This Little Piggy Went……

Happy eating to all you meat lovers out there. I hope you can face gazing at your next plate of pork chop, lamb cutlet, beef steak or chicken breast after reading this article.

Better enjoy it while you can. There soon won’t be enough room for the farming of animals that are big enough to eat and us humans as well. Eventually you will be stuck with sitting down to a nice meal of roast shank of neighbour. Or, you might just be the roast shank. Think about it.

As it is, farmed animals eat a large proportion of all grains produced around the world and consume a huge amount of the world’s fresh water in their production and processing. Not to mention the massive associated energy cost or the excessive greenhouse gases these billions of domesticated animals produce, driving global climate change. Climate change. Yes, just that one reason alone should be enough to give you reason to give up or at least cut down your meat consumption. If you care enough about your possible future, or that of your children, that is.

Something to think about? While you are chewing on that cut of salmonella laden, carcinogenic, animal corpse?

This post inspired by: Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history


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