Wrathful Planet? Hardly.

Image credit: Source unknown, except it was found on Facebook: Natural Cures Not Medicine


I understand this sentiment, and the underlying idea and truth behind it, but we have to be careful in ascribing personality or personification to a totally natural, material object, subject to the laws of the physical realm, just as we are.

Speaking of the Earth as ‘mother’, ‘she’, ‘her’, while it may provide some level of comfort and a sense of belonging and relationship, is almost as trite as using the relational descriptors of ‘father’, ‘he’, ‘him’ (whether capitalised or not), to some supposed eternal, all powerful, invisible, creator being who has never appeared to nor demonstrated any form of endearment, care, or even recognition of us.  Not surprising really, when the concept is simply a figment of our imagination (whether loosely based on other more real personages of historical importance, or not).

I did say ‘almost’ as trite.  At least we can see, smell, hear and touch the Earth, and we are intrinsically and physically bound to her (there you go, the idea of ‘mother’ is so ingrained within us that it feels awkward and unreal to use the term ‘it’) in spite of our attempts to escape those ties to find other worlds, other ‘mothers’, to plunder.

Nevertheless, I think we do understand our relationship with planet.  We just tend to go overboard sometimes with our gushing need to belong to something bigger than ourselves.  At least we don’t need any sort of faith to secure our attachment to our world, nor to follow whatever destiny that planet is yet to unfold for us.

Please note that I am not entirely disallowing for there to be some sort of spiritual connection indwelling physical objects as part of some world of spirit which exists not in some far away ‘heaven’ but within and alongside our own or in some parallel universe sort of situation.  In fact I am quite deeply relying on that premise to have some basis in truth.  Otherwise there is no meaning at all to our existence, living in a world and universe without purpose or direction.  Yet another premise to which I have not closed my mind completely.

I stand entirely reliant on my own personal judgement, experience and intuition, for my leanings toward which of those cases I feel is actual and real.  While I am willing to listen to other views, I know that I am ultimately responsible only to self to determine the veracity of any other idea or thing.

So, whether we end up being disposed of, tolerated, or welcomed as planetary partners with our home, has nothing to do with our beliefs or our mischief, or planet’s beliefs or anger or desires, nor any such attributes of any other entity existing in our universe.  Only the natural laws of the natural world will determine our fate.  We can, however, do certain things that may help to improve our chances of making a successful go of it. I will leave it to others or to past or future posts here to define what those things may be.



My Home Energy Project: Step 4 – Green Energy

Here’s a bright idea, reblogged from ‘L to the Aura’: – Bullfrog Power (watch the video).

It’s a Canadian thing but we have the same (different company) going on in Australia too. Well, to be fair, it started in New Zealand and a couple of years ago landed on Aussie shores.

Anyway, it’s a great idea which anyone who agrees with the need to do something about climate change could make part of any positive action plan that they may already have. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg. If you know about the dangers of climate change then you also must know that we all must change our lifestyles, perhaps in major ways, otherwise those changes will be forced on us by natural events. Here’s a way to do something.

I have been paying extra for 100% green energy in my electricity consumption, among other things, for around five years now, and until the normal Aussie energy retailers realised that this was not in their best interests and stopped offering the option to do that (I guess with Tony Abbott as PM they thought they could get away with that). So, for the last two years I have an account with Powershop, ranked Australia’s greenest power company (http://www.powershop.com.au/) our ‘Bullfrog Power’ if you like.

Yes, I may be paying a little extra for electricity, but …and it is a big but… with the standard discounts they offer, and frequent ‘specials’, I am actually paying less than before. Why not check it out.

If you decide this is for you, then let me know. We can both get a $75 credit that way, for introduction by a friend. Just saying.

~ L to the Aura ~

Over the past two years, I have been working to reduce the impact of the energy consumed by my home. From creating an energy baseline, to minimizing heating/cooling and lighting loads, I have been able to reduce my energy consumption by over 20% for the household.

Plug loads were planned to be the next main area of focus for further reducing my energy consumption. However, there is a fine balance to be played between the waste created by discarding old appliances and the energy savings available. These trade offs should be weighed individually.

I lucked out that when I purchased my home as it came with recently replaced energy star appliances – and so, although there may be more efficient models available, I have decided to make responsible energy choices for these appliances only when they are in need of being replaced. Additionally, lets face it, new appliances can be expensive –…

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Putin’s Angels

They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are people with a purpose.

