Tony Abbott – A Blight On Australia’s Record

Lack of funding causes CSIRO ship, paid for by Australian taxpayers and supposed to be studying environmental impacts of oil and Gas, has been hired out to search for oil and gas for multi-national oil giants BP and Chevron in the southern ocean.

Australia’s marine science flagship, RV Investigator Photo: CSIRO

Another fucking Tony Abbott legacy. Shame, shame, shame, Australia: CSIRO marine research ship hired to oil and gas companies BP and Chevron

Bloody ridiculous, and a crime that the evil, neo-con, perverse, skeptic, heartless, soul of Tony Abbott will pay for, if there be any justice in this world or whatever exists beyond it.

I curse that bastard and all who voted for him to give us two years of unmitigated darkness and leaderless meandering in the desert of despair and confusion. Future generations will remember him as exactly that.  Personally I think his years, 2014/15 should be expunged from the record, redacted in black and marked ‘Never To Be Revealed’.


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