While Waiting For The Jackpot

I found three things today while gardening.

  • A 20cent coin  –  I often find coins in my garden, mostly 10 cents and usually too worn to use
  • An old teaspoon  –  the second one I have found here and it will probably go in my emergency kit after cleaning (can you imagine being stranded without a teaspoon?)

It is a little strange.  Things keep appearing where they weren’t yesterday or last week.  It’s as though the earth rejects the things it doesn’t want.  They keep working their way to the surface.  Mostly useless plastic things like toys, bottle lids, used battery cells or unrecognisable broken bits of who-knows-what, but there are also examples of old rifle and shotgun shell cases.  When I first started digging here, I also came across a good, workable and only slightly rusty, pair of plant clippers.

I’m still waiting for the jackpot

…but I did have something of a success today with the third thing I found.  It was a nettle.

The humble nettleI have been looking for a nettle for some years now. They appear to be very rare these days.  I suspect this is due to all the nasty things we humans tend to do to the land we work and live on.  The humble nettle, however, is a very precious and highly beneficial plant.  I will nurture this one and try to get seed from it, rather than use it and risk losing it now that I have found a source.  I expect it came in the load of good, mixed, garden soil that I bought some time ago, a component of which was good mountain soil.

That makes me very happy.


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