Moving Towards Enlightenment

“Many non-religious people still believe in God – what is that all about?”  asks Adam Lee in The Guardian.

It’s just the first step in the process or regaining your own sense of individual sovereignty and being.

First you need to divest yourself from (as many are now doing) religion, of any sort. You can still believe in god, any form of god really.  This is not a hard thing to do at all.  You just have to stop practicing whatever form of practice you were involved with previously.  In today’s busy modern lifestyle world, that cannot possibly be difficult.  Everyone is too busy for that sort of thing anyway.

The next step is the most difficult.  Coming to the realisation that there is no-one else but yourself.  That you are, in fact, god.  That you drive your own destiny.  At least while you are a living sentient being in this most physical of all worlds, without interference from outside forces, other than those of the natural world and the encroachments and impingements of whatever social order that you find yourself living within.

We are on the way to liberating ourselves from the curse of religion passed down from our perhaps necessarily superstitious ancestors.  Ignorant and unlearned as they were.  There is no excuse to hold onto that emotional and cerebral ‘crutch’ any longer.

This is the true ‘Age of Enlightenment’ we are stepping into for the first time.

It is sad that it may also turn out to be the final page in our collective story.


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