Fed Cred Dead

Fed Cred Dead.  I thought any cred the Fed had had died long ago but I am willing to go along with much that James Howard Kunstler has to say.  His latest viewpoint and what inspired me to write this post, is here : Fed Cred Dead

What it all boils down to is, right now, today, what we are seeing is the grossly public death throes of modern society and all that holds it aloft as a teeter-tottering support structure. One step forward, one step to the side, one step back in a zombie dance of self-destruction.

From the outside, you can see it clearly as what it is. From the inside it may still appear as though the boat is only gently rocking to and fro with each directional change of the economic winds and the occasional surge of social wave upheaval threatening to roll over the good ship Civilisation.

One of these days, soon, the whole shaky edifice is going to topple and capsize.

Often I find myself unable to decide what to write about because of the plethora of pulls and forces, tumults and bifurcations, rumblings and joustings going on everywhere I look. It’s blatantly obvious that this can not go on for much longer before it blows up in everyone’s face.

Meanwhile, I am happy to just offer to share Jim Kunstler’s viewpoint to anyone who wants a glimpse of reality: Fed Cred Dead

Oh, and I did try to find a picture of a naked Janet Yellen, the image having been planted in my mind by Kunstler, but in the interests of good taste I gave up the search having found what you see to the right 🙂


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