The “Can’t Think Of A Suitable Title, Right Now” Post

“The truth is that China is a rogue state just as bad as Russia or Iran, and I just don’t understand why we’re sucking up to them rather than standing up to them as we should be.”  – says UK PM’s former adviser.

There is nothing wrong with Russia, or Iran, or China, or any other non-western nation for that matter.  At least nothing that is any more wrong than there is with America, or the UK, or the European countries, or Australia, or Canada, or New Zealand.  In fact the only thing wrong is the concept of ‘nationality’ itself, which separates ‘man’ from ‘man’, in the generic sense of that word.

This post inspired by:  Britain ‘sucking up’ to China is a national humiliation, says PM’s former adviser

Photo: Former strategy adviser Steve Hilton remains close to David Cameron despite leaving Downing Street in 2012. Photograph: REX Shutterstock

We are all one, and these artificial ‘national’ boundaries, and the man-made, unnatural ‘laws’ that uphold them, are at the root of all that keeps us apart and antagonistic towards each other  …well, leaving out ‘religion’ (including the corporate religion of greed and power), to keep things reasonably simple.

One World, under the sky, without governments, or elites, or masters, or slaves, or restrictions on movement, but living in harmony with all others and not causing harm or hurt to any others or to our precious planet, for any reason, should be our goal.

We will never get there of course.  I am not so naive and stupid as to believe that we ever could, for one second  …but it is a better prospect than where what we have now is leading us towards.

If we do not find a way to change that, there is not much hope for our continued existence in anything more than the short term.

OK.  How about, for a title, I go with: “This Is Bigger And Of More Sweeping Effect Than Any Half Baked Idea That I Could Come Up With”?

Nah.  Too long.  I’ll stick with what I’ve got.


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