Planned Austerity. For Your Own Good, Of Course.

When are the governments of so-called ‘developed nations’ going to realise that austerity measures, which benefit the rich and nobody else, are never going to work?

Now Finland is going down the same road and Finnish workers are understandably getting upset about it.

The problem is, that governments have no other choice really, because we are living in a time when literally nothing will work. I am not sure that governments actually know that, but if they do, and they might, and they should, what are they going to tell their people?

“Hey, come on folks, we’ve reached the end of the road and there can be no more growth. Which means that the party is over and we all have to get used to the idea of living without the benefits that we have become used to having over the last few decades.”

You would have to be a very brave national leader to let that particular cat out of the bag …but someone is going to have to do that sooner or later. We can’t just keep on kicking the can down the road by squeezing the life and soul out of our communities.

We have tried austerity. That started back in Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan’s time. It didn’t work then and it hasn’t worked since. It’s time to get real and face the future that we must face. Nobody, well, very few, are going to like that idea. It is only people like me, who have accepted that this future is coming and are preparing for it as best we can, who will (hopefully) find the change anything like acceptable and even beneficial in many ways. Most people will fight the change, refusing to believe that it is necessary, and most people will therefore perish, overtaken by circumstances.

Post inspired by: 30k Finns protest govt-planned cuts, nationwide strike grinds country to a halt


2 thoughts on “Planned Austerity. For Your Own Good, Of Course.

    • Let me know if it gets too much Bev. I may use you as a barometer as to whether I need to filter some stuff out. I do tend to output quite a lot some days.

      I’m still growing stuff by the way and for the first time in a number of years I have a reasonable garden going. I plan to write more on that soon.

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