Save The Mansions! Save The Mansions!

Ah, now I get it.  Action on climate change is all about saving beautiful beachfront mansions.  So worthwhile a cause.

Come on all you poor folk who struggle to make ends meet, cough up so we can save the beautiful beachfront mansions of the rich folk.

This post inspired by a link passed on by Climate Reality, Al Gore’s little shop front, of this article by The Onion: Atlantic Ocean Excited To Move Into Beautiful Beachfront Mansion Soon   Will Al Gore stoop to any depth of low in order to promote his self-profiting message?

Personal Message To My Readers:  You are not still caught up in the hype for promoting action on climate change I hope.  There is NO ACTION that will have any effect on climate change already in the pipeline, let alone any that we subsequently invoke upon ourselves by continuing on the path of raucous partying that we so much love and enjoy.  As I have said many, many times before, the only action that will make even the slightest of difference and even then there are no guarantees, is the only one that we would all loudly object to.  That is to power down our industrial society and live simple lives, locally to wherever we are, using only low-level technology and developing self-reliance for all our needs.  We will never accept that of course, until it is forced upon us by circumstance, and so we must continue on with this charade of pretending to support climate action, making Al Gore richer, and really just getting on with business as usual.


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