I Spy… (and meddle) … But You’re Not Allowed

While the US government bellyaches to China about their alleged cyber attacks on US targets, conveniently forgetting their own illegal spying on everybody and his dog, the clandestine use of a secret military within the military (special forces), acting covertly in 135 (two thirds of all) countries around the world, has now been revealed by journalist and author Nick Turse.  Read about it here: Tomgram: Nick Turse, A Secret War in 135 Countries

US Administration Mission Statement: One set of rules for us, an entirely different set of rules for everyone else.

You are unlikely to read about this anywhere else, but….

“Imagine for a moment the resources that the media would apply to such an analogous Russian or Chinese force, if its units covertly trained “friendly” militaries or went into action yearly in at least two-thirds of the countries on the planet.”  Tom

Photo: A member of the U.S. Special Operations forces guides two soldiers from Cameroon’s 3rd Battalion Intervention Rapid (BIR) during a 2013 training event. (Photo by Air Force Master Sgt. Larry W. Carpenter Jr.)


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