It’s A Question Of Pink Or Blue.

I have worn myself out mowing grass today and I am feeling particularly buggered, stuffed, knackered and… can’t think of it just now but I am sure there is another equally appropriate term I could use to finish the sentence.

I am feeling weak and frail and every bit of my 70 years just now, so I probably shouldn’t say anything controversial …but I am going to anyway.

I have never been accused of being normal, but then, I also don’t think that I am a freak, weirdo, deviant or social outcast …any more than most other folk, anyway.  Well, maybe just a touch more than many, but I have never tried to shelter behind any particular gender constraints or perceived boundaries.  At least to myself, knowing that kidding yourself is a very dangerous position to be in.

I am fairly sure of how I stand on my gender orientation.  I am a man.  There is no getting away from that, even if I wanted to.  Have I had thoughts on what it would be like to be a woman?  Of course I have.  As has every other man, well every man of reasonable intelligence, If he would only admit it.  I expect the same could be said, the other way around, of most women.

Most of us accept our gender role more or less gracefully and I feel deeply for those poor souls who are so strongly convinced that they were born in the wrong physical form that they need to do something drastic to alter the pattern of their lives, or their bodies, in order to feel more comfortable in the way they live.  Their problems are truly monumental and each of them fully deserve all of the love and support that those around them can give.

My problems, if such they are, are insignificant in comparison.

I like pink.

There, I have outed myself.  I like pink.

I also like blue, of course, but I don’t see why there should be any reason for me not to declare that I like pink.  Did you get that?  I like pink.

What brought me then, to make this declaration?  Well, I also like Linen.  I’m talking real linen.  Vintage washed linen.  Bed linen.  I have always slept in cotton bed-ware, but since I discovered the warmth and feel and softness of vintage washed bed linen, I will sleep in nothing else.  As far as possible and all things being equal and a state of relative normalcy continuing, of course.

I am not going to go into the advantages and benefits of Linen over other bedding materials.  That can be discovered through a little research.  Sufficient to say, that I would like to extend my current supply of Linen bed-ware and being a member of Adairs Linen Lovers club and having received today an email about their latest sale, I was considering whether or not to jump in and take advantage of their offer.

My current range of bedding is in safe, neutral tones and I felt that I wanted to burst out of that regimen into something more colourful.  The only choices remaining (it is a sale offer) are pretty blue and pink.  They are not called blue and pink of course.  They are named ‘Sky’ and ‘Rosewater’, but even Blind Freddy could see that they are blue and pink.

So, that’s my dilemma.  What do you think?  My bedroom has pale blue walls by the way.

I am not necessarily going to jump either way (and before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am talking about colours).  But I may. 

In my weakened, tired state, I just wanted to stir the pot a bit.
LinenBlue LinenPink


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