Looking Back To The Future

I made a prediction on Facebook back in January of this year, for how 2015 would unfold and I have referred to that both there and here in this blog a number of times throughout the year.  I usually like to link my posts to a relevant article, and I did so in this case, to this fine piece of work by columnist Nafeez Ahmed

Industrial skylinePhoto: Christopher A. Dominic – Industrial Skyline

 I will repeat my Jan 2015 Facebook post here:

Everybody is getting in before me with their take on how grim 2015 is going to be.  I want to get my position out there but it just isn’t possible at the moment.  It takes me several hours to put together a reasoned presentation and I don’t have enough continuous electrical power at home at the moment to do that.  So, sadly, for me at any rate it will have to wait until after 27 Jan when my normal mains power is scheduled to be restored, three months to the day since it was cut off.

Meantime, there are enough good articles from some of the writers more noted than myself who have beautifully laid out likely events for this year.  Here are a few of them:

…and here is one for anyone who wishes to continue to live in fairyland, oblivious to what is really going on, for as long as possible:

Of course I know that not many people are interested enough to read even one of these pieces, except for the last one, but folk need to know that this information is out there …and maybe, just maybe, someone will sit up and take notice.  Let me know if that is you.

I was right about 2014.  All last year, from the very beginning, I said that would be the year everything changes.  And it was.  It was the final year that mankind could continue to kid themselves that everything was still normal, nothing much happening, carry on as usual, nothing to fear.  Just look back at the year and see if you still believe that.  We must stop kidding ourselves.  This is serious.  And what takes place this year and in future years will affect us all, will change the way we live.  Radically change it.  For many of us it will be our last year on Earth, for one reason or another.

I have named 2015 as the year the upheaval begins.  It may start slowly, and build over several years to come.  I don’t know, and neither does anyone else.  It could start dramatically, affecting the lives of millions from day one.  Ending the lives of millions from day one.   I don’t know, but I am prepared to expect either of those situations or anything in between.  One thing I am certain of: None of us will have any doubt at the end of this year, that modern civilisation is crumbling around us and there is nothing we can do about it.

I was harking back to 2014 where at the start of that year I began making a sort of prediction as to how the year would turn out, not just for me but for the whole of mankind, globally.

I had said that 2014 would be ‘The Year Where Everything Changes’ and I consider that was a true reflection of what happened.  2014 was the last year that life on Earth could ever again be considered as anything like ‘normal’.  It was the end of an era.  From now on, life would be different.  Nothing would ever be the same again, and we ought to consider that in our everyday plans.

I then made the prediction that 2015 would be ‘The Year The Upheaval Begins’.  As the year draws to a close I don’t think anyone could argue that this has not been a year of upheaval.  Maybe not so apparent in your life or mine, but on the global stage and even on the national stage, that is inarguable.  The world is in turmoil, the likes of which many of us will have never seen previously in our lifetime.  That situation is not going to go away and it would be foolish not to acknowledge that, and to plan accordingly.  Things are likely to deteriorate even further as we move into next year and, if they haven’t done already, are extremely likely to impact the lives of all of us.

I just want to repeat one sentence from my earlier post:

“One thing I am certain of: None of us will have any doubt at the end of this year, that modern civilisation is crumbling around us and there is nothing we can do about it.”

If you don’t see that, then you are not looking hard enough, or in the right places.

It is getting near time for me to make a prediction for 2016.  I have a vague recollection of having done so already, earlier in the year, but I can find no trace of having written about it, or what I might have said.  In any case, I have at this time no clear image of what title I should give to 2016.  I expect, if I think about it a bit, something will come to me over the next month, so stay tuned.

Still Kidding Ourselves…

Why are we still kidding ourselves, or what’s worse, not even having an opinion or a care?

No matter what happens this month in Paris, we are not going to hold down global warming to 2°C above pre-industrial levels.  There is zero possibility of that happening and, even if there were a slight possibility, we have no carbon budget (any amount of CO2 we can still safely emit) remaining to us.  We have used all calculated budgetary allowances up already due to 30 years of political stasis, backed by our own complacency.

We are already at a 1°C rise.  A year or so ago it was only 0.8°C.  So global temperature increase is speeding up, not reducing.  Consider that it has taken over 100 years to get to that 1°C rise but at current rates of increase it now needs only one or at most two decades for the next degree rise to occur.

Furthermore, a 2°C limit is not a safe level to aim for in any case.  It is on the border between the experience of dangerous and very dangerous conditions. A state of life that none of us alive at the time will enjoy, and yet the very best that we are prepared to plan for.


I want to include here a quote from this article, written over a year ago, just to give a clear picture of the futility of what is being considered at the current Paris talks:

“It is now clear that the incremental-adjustment 2°C strategy has run out of time, if for no other reason than the “budget” for burning more fossil fuels is now zero, yet the global economy is still deeply committed to their continuing widespread use.

