A Few Early Thoughts

I got up really early this morning to record these thoughts that came to me in that precious time between sleeping and waking, before they drifted away to the land of forgotten thoughts.

Here’s one:

Those who communicate in simple, disconnected thought-bites, are setting themselves up to be easily fooled, or what’s worse, think that you can be easily fooled.

Here’s another.  Not original, but it must have come to me for a reason:

Not everything that rises to the top, is cream.

And a third:

Beware those who claim original thought.  They may have only just woken up, or what’s worse, may think that you have not yet woken up.

How do you tell if a thought is original or not?  Well, you could try ‘googling’ it for starters, being aware that not every response is a ‘hit’ or even close to it.  Also, keep in mind the old saying: ‘There is nothing new under the Sun’.


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