Latest Space Weather

The Sun is going through another turbulent time at the moment, as reported by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology – Space Weather Services.

There have been a total of 26 solar flares of sufficient size to be reported by the Regional Warning Centre over the last three days, some of them in the mid to high M-Class range. These have emanated from a massive active region which fortunately has not directed the resulting CMEs directly at the Earth.

We still may feel some geomagnetic effect though today and into tomorrow with an increased solar wind speed.

Today’s Space Weather
Friday 02 October
last updated 01/2352 UT
Active Region 2422, the source of most recent M class flares, is rotating toward the south west limb and is no longer in a geoeffective location. It produced the strongest flare of 01 Oct UT, an M4.5 event peaking at 13:10 UT. It will probably produce more M class flares as it rotates beyond the limb. The Earth is still immersed in slow solar wind with a speed of about 350 km/s. A transition region between slow solar wind and fast solar wind is expected to arrive at Earth late today, 02 Oct, or during the first half of 03 Oct. The arrival of this disturbance with subsequent fast wind may trigger minor geomagnetic storms. The two massive CMEs launched toward the west during 30 Sep are not Earthward directed but a glancing blow is possible commencing late 03 Oct or early 04 Oct. A moderate geomagnetic storm might occur if the massive CMEs impact Earth immediately following the arrival of the fast wind wind. Aurora watchers located in Tasmania and southern Victoria should monitor conditions this weekend in case the conditions become more severe than expected. Conditions for HF radio wave propagation will be depressed to near normal during the next 2-3 days.

We are not in any danger today, but as I always say when reporting these things:  “One Day…”

You can see more here:


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