Read All About It… Or Not… Tomorrow

Tomorrow, actually late or overnight tomorrow in Australia because of the time difference, Tuesday 13 October to be precise, the final technical report on the MH17 crash is scheduled to be revealed by Dutch authorities.

It should be interesting, but will it instead be a whitewash or perhaps a setup, covering up the truth or ‘adjusting’ it for some pre-determined conclusion?  Or will it be independently frank, open and honest?

The stakes are high.  No matter what it says, it could be the trigger for the start of World War 3.  Or it could just mean red faces, shame and disgrace for certain high ranking officials in a number of nations or organisations.

One thing is for sure.  You will never be able to judge the conclusions that are reached by either the depth, scope or lack of media coverage that it generates.

This post inspired by:  Russian evidence on MH17 crash ignored – Peskov


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