Starting Over

Starting from today, I am going to repeat all (or most) of my Facebook posts here, as is.  Simply because it takes far too long to build fancy blog posts, the things I want to say on both platforms are pretty much the same, I rely on my Facebook newsfeed for inspiration and ideas, and, this will hopefully open and broaden the audience for my viewpoint and the things that make me tick.

Sometimes I despair, although I will never admit to that (Oops, I just did), that I am wasting my time in writing this stuff.  Even though I do use it as a form of self-medication and therapy.  It may be all that is keeping me sane.  I am a sensitive soul.  I feel all of the sorrow and pain of the world, but I take great care that I do not own nor take upon myself any of that which plagues and debilitates so many other people.  I have learned detachment, thankfully, and that, I believe, gives me a more balanced, open and unique viewpoint of what is going on in this world.  I have no axe to grind, no alignments, and therefore no bias, yet I am unafraid of pointing out the bad and downright evil in others as I see it.  It is my hope that I can remain outspoken and retain the right to do that for a long time to come.

So, watch out.  There will be a lot more Not Something Else coming your way in the days ahead.  It will not be fancy writing but it will always, or mostly (sometimes I have ideas of my own), be linked to a news article or image within the current world of news and current affairs.  Often before much of the rest of the world knows about it.


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