Image:  Vladimir Putin with the Night Wolves’ Alexander ‘The Surgeon’ Zaldostanov. Photograph: Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images

Yes, they are bikers, with a typical biker mentality, and yes, you wouldn’t want to take them home to meet your mother, but they have helped to shape parts of the modern world and keep at bay the anarchic powers that control most of the rest of us.

They are Putin’s Angels.

They helped save the new Russia from communist resurgence.  They played a part in the return of Crimea to her Russian Motherland.  They stopped the hordes of Porkyshenko’s CIA aided neo-nazi battalions from ethnically cleansing eastern Ukraine, and seized freedom and independence for the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

They are true soldiers, prepared to fight for a cause they really believe in, Novorossiya, a project now on hold.

The only problem I see with them is what to do with them when it is all over (I suppose they could become politicians).

But then, it may never be ‘all over’ anyway.  Perhaps even, the issue becomes irrelevant because the ‘all over’ thing takes on global dimensions.

Waiting For The Toast To Pop-Up

‘The Shipping News Says the World Economy Is Toast’.

1x-1Image Source: Shanghai Shipping Exchange via Bloomberg

While the ‘toast’ thing may be something of an overstatement of the situation right now, the information presented here does make it very clear that ‘stuff’ is not being moved about around the world nearly as much as it used to be.  That does not present a very bright picture of what the ‘experts’ maintain is a recovering global economy, does it?

Now, while I would applaud that as being the way we need to be going (the economy slowing not recovering, that is) if we want to still be here in any meaningful way in a few decades, I don’t think many people would be clapping along with me.  So, what’s the real situation?

From what has been said, we can gather that since the movement of ‘stuff’ is the only thing which keeps the world economy going, and that movement is decidedly slowing, the world economy is at some point (since there is no way for it to get going again) going to grind to a halt, or maybe even suddenly fall off a cliff.  And even if there was a way to get it going again, perhaps by sprinkling a little pixie dust, it would only end a little further down the track as we all roast, or should that be toast ourselves (ah, that’s where the toast comes in), in a heating world of climate madness.

Well that’s as may be, but I don’t think there is any way that we can keep flogging the global economy donkey that will cause it to get back onto four legs ever again.  We certainly have the lack of good sense to attempt it, but I am fairly sure that we do not possess the will nor the means nor power to achieve anything of the sort.  Events of one sort or another, currently laying in wait for this moment, will overtake us before any such attempt can gain momentum.

Ok, so the global economy is toast after all.  It just hasn’t popped up yet.  But the timer is steadily counting down.

How Low Can You Go?

A contrast in democracy, between modern Norway and what modern America has come down to, by someone who has seen both worlds, and also experienced the battlefields of America’s wars in the Middle East.

Tomgram: Ann Jones, Social Democracy for Dummies

Very revealing.

Come on, read it.  You know you owe it to yourself to become aware of how things really are in the world and not just what the daily news bulletins tell you, don’t you?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Image credit:  A home in El Salvador being fumigated to prevent the spread of the Zika virus. Photograph: Marvin Recinos/AFP/Getty Images

I have long said, agreeing with others like Bill McKibben in this Guardian article, that the ravaging of our environment and climate which continues unabated (Paris agreement?  Pffft!) after a century or so of profligate abuse, will lead to conditions where the viability of the human species is in question and there is a real danger of us being killed off by a variety of possible catastrophes.  One of those species ending conditions is pandemic outbreaks of bacterial or viral illnesses which we have largely no hope of surviving, and even less hope as our access to resources to combat such outbreaks decreases over time.

Again, that is but one of a number of dangers that we face, but that’s another story.

Interesting Manoeuvres

Oh dear, things are becoming so very complicated, and events are happening so fast that it is hard to keep up.

The IMF (the banking arm of the US Financial Elite) is giving BRICS a bigger say in world monetary decisions by increasing their voting share.  China becomes the third biggest voting bloc after the US and Japan.  See: BRICS gets greater say in IMF

56a9facfc461883f138b45f1Image credit: The World Bank Group headquarters bldg. in Washington, D.C. © wikipedia.org

And what does this mean for the New Development Bank set up by BRICS to counter the IMF and World Bank, and to which Australia has become a hundreds of millions of dollars contributor?

I wonder who has planned for all this to come about, if anyone.  Who is behind this move? Or is it just a natural consequence of world events?  Whatever the case, I can see a huge impasse arising soon.

The US still has the biggest voting share and remains the only nation with a veto (you need 15% for a veto, the US now have been reduced to only 16.5%).  China now has 6% share …but, …and it’s a big but, the BRICS bloc of Brazil, Russia, India and China, together now have 14.7% …and, to quote this article: “According to Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister and BRICS Bank Russia director Sergey Storchak, Moscow will work to get the veto right for the five major emerging economies.”

