Before The Sun Turns Cold

This post inspired by: Syrian troops advance with Russian backing; US drops ammunition to anti-Islamic State rebels

Photo: AFP: Russian Defence Ministry –  Russian air strikes hit what Moscow says was an Islamic State training camp in Idlib.

The Syrian situation is turning out to be one of the most embarrassing escapades that the US has involved itself in for some time, but it is of course only one in a whole string of self-inflicted embarrassments undertaken throughout the Obama years and beyond.

Having given up, surrendered, and bailed out of their ill-conceived plan to train ‘moderate’ terrorists to attack Assad’s army, they are now reduced to the lesser role of dropping ammunition from the sky to the CIA assisted ‘moderate’ terrorists fighting ISIS.  All this, of course, because they know that, for the US, the wargames in Syria are over.  There is no way they are going to be able to prevent a Syrian army, backed by Russia and Iran, from restoring Syrian cities and borders to their rightful owners, probably before the end of the year.  Western forces, including Australia, should just get the fuck out of Syria now and concentrate on doing something meaningful in Iraq.

Maybe, if they ask Russia nicely, after they have finished mopping up ISIS and their ‘moderate’ terrorists pals in Syria, they would oblige Iraq by finishing the job in that country that will never otherwise be finished before the Sun turns cold.


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