We all wish the incremental-adjustment 2°C strategy had worked, but it hasn’t.  It has now expired as a practical plan.

We now have a choice to make: we can accept much higher levels of warming of 3–5°C that will catastrophically affect the world’s natural and human systems in a manner more forthright scientists say are incompatible with the maintenance of human civilisation; or we can conceive of a safe-climate emergency-action approach which would aim to reduce global warming back to the range of conditions experienced during the last 10,000 years, the period of human civilisation and fixed settlement.

This would involve fast and large emissions reduction through radical energy demand reductions, whilst a vast scaling-up of clean energy production was organised, together with the remaking of many of our essential systems such as transport and food production, with the target being zero net emissions. In addition, there would need to be a major commitment to atmospheric carbon dioxide drawdown measures.  This would need to be done at a speed and scale more akin to the “war economy”, where social and economic priority is given to what is perceived to be an overwhelming existential threat.

After 30 years of climate policy and action failure, we are in deep trouble and now have to throw everything we can muster at the climate challenge.  This will be demanding and disruptive, because there are no longer any non-radical, incremental paths available.”

Let me make it absolutely clear what will happen whether we do nothing, a little, or even enough to prevent the worst from occurring – If you are alive today and under 50 years of age, you are unlikely to live out your entire period of life expectancy.  Human civilisation will largely have ceased to exist other than for small rural groups of people struggling to live at subsistence levels, way before the end of this century is reached. (Why would doing enough to prevent the worst outcome result in the same thing as if we did nothing?  Because the ‘enough’ that would be necessary for us to do, would mean that we must voluntarily end our current civilisation and lifestyles, and live frugally.  Which would also result in a huge die-off of humanity, and also because we have at least 1.5°C of increase already built in to our climate systems resulting from our past indifference.)

For more, read this: http://globalwarming.berrens.nl/globalwarming.htm It is a degree by degree description of what to expect.

It doesn’t really bother me personally, what is going to happen.  I have most likely less that two decades of life remaining to me.  I will only live to see the ‘very dangerous’ levels of climate mayhem.  You, on the other hand, especially if you are under 50, should be quaking in your boots at the prospect.  That may appear to be a rather blunt statement, but tippy-toeing around the subject for the last 30-40 years has gotten us nowhere, has it?

Who’s Really To Blame?

” …multiple service members were suspended from duty following an investigation into the deadly airstrike last month on a hospital in Kunduz.”

Yes, there has to a scapegoat.  Even a few of them, if necessary.

Any scapegoat really.   So some unnamed ‘service members’ will do I suppose.

Just so long as blame (and punishment) doesn’t get anywhere near to those who are actually ultimately responsible for those service members being put into the position where they were called on to make this unforgivable tragedy happen.  Can’t let that happen.  It just wouldn’t do to allow that to happen, would it?

Too Much Turkish Delight


It is often exceedingly difficult to cut through the sugary coating surrounding the reporting of events that ever more frequently (and there is a reason for that) take place around our troubled world.  Basically, before you sink your teeth into the Turkish Delight that the mainstream news media presents to us, you need to take it apart, dissect it, and separate out the truth from the fiction.  In the latest case, involving Turkey and Russia, those touchy traitorous Turks who cooked up the recipe should not be trusted at all (and not only because they are associated with NATO, though that by itself would be enough reason).  This delicacy contains hidden ingredients (and agendas) and some of them are anything but sweet or savoury.

This article by Juan Cole from Informed Comment (and this and this and this) give many reasons why Turkey is in league with and supporting ISIS, and therefore, by association, so is the US, NATO, the EU and all their western allies, all of whom are responsible for creating and sustaining that particularly unpalatable bunch of cutthroats and murderers while pretending and loudly proclaiming, through song and dance, to be trying to rid the world of them.

This complete Vaudeville farce is entirely (well mainly, and I will complete the picture shortly) of course, to do with the oil that ISIS now controls.  It is always about the oil.  I don’t hear anyone asking  “who is buying the ISIS oil?”   Well the answer is here (in these articles), and it is clear.  So, what caused the upset?  That is also very clear.  This matter only came to a head after Russia concentrated its efforts to blow up the oil tankers to cut off the money supply from this trade to ISIS, and by doing so, the supply also of oil to Turkey (and probably to some of its mates as well) .  The US is making a big deal of how they will now start to destroy the oil tankers as well (or will pretend to do that, with I suspect the same level of success as they have had in their other endeavors to stop ISIS so far).  Why, I wonder, have they only thought of doing this just now?

So, if oil is the main hidden ingredient, what is the rest?   The suppression of Russia, the biggest threat, impediment, or block, to the goals of the West (well, just the US really) – complete control of world affairs.

What these article say (which you will not read or hear about from mainstream news media) is very useful information to know, since it provides background information as to why Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft the other day.  An aircraft which was arguably never violating, or perhaps at most was only marginally violating for the very briefest of time, Turkish airspace. This action is especially hypocritical while Turkey violates Greek airspace at least 40 times every day.

