That Old War & Peace Thing

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I think the logic used here is a just little bit twisted, and, at the least, so convoluted as to convey no meaningful message, because the aims of the two things will always be diametrically opposed (except perhaps in the minds of deranged Western leaders who seem to think, or would like us to believe, that going to war will somehow bring peace).  The statement “Anything war can do, peace can do better”, sounds like something that President Obama could possibly have said when accepting his Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his Reign of Terror.

But whoever wrote these words, I know that they mean well …and the intended sentiment is both beautiful and necessary …and also very valid.

That doesn’t mean that it is never right to go to war. Some things are so bad and evil that they need to be stamped out for the good of all …but in the last 65 years or so, that has never been the real reason for conducting warfare.

Photo courtesy of Uplift ConnectPlease note that I am not endorsing this site in any way but some may find validity and purpose in what they have to say.  The link appeared on my Facebook Newsfeed, which is where I obtain many of my inspirations.  How or why they get there, I don’t know, and as long as they provide me with interesting and relevant things to think and talk about, neither do I care.


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