Folly – A Costly Ornamental Edifice With No Practical Purpose

So, the ink is drying on the signed documents of the TPP, this monstrously bad trade agreement and perhaps Obama’s greatest Folly.

Fortunately for the world, it still has to be passed into law in all twelve nations that have been conned into accepting it  …and that is unlikely to happen, even in Australia, assuming the independents don’t sell out to bribes, and Labour holds true to its ideals (that’s not guaranteed of course)  …and with a hostile Congress, this ‘Folly’ could still be Obama’s greatest underachievement, having taken five years, and I am sure billions of dollars, to construct, and destined to sit forever unused and pointed at by all and sundry as an object of ridicule.

There is no need for this trade agreement.  Nor any other.  They are all doomed to failure in any event since the case for economic growth is now, more than ever before, a broken concept.  There simply cannot be any further economic growth   …and we had better get used to that idea   …and plan for it   …and work towards what we are going to do when it all comes apart.

This post inspired by the BBC News report: Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed creating vast partnership


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