‘Snowden’ Delays

If I see only one movie at a cinema next year (which will be one more than I saw this year), it will be Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’.

Stone says:

I can’t finish “Snowden” in time for Christmas 2015. When we ended production in late May, it was always a question of can we be ready for a tough, competitive December? Which means all materials, including marketing, have to be wrapped by November. Six months is a tough schedule; less than six a brutal one. Complex computer sequences and visual effects require time and patience.

Although final decisions have yet to be made, bear in mind that we are not a studio film, and that our partners are both European (Pathe in France, Universum in Germany, etc.) and American (Open Road). Release dates depend on the best dates for each market.

In any case, I can use the time, and much appreciate your support.

Oliver Stone is a voice for truth in a world built on lies. This should be an eye-opener.

This post inspired by: Post on Oliver Stone’s official Facebook page

‘Snowden’, official trailer: https://youtu.be/8RKto0Yh4so


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