War Crimes Are War Crimes, Except, It Seems, When They Are Committed By Us…

“War crimes are war crimes, except, it seems, when they are committed by us (US and Allies) and reported by our (US and Western) media.” – Jonathan Cook, Global Research
(italics mine)

The quote is from and this post inspired by: US Lies and Excuses for Bombing Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan

Four different stories/excuses/lies so far, none of which stand up to any form of scrutiny.  There simply is no excuse for what happened in Kunduz.

I just wish the media would stop calling this atrocity a bombing.  No bombs were dropped on the hospital and no bombing run ever takes place over a period of a half hour.  They are usually over in a matter of seconds.  No, the hospital was systematically demolished by the 105mm Cannon (the same main armament of many modern battle tanks), Bofors canon, Vulcan canon and multi-barrel Gatling gun armament of an AC-130 gunship, which would have flown slowly around the building in circles for up to half an hour, pouring automatically aimed fire directly into the building.  See the video below for a glimpse of how these machines work and the dreadful power of these aircraft …and then tell me it was an accident …or a mistake.

Such an attack could certainly never be ascribed to ‘wayward armaments’, ‘accident’, or ‘mistaken target identity’.

Come on Mr Pres., admit it, your armed forces are incompetent and you will endlessly lie through your teeth to avoid even the merest whiff of taking any sort of responsibility for their actions or your decisions.


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