Un-Politically Correct

Just so everyone knows, it appears that my personal views place me in the region of those who are Leftist Libertarians.  Whatever that means.  Last time I did this, which was a year or few ago, I was a little more towards the centre than now.  I guess my views are still firming, or maybe they’ve changed the questions.

I don’t like being at the centre of anything.  Oh, but… I am at the centre of the leftist-libertarian quadrant.  Maybe I need to do it again to see if I can get a little more left and also a little more libertarian.

You can find where you stand by taking the test on the Political Compass.


However, this is only meant to be for thinking people.  If you are accustomed to not thinking much about anything then you may find the questions a little difficult to understand.  Still, if you have read this far, you will probably be ok.  But prepare to be surprised.




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