Uncle Sam’s Terrible Twosies

“Russian vetoes are putting UN security council’s legitimacy at risk”, says US.

Well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Ever since 1976, when the US turned 200 years old, they have been suffering from the terrible twosies. But throwing tantrums and stamping your feet when you can’t get your own way, while in some measure acceptable in a toddler, demonstrates a very juvenile attitude for a national government.

And, since when was lack of a UN resolution an impediment to the US taking unilateral action? The US divine right to hegemonic domination of the rest of the world cannot be brought into question, can it?  (sarc!)  Not if past actions are anything to go by.

And, since when did the US become the sole arbiter of what is legitimate action for UN decisions and mandates.

Well, thank goodness for the UN and its procedures. Preventing rogue states like the US from bullying and gangstering other nations is just what the UN should be all about. So, if it takes a Russian veto in the Security Council to stop such things, then the UN is doing its rightful job in a proper manner.

Go ahead, stamp your feet all you like, Uncle Sam. It won’t get you anywhere, legitimately.

This post inspired by: Russian vetoes are putting UN security council’s legitimacy at risk, says US


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