Big Pharma Skulduggery?

OK, we all know that the anti-cancer industry and its decades long public plea for people to donate towards finding a cure for cancer, is a government backed money making racket or con by the pharmaceutical industry that will never, ever, produce a cure for cancer, don’t we?  We all also know that there is really no need to find a cure for cancer, don’t we?

Yes?  Good.  I see that you are possibly not among the Sheeple being continually fleeced by the system.
No?  Oh dear.  You really must wake up and take a good look at what is going on in the world.

OK, that settled, let’s get onto what this story is all about.  There has reportedly been a recent spate of suspicious deaths of holistic medical researchers in the US, all of whom were involved in studies of the naturally occurring (in humans) substance, a protein, known as GcMAF which, if the reports are to be believed, is a natural defense against cancer among other things.  If that is not a massively huge, attention grabbing, basis for a good crime thriller, then I don’t know what is.

I am not saying that what information is available on the internet is true, but on the other hand I have no reason to doubt it.  If it is true then one would expect the pharmaceutical industry to want it hushed up at the very least.  Why?  Come on, use your brain just a little bit.  Because it would utterly destroy a large part of their revenue and plans for a global population subjugated, domesticated, hooked and entirely dependent on the output from their drug factories.  Fascinating, eh?  One would also expect complicit government skulduggery, through their shady operatives, of the kind that would result in just the sort of innocent deaths, ridiculously described as suicide, as are being reported.  Especially in the US.

Have I got you on the edge of your seat yet?

Well, read some of this stuff and do your own investigation too.  See what conclusion you reach…

Video: GcMAF Treatment Kills Cancer Cells in Real Time. Holistic Doctors ‘Suicided’

Three days before Dr Bradstreet found dead, US govt agents raided his research facility

Wikipedia GcMAF

Immunocentre: What is GcMAF

One thing you can be assured is true, is that, being a natural substance occurring in healthy people, there is no GcMAF ‘product’ or ‘supplement’ that you can buy or that can be sold to you. So, if someone offers you GcMAF for a price, as a cure-all, you know it is a fake.  All you need is to get your body healthy and your immune system strong.  There is one simple way to do that.  Eat healthy and stay away from doctors.


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