Embarrassed, Again.

I thought that we had seen the last of this old cruddy-fuddy-duddy after he was booted out of the Australian Prime Minister’s office a while ago, but here he is again, overseas, being a complete embarrassment to Australia once more.  The man is a Neanderthal throwback.

If I thought it would work, I would personally plonk him on a rubber dinghy pointed in the direction of Antarctica, and consider that an altruistic act (well, using his definition of altruism anyway).

This post inspired by: Australian ex-PM urges EU to drop ‘misguided altruism’ & close borders to refugees

I refuse to include a picture of this man or say his name.  You will have to read the article if you don’t already know who I mean.


One thought on “Embarrassed, Again.

  1. He’s a jerk, I’ll agree, but in an ecological sense he’s right (he just doesn’t know about ecology). When there’s more food in the world than mouths to feed, we can afford to be altruistic. When it’s the other way round (and it will be one day), we won’t be.

    He did the same thing with wind farms, putting everyone offside by saying they’re ugly, but if he’d backed up that pointless comment with some intelligent facts and figures about how unsustainable they really are long-term, he’d maybe have made a lot more people understand. He suffers from tiny-brain-big-mouth syndrome.

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