Now, isn’t that complicated, and aren’t things speeding out of control?  Is all this purely innocent manoeuvring?  Or, …what?

I obviously don’t have any answers, but I think I could be asking all the right questions 🙂

Battling The Masters Of The Universe

A war already being played out in front of our very own eyes.  Read all about it: Rumble in the ruble, fire in the markets

56a61fb2c4618859058b45a2Image credit: © Alexandr Demyanchuk / Sputnik

Oh Boy!  This I like.  This I like, very much.

Reporting on the battle against The Masters Of The Universe aka US Financial Elite (aided and abetted by their minions), the same global enemy who are the engineers of this year’s coming pre-planned economic crash.  A crash aimed primarily at impoverishing Russia and attempting to ensure that nation never becomes an independent state capable of operating outside of The Masters’ influence.

But, will Russia become the world’s first truly self-sustaining nation?  Will China become the Masters Of The New Universe?

These are questions that Pepe Escobar discusses in the intriguing post on RT, linked to above .

Quote: “Xi (China’s President) as much as anyone knows very well how the whole American economy – based on a worthless global reserve currency – is fueled by a rapacious, barely disguised tribute, paid by every nation in the world to the Empire of Chaos.  And Xi knows how this tribute scam is unraveling, fast.”

Oh Boy!  Is this year going to be interesting.

putintalkingI also just want to draw attention to another article here, that was linked to in the Pepe Escobar post but which deserves its own specific mention: Who Is Putin Talking To?

Any article that sheds light onto the murky fogs of global financial wheeling and dealing deserves to be given air time, just in case someone or other is listening.

I will add a further associated reference here (easier than starting a new post).  The Washington Post a couple of days ago questioned the recent Fed rate rise, saying: The Federal Reserve may have made a huge mistake

Of course it was a huge mistake, as I said the day it happpened.  A mistake which the American tax-payer will certainly recognise in due course, as it cripples further the already reeling US economy.

But it was all part of the plan, wasn’t it?  What plan?  You just read about it didn’t you in the Pepe Escobar article above?


Collected Works on an In-between Day

Today is an in-between day, laying between a weekend on the one side and a public holiday on the other side.  A day when those who are organised enough to have engineered it beforehand, or those who made the late decision to ‘take a sicky’, will be relaxing on an extra, extra long weekend in whatever is their chosen way.

For me, it really doesn’t make a difference.  When you are retired, every day is a holiday.

You can do whatever you want after dragging yourself from bed at the ungodly hour of 9.30am after having hit the sack only six hours earlier because you couldn’t drag yourself away from the computer where you were reading a good book and because, well, once in a while you like to stay up late, just because you know you can.

Then you can do whatever you want after watching the News, or as much of it as you can stand; checked your emails; checked your social media newsfeeds; made a cup of tea; taken care of yourself in whatever ways nature demands; got dressed, utilising as much of the previous days clothing as possible, to extend the time between the necessities of washing stuff; made and consumed breakfast, multitasking with social media and blogging, because time is still precious; and that most essential of all daily activities, making coffee.

Then, knowing that you really have nowhere to go, no reason to be anywhere else, no-one to hand you a list of things to do, you can do whatever you want.  Well, you can, after  washing dishes; etc., etc., etc., and checking whether the weather is somewhere within that fine band of perfection required to go outside to do something in the garden.

Then, the rest of the day is entirely your own.  Providing there is any of it left free.

Myself, I tend to then do one of two things, or three …actually four, because I sometimes, when driven to it by necessity, perform certain household cleaning chores.  But mostly I either read a book, write (like now) on my blog or Facebook page, or play computer games.

Finally, I have arrived at what caused me to begin this post.

Being an off day, and having dismissed many of the items on the above list as not being applicable or not quite as essential for today as on other days, I had what turned out to be a lot of fun on Facebook, sharing interesting things which individually did not merit being made into blog posts.  Then I had an idea.

What if I collected everything I had written today and combined all of them into one blog post as a set of collected works?  Would that work?  Well, let’s see.


Organic Consumers article here


McDonalds article here




Guardian article here


This is one I will personally treasure for a long time.  The Grannies love me, no bullshit.


Guardian article here


Guardian article here


SMH article here

And last but not least, a bit of a laugh at Sarah Palin’s expense …well she does leave herself open to this sort of thing.