The Russians are being commendably accommodating (at least on the surface) of this hot-headed action by the Turks, because they know that it is just a small part of the whole picture and the bigger picture is the one that matters. They also know that they can easily cripple the Turkish economy, which is very reliant on Russian trade, if they want to, without having to resort to the same sort of violence, which would be in nobody’s interests.

You can guess who is behind it all of course.  As usual, it is the Americans, with their devilish CIA operated schemes, lurking behind the scenes and fomenting trouble wherever it might possibly benefit their agenda to achieve world domination.

Careful Who You Piss Off

Be careful who you piss off.  Unless, of course, you are a brainless jihadi who doesn’t give a shit about anything.

OK.  You can piss the Americans off, and they will react by randomly bombing a few inconsequential buildings, killing more civilians than jihadis, but without any real plan to deal with you properly which would not be in their best interests or aims anyway.

You can piss the Europeans off, and they will side with the Americans. They will Huff ‘n’ Puff a bit until the news moves on, but ultimately achieve the same results.


But if you start messing with the Russians and now the Chinese (hot news ), you have started on the slippery slope to oblivion, where you will get “wasted …in the outhouse” (Putin).  They won’t mess about like the West.  They have no other agenda in the Middle East.

I think ISIS is done for …and the US will have to look to start another war scenario somewhere else so it can sell its armaments to prop up its shaky economy.

Hair Raising

I knew there was a good reason why twelve years ago I decided that I would never again have my hair cut.  That was a time of great change in my life.  Among other things, it was when I started to live alone and change my diet to become vegetarian.

I didn’t know quite why I made the decision to grow my hair at the time. At least I was not fully aware of what my reasons were based on, but now I do know and I am aware.  I am thankful for and agree wholeheartedly with what this Viral Alternative News article says: “Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System” – Why Native Americans Keep Their Hair Long



It wasn’t all that easy in the beginning while still operating within the professional business world for the last seven years of my working life before retirement.  I stood out as being unusual with my long hair, not uniquely so, but it was a rare thing.  Especially as the growing trend in those years was to have no head hair at all.  I have always seen that as a de-humanising thing.  After all, the first thing that ‘victors’ can do to their ‘captives’ to render them more submissive (the same goes for soldier recruits, I guess), is to remove their hair.

There is no honour or status gain in having your head shaved, and no advantage other than social acceptance (and what does that mean? that you are a member of an exclusive club of submissives?) for having your hair trimmed to some common style  …and now, this article backs that up.

I am considering the idea that I may never shave again …but that is another story.

The Biggest International Heist Ever Perpetrated. And The Joke’s On Us

You’ve heard of the TPP, right?

You know that I have, for years, been warning against Australia having anything to do with it, right?

You know that our government has sold us out by signing up as part of it, right?

You know that the full details of what it contains have only been released after all participants signed up, right?

Well, chew on this.  It is revealed on the US Trade Representative web site just what the agreement is all about.   Read it for yourself.


Leveling the playing field for American workers & American businesses.
See How It Puts Our Workers, Businesses, and Values First

Bugger everybody else, it is all about America.  Just like I have been saying all along.  Our government are just duped mugs and it will cost us billions of dollars in the future, if we want to exercise any sort of independence.  Mark my words.


Game Changer

Vladimir Putin – the necessary catalyst for defeating ISIS.


So far, the US, NATO and their allies have only been playing the game. Using mainly rhetoric and having no real interest in inflicting defeat on these monsters.  It is all about the oil of course.  It always is.  Always will be, at least for the short time that is left for us to keep drilling.

Well, now, the picture has changed.  Thanks to Vlad.

This post inspired by: BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

A little off-topic but this YouTube video adequately demonstrates how ‘right’ Mr Putin is, and how ‘wrong’ the Western projected image of him is.  Somehow, that image has to be corrected and Russia’s rightful place in world affairs established.  Otherwise we face the dire prospect of becoming a US dominated prison planet, living under a totalitarian regime. That is the known and stated aim of the United States – World Domination. You only have to look at the situation in their own backyard to see that as plain as day. Would you want to live there?

Surprise! Surprise!

This post was inspired by : BP proposal to drill exploration wells in Great Australian Bight rejected


Photo: The regulator was not satisfied that BP’s environment plan met all of the regulatory requirements. (Bill Griffiths)

Well, there’s a nice surprise.  Those mega-corporations are no longer supremely unbeatable and they don’t, increasingly often, always get their way.

Just another sign the days of oil (and coal) are nearly over.  Come that day.

A growing number of voices are calling for that now but I am not sure that all or maybe any of them fully understand just what that would mean for their lifestyles.  No worries, we will adjust and get used to it

…and when the dust has settled, we will look back on the 20th and early 21st centuries and the crazy lifestyles we engineered for ourselves, or the few of us that are left will, and realise what a bunch of idiots we were back then.