Of Lipsticked Pigs And Level Playing Fields

I have been having further thoughts on the post I made yesterday, based on an article by Paul Craig Roberts.

That piece basically posited that Western Civilisation is set on a course which will soon deposit it unceremoniously into the dumpster of failed states and from there, whatever could be salvaged by the ‘dumpster pickers’ of history would more or less resemble what used to be described as ‘Third World’ economies and more recently referred to as the developing economies.

It is a modern habit to rename things that do not fit into the image that we like to project, in order to make them more palatable, with the end result often being something similar to putting lipstick on the pig.  I’m coming to like that particular expression more and more.  The more so as I continually see ever more lipsticked pigs floating around.

So, the end of western civilisation (some time within the next nine years) and its reduced status (at best) to being ‘Third World’, will be a real leveler of playing fields. We need have no fear of being overtaken by ‘developing’ economies, simply because the same underlying reasons or causes that will bring about our downfall will render it as impossible for anyone else to achieve what we in our folly have done over the past century.  To make that clear, we will all be in the same boat.

My latest thoughts led me to consider that, well, if this is going to happen anyway, no matter what we do, and a worldwide level economy being something that, speaking egalitarianally (not sure if that is a word), would possibly be something of merit for us to participate in, why can’t we actively work towards a positive achievement of that aim rather than just letting it happen in an uncontrolled way (which will undoubtedly be quite messy)?

Could we do that?  And, what would it take?

I will leave you to ponder on that.  I have some seedlings to plant.

…but I may continue this later.


4 thoughts on “Of Lipsticked Pigs And Level Playing Fields

  1. The end of western civilisation within 9 years? That’s some prediction!! You mean I might live to see it? You mean I might die happy? Ah, but pigs might fly, too. Even lipsticked ones.

    OK, if I’m still around in 9 years (oh, help! 81?) and this blog is still here (similar age age for you?), I’ll come back and either praise you or say something nasty. 😉

    • Yes, I saw it, but that was only the US going out in 9 years. I agree with that. But the whole shebang ending too? I can but hope.

      • I’ll just repeat my last sentence from that post: “…and the US is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg, under which floats all of western civilisation.”

        My thinking is, that when the US fails, being the biggest (just) economy in the world, the apex of western civilisation, and the home of most of the multi-national corporates, that will signal the end of globalisation. Even if nothing else were to happen around the same time, that would be the trigger for the domino ripple effect to commence across all western (and not just western) economies.

        I can’t see anything remaining the same after that, and when everything falls it will be impossible to restore societal structures and activity at anything other than local level. That would be the level playing field I was talking about.

        So, keep your hopes up 🙂

        I’m not sure that ‘hope’ is the right word though. There would likely still be a whole lot of current era ‘stuff’ laying around. Weapons and munitions especially, but also construction, mining and transport equipment. While none of that will be replaceable or usable in anything but the short term, some folks could do an awful lot of damage and harm while it lasts, and your ‘human extinction’ event, or worse, ‘human enslavement’ (which is the ultimate goal of those behind our current system), would remain a possibility from that for a while, if nothing else.

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