The Sad Tale Of Porky And Arsenole

Poor old Porkyshenko, he’s having a bit of a hard time isn’t he? His mates in the US who set him up have dropped him like a hot potato as soon as they realised Ukraine wasn’t going to be the cash-cow they thought it would and now all he has is a bankrupt state to rule over. Should have stuck with the Russians, eh? Might have got a better deal. Some of Kiev’s Western creditors refuse haircut

Ukraine owes Russia $3 billion, due to be paid in December and Russia has refused to ‘discount’ the debt even a little bit in spite of the Ukraine PM Arsenole Yatsisyuk having begged them to do that. Here’s the message the Russian govt left on his web site:

“The so-called debt operation, which Russia takes no part in, cannot ease Ukraine’s debt burden. It is in the debtor’s best interests to pay back the Russian Federation immediately, as a default on these liabilities will turn out much more expensive for Ukraine, which will have to pay both litigation costs and penalty interest for overdue payments.”

It’s not looking too good for Porky & Co.

Post inspired by Some of Kiev’s Western creditors refuse haircut  from RT – Question More


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