Oh, I’d better provide that clipped link, but the warning still stands.

So, there it is.  A morning’s fun.  I don’t think I can do this regularly, as my photo space allowance will fill up too quickly.


Defeat Is Victory

I think this just may be one of Dmitry Orlov’s finest blog posts: Defeat is Victory

You really must read it for yourself but I could not resist including here this quote, a rather long one but quite amusing (well, if you are not an American that is, or even if you are an American and are also aware that the antics which your government gets up to are quite fascinating circus, which renders them open season for ridicule).

I want to make it quite clear that this is a direct quote of Dmitry Orlov’s writing, which I heartily endorse, but I certainly wish I had thought of it first 🙂



First a little scene-setting.  Orlov paints a fourth slogan, ‘Defeat Is Victory‘, below the three that George Orwell writes on the wall of his 1984 novel’s Ministry Of Truth, which are: ‘War Is Peace‘, ‘Freedom Is Slavery‘, ‘Ignorance Is Strength‘.

All equally applicable as principles underlying much of American government policy.

He then goes on to list how America always portrays its defeats as victories.

Read on…  although as I said before, you really ought to read the original article for yourself  (I could just be making all of this up, ‘Trust no-one; Question everything’, and all that)

So, allow me to enumerate some American victories. Or should I say defeats? Your choice; the two are the same.

• Thanks to the trillion or so spent on the war effort, the 1.5 million Iraqi casualties, and the 5,000 dead US soldiers, there is no longer any al Qaeda in Iraq now (just like there was under Saddam Hussein) and the country is free and democratic.
• Thanks to many years of continuous effort which cost well over half a trillion dollars and the lives of 3500 or so coalition soldiers, the Taleban in Afghanistan have been vanquished and the country is now at peace.
• The Syrian regime has been overthrown and Syria is now peaceful and democratic, and not at all a war-torn basket case that has produced over a million refugees, a large part of it ruled by Islamic militants that are too radical even for al Qaeda.
• Overall, the problem of Islamic extremism has been dealt with once for all, and George W. Bush’s “Islamofascists” (remember that term?) are but a vague memory. ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State are something else entirely, plus us bombing them sporadically at great expense has “degraded” them a tiny bit… maybe.
• Thanks to a perfectly legal and very necessary US-managed coup, Ukraine is on its way to being a stable and prosperous member of the EU and NATO, and the freedom-loving Ukrainians are no longer at all dependent on Russian gas, coal and nuclear fuel for being able to merely survive the winter of 2014-15, or on Russian good will to send in humanitarian relief convoys, house and feed the refugees from their civil war, or broker their peace agreements with each other.
• In accordance with our grand geopolitical strategy for eternal world domination, we successfully kicked Russia out of Crimea and are busy building a huge NATO military base there to make sure that Russia never becomes a great world power again but is forced to comply with our every whim.
• Thanks to our relentless diplomatic efforts, Russia is now completely isolated, which is why it can’t be constantly signing gigantic trade agreements with countries around the world or championing the cause of non-western nations who don’t like being pushed around by the west and have no desire to westernize.
• Our sanctions have really hurt Russia, and not at all the EU which didn’t lose a huge export market and is not at all at risk of losing access to Russia’s natural gas which it doesn’t need anyway. Nor did they provide any sort of a huge protectionist benefit to Russia’s domestic producers, or a big new export market to our economic rivals.
• Regime change in Moscow is a white ribbon’s throw away, and our expensively nurtured political pets inside Russia are more popular than ever and are feeling all sorts of love from the Russian people. After all, fewer than 90% of Russians respect and support Putin for the great things he has achieved for them, so our stooges like Khodorkovsky or Kasparov should have no problem getting at least 1% in the next presidential elections, sending them straight into the Kremlin.
• Thanks to our relentless political pressure, Putin is now a chastised man, ready to be reasonable and bend to our will, and not at all saying things like “This will never happen!” in an internationally televised annual address to his nation’s elected leaders. In any case, nobody listens to his speeches because our national media doesn’t need cover them because they are so long and boring.

…and, last but not least…

• America is the world’s indispensable nation, world’s (second) greatest economic power (but rising fast), and American leadership is respected throughout the world. When President Obama said so in a recent speech he gave in China, the audience did not at all laugh out loud right in his face, roll their eyes, make faces or move their heads side to side slowly while frowning.

Did you read it?  Then please direct all compliments and/or complaints to Dmitry Orlov at Club Orlov.   It is his work, not mine.  I just happen to agree with him …and I like his wit.