ‘Antisemite’ or ‘anti-semite’, is not – as is widely thought and even defined in standard dictionaries as – hatred of Jews.  It literally means ‘against semites’.  Who or what are ‘semites’?  The semites or more correctly ‘shemites’ (which admittedly, again, is a little harder to say – and an example of how ignorance changes language over time), are a group of peoples – not necessarily nations – who originated, and whose languages and physical make-up are therefore similarly rooted and intertwined – from what we know as and what actually used to be, the ‘Fertile Crescent’ – the birthplace of human civilisation.  Pretty much everything about these now seemingly disparate peoples, but all still mainly local to that area, derives from the same original human civilisation which we know as ‘Shumer’ or the easier to say ‘Sumer’.

These semitic people are widely defined (though the ignorant would not be aware of this) as the population groups listed in this Wikipedia quote:

“Genetic studies indicate that modern Jews (Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi specifically), Levantine Arabs, Assyrians/Syriacs, Samaritans, Maronites, Druze, Mandaeans, and Mhallami, all have a common Near Eastern heritage which can be genetically mapped back to the ancient Fertile Crescent, but often also display genetic profiles distinct from one another, indicating the different histories of these peoples”. 

It is therefore a narrow religiously based ignorance, supplemented by extreme right wing political ignorance, fostered only in modern times and filtered all the way through from base levels to the top of governmental thinking in certain nations overt the past century or so, that has produced the warped idea that  somehow the Jews are an exclusive body of humanity that needs to be given predominance over their own brother and sister local families of humanity.

That is disgraceful, distasteful, and discriminatory against equally legitimate peoples of the same region – for dubious purposes.

It all arises out of the ‘one god’ delusion of the Abrahamic religions and the ‘chosen’ nature of the ‘follower’ peoples that each of those professes.  One of these days I will get around to writing an exposure of that particular myth and the truth it distorts and hides.

Brief, But To The Point

“Coordination on global politics, economy impossible without China and India – Kremlin”

So, what is really the point of the G7?  It is a format that is entirely unrepresentative of anything on the global stage.  The seven supposedly major industrial nations no longer even represent that point.  They cover no more than 30% of global GDP and less than 10% of the world’s population.

I can see why Russia prefers to utilise the the more representative G20 format where it is quite influential.  Which is why I guess certain G7 nations want Russia back in the G7 fold.

Not going to happen, without appropriate changes being made to the format. 

No Time Like The Present

I have from time to time featured quotes brought to mind from reading books.  A lot of these have come from reading John Schettler’s Kirov series of novels, of which I am currently into the 46th volume. 

This thought captured my attention, perhaps because it sounds… sounds… I can’t immediately come up with an adequate word/phrase.  See what you think:  

“One reason we are so harried and hurried is that we make yesterday and tomorrow our business, when all that legitimately concerns us is today.” ― Elizabeth Elliot 

Schettler, John. Ice War: The Next War (Kirov Series Book 46) . The Writing Shop Press. Kindle Edition.

OK. Let me first say that my first thought was – “yes, that’s true, and we do live in a world that is harried and hurried, and we do need to focus on legitimate concerns”.  But think a little deeper.

In fact, concerning ourselves only with today, our day is meaningless and directionless.  And it ends with the end of the day, starting again completely anew the next day.  Really, a pointless existence.

I can see and understand what Elizabeth Elliot is thinking, and yes there is truth in what she says, just as there is some level of truth in everything.

But consider this.  What can be achieved today if there is no plan, no goal, no sense of getting somewhere.  I’m talking of worthwhile achievements.  Doing things that have a purpose.  Yes, I can wash my dirty dishes.  Yes, I can sweep my floor.  Yes, I can clean my teeth and comb my hair.  All of which can be done without recourse to memory or direction within the confines of today.

Is that all that life is meant to be?  No, of course not.  But to be anything more than that requires both memory and purpose.  Memory can only be gained by reflection, and reflection requires a ‘past’ – an avenue to previous experience – an awareness of ‘yesterdays’.  Proceeding from that, purpose and direction, both joined at the hip, also require yesterdays, but also a deep awareness of the present – today – in order to anticipate and plan for beyond the horizon of the end of the day – which I suggest is the only thing that gives meaning to life.

So, concerning ourselves only with today, to the exclusion of everything else, I think is a very limiting outlook.  Looking back, if only for reflection – not for dwelling there – is a very necessary part of life.  And so is looking forward, based on current and past experience.

A balanced mind will not be one that is stuck in the past, to the extent of neglecting the present and the future.

A balanced mind will not be one that is overly concerned with the future, to the extent of neglecting the present or the past.

A balanced mind will mindfully remember, plan, and live, taking into account all experience, good or bad, past or future, and carefully stepping through the present.

In any case, while it is possible to anchor ourselves (philosophically) to some point in the past, to our own detriment and also to dream away our present looking for some unattainable future, it is impossible for the human mind to contain itself to the here and now in any real sense.

Now, confusingly perhaps, I’m going to say that everything I have said to this point is false.  It is, conceptually at least, very real and it stacks up (though some may disagree) in terms of human experience, but our entire human experience – whether we like it or not – is in fact only perceptual illusion.

There is no ‘time’, whether conceived of as past, present or future.  Time does not exist in isolation, and makes sense only in relation to ‘space’, or as we have come to describe it –  ‘space-time’.

Take a few minutes to watch Professor Brian Greene (the man who taught me almost everything I know about quantum physics through his book “The Fabric of The Cosmos”) explain what I mean in this YouTube clip: https://youtu.be/vrqmMoI0wks

The Duplicity of Duality

You can’t control, or influence, what is out of reach, out of contact.

I suppose this is why the industrialised West, in the form of the G7, is beginning to realise that they need Russia close rather than being ‘on the outer’ through the ‘punishment’ of isolation.

But does Russia actually need the confines of that narrow and fickle  relationship?

PACE, the Council of Europe, also recently discovered the same relationship needs arising from an almost identical situation.  In order to rebuild the bridges with Russia that they themselves had earlier burned, it was necessary for PACE to formally accept Russia as an ‘equal rights’ partner with guarantees of security of place in the council.

Similarly, while Russia has expressed its openness to collegial relationships with other nations in many areas, the nation is not desirous of being part of a resuscitated G8 on the same conditions as previously pertained.  The G7 it seems needs Russia’s membership much more than Russia needs membership of the G7.

It’s an attitudinal problem really, the attitude of ‘reward’ or ‘punishment’ for perceived ‘good’ or ‘bad’ behaviour.  If the G8 is ever to be resurrected it will require documented rights on the equality of participating nations to override the fickle attitudes of some.